A Shameful and Embarrassing America

While a war based on the pure lies of the Machiavellian Bush administration, a human and civil rights record comparable with Stalin’s Russia and a deplorable genocidal environmental policy can pretty much stifle the pride of any American who lives in the reality based world, having global headlines addressing the very real election fraud issues in this “beacon of democracy” may be just about the most embarrassing legacy gifted to us by the criminals who run this nation.

The English language needs a new word because the word hypocrisy is simply not strong enough to describe the efforts of a government hell bent on destroying democracy here at home to spread this perverted brand of democracy around the world.

The Bush administration has been pretty straight forward with the American people although most people don’t realize it. They speak about freedom and an ownership society but we don’t realize what they actually mean. They are indeed creating freedom; freedom for powerful rich people to run this nation free of legal restrictions. The ownership society means that they want the owners of the society to be able to own more of the society. They say it; the media spins it and the blind faithful swallow it with no questions asked.
Although Americans are told things they still don’t see them. During election day 2004 NY Republican Congressman Peter King was at a barbeque standing beside George W. Bush was video taped saying about the presidential election, “It’s already over”. “The elections over”. “We won”. “It’s all over but the counting and we’ll take care of the counting”. That very night George W. Bush indeed “won” the election although the exit polls indicated otherwise. America brushed this off. Would the media and the Bush faithful say had Hugo Chavez been the president in this video?

The other night on CNN Lou, jump on the election fraud expose bandwagon six years later than a journalist should have Dobbs, ran a report on the very real crisis known as American election fraud. During that report he did a piece describing the Chavez election during witch electronic voting machines were used. The owners of the company that manufacturers the voting had ties to the Chavez administration; although we were never told what “ties” they actually had. There was an “expert” on the program who described how the American run exit polls indicated a Chavez loss and that the election was very likely stolen. Well the story paralleled both Bush “elections” exactly but Dobbs never mentioned this. What a surprise.

Now international headlines are drawing attention to America’s election fraud. How humiliating is that? We now have nothing left to hang our red white and blue hats on. The NBA can’t even win on an international stage anymore. I can not think of a single thing about this nation that we can still take pride in; at least nothing that separates us from other nations. For my entire life I have been told that I was lucky to live in the greatest nation in the world and for my entire I life I was told that the reason my nation was so great is because although imperfect our form of government was the best on Earth. What a joke that turned out to be. Think about it!

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