Democrats Win, America Loses?

Before you jump to conclusions let me clarify the title of this editorial; in no way am I inferring that a Republican win would have been a good thing. As a matter of fact it is difficult to even find a Republican these days; it seems that they have been replaced by fascists while retaining the name of the party.

I am about to find out if my two biggest fears will come to fruition.
My first fear is that the Democrats of this nation conclude that our problems are now going to be solved simply because some politicians who call themselves Democrats took over. I fear they will become content and they will stop their activism and efforts to keep themselves informed (despite the relentless efforts of the criminal corporate media to misinform the public) about what really takes place in our government and in our world. They will do what the Republicans just did; they will allow their leaders to break every principle of their own party and they will support them because they have the correct party label on their name plate.

My second fear is that the Democrats were allowed to take control of Congress as a ploy by the people who really control elections in this nation, and I don’t mean you. This ploy would be to allow the Democrats to take over for a year or two. During this time the people who really control our government will do what they did in 2001 and we will see another 9/11. Be it a “LIHOP” (let it happen on purpose) or a “MIHOP” (make it happen on purpose) event, I believe something far more horrendous than 9/11 will take place while the Democrats are in control of Congress just so the people on the other side can say “I told you so! Democrats can not keep us safe!” This will pretty much put a nail in the coffin of anyone who is really a Democrat and it will surely lead to the complete demise of democracy & civil liberties. It can be the final step in creating a one world government with a tyrannical rule and most good Americans will not even understand this.

Now I want you to take a closer look at this Democratic Congressional victory. Take a look at the faces of the winning candidates. Do you recognize any of these faces from you local 9/11 truth conference? Do you see any of these faces during your commute to work on public transportation? Did you see any former Enron employees (not the criminals, but the employees who had their pensions stolen by George W. Bush’s friends) getting elected? Did you see any former U.S. auto workers who recently lost their jobs getting elected? Did you see any former computer programmers who lost a job to international outsourcing getting elected? Did you see any displaced individuals who had to relocate because of they were forced to sell their home due to the new eminent domain laws? The answer to these questions is “no!”

Sure, Democrats all over are going to think the problems in this nation have been solved because there is a new blue blip on the map. Nonsense. What took place last night was a change in management from one department of the establishment to the other. With very few exceptions real citizens who are truly interested in reform, democracy and exposing and eliminating the power brokers who maintain a strangle hold on our government have been once again kept out of government. “We the people” are still being ruled by “they, they establishment!”

Sure real regular citizens may have slipped into a few seats yesterday but I bet you if you asked them what or who PNAC is and what their connection to the events of 9/11 are they will draw a blank. Likewise I bet you that if you ask them if they know that 7 of the alleged 9/11 hijackers are still alive, or if they know that there were war games taking place on 9/11 or anything at all about building 7 they will look at you as if you were speaking another language.

Ask any one of these newly elected officials if the Federal Reserve is a legitimate part of our government or if it is an independent private for profit bank that gives secret private individuals complete control over our monetary system, and in essence our economy and they will look at you the same way a puppy would look at you during a conversation about physics.

Ask any member of this new crop of lawmakers if they are going to protect the Constitution and reverse the anti-Constitutional Patriot Act or are they going to continue to support the assault on the liberties of their constituents. The Patriot Act is here to stay; Republican or Democrat Congress aside.

Ask these new lawmakers if they are going to completely abolish private corporate oversight and implementation of U.S. elections or if they are going to continue to allow secret corporate control of our democratic process. The corporations will maintain control, period, end of story and end of democracy.

You see most of the people who were on our side during this election were not allowed equal exposure (thanks to Ronald Reagan), not financed by the establishment or in many cases not acknowledged in any way shape or form other than a listing on the ballot. The candidates who would have really made a difference in the way our government works, like Jim Bowman, Carol Brouillet.or Clint Curtis to name a few, stood no chance in this or any other election. These are the people who would have stood up every day repeating the vital issues, the real vital issues, until this nation was forced to take notice. They would have fought for truth and justice with the same relentless dedication that has driven the 9/11 truth movement to fight for real answers about what took place that day.

What this nation needed, what the Democratic party needed was activists, not politicians. The Democratic party is, as is the Republican party, a part of the establishment that needs to be reformed. If a few real citizens were elected while wearing the Democratic party tag that would have been a good thing; but it sure looks like this nation simply got an oil change last night. We went from synthetic oil to crude oil. What we needed was not an oil change, we needed a transfusion. We needed life blood and we got an oil change.

I hope I am wrong in every way but is sure is hard to see where I am wrong. Time will tell however and I would like nothing more in life than to one day say “holy cow, I was off the mark!” Unfortunately my observations seem to be right on the mark. I only hope we don’t need to spill any real blood in the process of giving our democracy the transfusion it desperately needs to survive. Think about it!


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4 Responses to “Democrats Win, America Loses?”

  1. nengel says:

    Thanks Jesse… I totally agree with your comments! I want to feel hopeful, but at the same time… Carl Rove hasn’t gone away… I have felt for quite a while now that another major attack is beyond the planning stages! These evil neo-cons always have something up their sleeves… and will stop at nothing to keep control of our country… and the world.
    The fear/terror card is what has kept them in power… and unfortunately… I too see the card being played once again!

  2. worldman says:

    Jesse: Guys like you are a beacon of hope, shining wisdom out to many people.
    Listening to Bush talk to reporters today, I really thought I heard him say…”the terrorists will still be out there,…and I’ll be with them.”
    I almost taped it while it was on, just to verify if there was some mental slip…, but then again who needs a recording of something that has been proven time and again?
    Oh yeah, the impeachmentators!

  3. Jesse says:

    Wordlman…thanks for the kind words.

  4. [...] By taking impeachment off the table before a single investigation is launched, before a single subpoena is issued and before a single confirmation of high crimes committed is achieved (in an official Congressional forum that is…we have plenty of confirmations of high crimes by this administration), the new Democratic leadership is proving true my assessment of our new Congress. It is starting to look like we got an oil change when we needed a blood transfusion. Not only did we get a simple oil change but it looks like they are still not changing the filter on this same old engine that is driving us all down a road to hell. [...]

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