OK Democrats, Prove Yourselves: Investigate Cheney’s Energy Meetings!

By taking impeachment off the table before a single investigation is launched, before a single subpoena is issued and before a single confirmation of high crimes committed is achieved (in an official Congressional forum that is…we have plenty of confirmations of high crimes by this administration), the new Democratic leadership is proving true my assessment of our new Congress. It is starting to look like we got an oil change when we needed a blood transfusion. Not only did we get a simple oil change but it looks like they are still not changing the filter on this same old engine that is driving us all down a road to hell.

Here is a way to measure the sincerity and dedication to democracy of this new Democratic leadership. Watch how they address Dick Cheney’s secret energy policy meetings or just watch to see if they address it at all! For those of you who do not know, and why should you know…the criminal corporate media pretended it never happened, before the events of 9/11 unfolded Dick Cheney decided that the nation’s energy policy decision making process should be kept secret from the citizens of this nation and from Congress. He also decided that the only participants in the process should be the rich corporations who can derive huge profits by controlling the energy supplies that we all depend on. Cheney also decided that energy policy meetings were no place for any people who had ideas about or solutions to the many problems faced by the world as a result of a growing dependency on expensive, polluting, global warming causing, war precipitating fossil fuels!

Thankfully, I was not the only person to see the obvious sinister nature of the Cheney energy policy agenda. I actually went as far as to accuse Cheney of delivering the events of September 11th 2001 to us personally, or at least having foreknowledge of those events based on the fact that he kept these meetings secret. And guess what…my accusation went from conspiracy theory to reasonable suspicion when Cheney was forced by a court to disclose maps and documents pertaining to Iraq’s oil and energy infrastructure a used in his preparing our energy policy. Why this sudden change? Because at the time of the policy meetings we were not at war with Iraq, we had trade sanctions with Iraq, our only energy agreements with Iraq came by way of the food for oil program that had been in place, and that the only realistic and reasonable assessment how or why Cheney could have used that information at the time was if our access to Iraq’s energy would change dramatically! At the time there was no provocation for war with Iraq. As a matter of fact both Condoleezza Rice and the American traitor Colon Powell (who was a good soldier, but not to his nation), publicly declared Iraq to be contained and no threat to anyone. As a matter of fact they said that Iraq could not even pose a conventional threat, let alone a WMD threat!

Now do the math: Cheney is holding meetings using Iraq’s oil as part of his assessment of OUR energy policy! At the time we had strict defined limitations on the use of Iraq’s oil. Did this show that Cheney knew something was about to change? Did he know war was being planned? Did he know that a provocation for war or dramatic change with Iraq was about to be delivered? It sure as hell looks that way! I wonder how much more suspicious information would be found in those meeting notes. I wonder if Afghanistan’s new oil pipeline was also part of our policy? I wonder if the new map of the Middle East was drawn out for our record profit making oil executives who attended those meetings.

There are two reasons we will never know how many Iraq & 9/11 related smoking guns sit in the Dick Cheney energy policy meeting notes. One reason can be explained by the recent photos of a document shredding company truck parked in front of Cheney’s residence. The other reason is that this nation got a Congressional oil change when what it needed was a blood transfusion. Think about it!

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  1. shellbeach says:

    Rice fired the first shot across the bow of the ship of state [cross that word out, it is the ship of Congress] as Bush and Pelosi shook hands. We stay in Iraq she says; she is a foil for Cheney/Bush.?!

    So my question is, can we go after the Cheney bunch when they are out of office?? If so, then I would suggest issues that benefit the majority of voters; let Bush use his veto pen. Everytime he vetos something that the majority would like, is another million votes in the 2008 election [a real Presidential election decided by the voters!], unless the voting software is corrupted to the point of being able to provide a Republican majority. It was surprising that the software corruption did not control the outcome in 2006 like the US Supreme Court did in sElection 2000 and Blackwell’s Ohio vote suppression tactics in 2004.

  2. Hey, Dems, It’s Time to Investigate Cheney’s Energy Meetings!

    If Pelosi won’t lead an impeachment of Bush, the least she could do is investigate Cheney’s doings. Then she can impeach Bush AND Cheney. :)

  3. anthny says:

    Like I always say we live in a two party dictatorship.
    If the Dems do anything it will be Conyers or Waxman, the only two guys I trust will bring some investigations on Cheney or Bush.
    I have heard that Bush and Cheney will be forced to resign. But I would not hold my breath, Cheney ignores subpoenas, so he needs a lot of pressure from the puppet masters.
    Just listening to TV news, caught another terrorist plot before it began. These terrorist plots are always around when the right wing needs one………….

  4. dkmnow says:

    Thank you.

    Despite all the proclamations of “victory,” no real change will take place without concerted whistleblowing and sustained grassroots pressure. If voters stop paying attention and just go back to life-as-usual, then the “new” Congress will easily slip into the old pattern of business-as-usual, albeit under a “new” banner. They will need constant and unmistakable reminders that We The People DID NOT vote merely to “rearrange the furniture,” as the saying goes.

    It will take decades to repair the damage done by the neocons’ rogue administration and their Repubberstamplican Congress — and, to usurp the language of the religious right, “the battle to reclaim the soul of America” has barely even begun.

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