National Security Threat - Hardly a Threat

If terrorists killed 3 million Americans with a nuclear device, terrorism would still pale other threats to the lives of Americans. 5 million people die each year as a result of smoking alone. Are we taking the threat posed by the terrorists who are trying to sell you cigarettes seriously? No. As a matter of fact many members of Congress support the murderers in the tobacco industry.
Of course cigarettes are just one of many threats to our lives posed to us by our corporations. Environmental toxins and greenhouse gasses are of course the biggest threat. I remind you that terrorism might be the greatest threat to nation security, but national security is not even close to being the greatest threat to Americans. Perhaps the media should stop scaring us into thinking that it is.

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  1. bayside says:

    Just a comment on cigarette smoking….We all have our own way to cope in this mean world…To some it is drink, to some it is smoking, and others it is food….We all cope some way, and if you dont stop taking away our freedoms, then I dont want to hear it when you cant get insurance because someone thinks you weigh to much, or certain foods are off limits because someone thinks they are not good for you…We used to know that yes, maybe candy is not good for us, but that is our own business…America used to know that we are made up of many cultures, and religions and embraced the different shapes and sizes, smokers and non smokers..Now, we are so judgemental…We are not a fair counry anymore, and I for one do not want to be like our wrinkled white man that believes they are pompas..

  2. bayside says:

    I do enjoy your emails….

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