No Oil? No Israel? No Stability? No Problem!

This nation and arguably the world are focusing quite a bit of attention on Iraq and the Middle East. Except, despite that focus, we are not really taking note of anything Israel does, no matter how egregious. The media are indeed focusing on the stability of the Middle East and suddenly the average American is waking up to the fact that there are serious questions about what instability in Iraq means to American national security. Of course we don’t question what the actions of Israel have to do with destabilizing the Middle East; because it is American policy and the policy of the controlled media not to question the actions of Israel.

OK, so let’s say the Middle East stability depends only on the actions of Arabs. Let’s say Americans are finally starting to pay attention, or I should say the media, more accurately mind control apparatus of the people who really control this nation, are now focusing your attention on this vital issue known as Middle East stability; make that the stability of the Middle East sans the instability that may be caused by the actions of Israel.

Well, let me ask you this…why are we more concerned about the stability of the Middle East than we are about the stability of say, the Democratic Republic of Congo? Why is the most unstable region of the world with the highest level of human suffering and despair completely ignored by the entire American corporate news media? Why is the only corporate news network that covers issues like this, Al Jazeera, being kept off American airways? Could it be because the situation in the Congo does not involve oil or Israel? Could it be that the despair and horror taking place there is fueling tremendous profits for American weapons manufacturers who seem to arm every despot on the planet including our own enemies?

The fact is that the people who control the U.S. media do not want you to give one damn about anything that does not cause you to fall in line with their personal ideology. Whatever select pieces of news and information must appear in our media that will cause Americans to support Israel, oppose Israel’s enemies and oppose any nation whose leader decides that their nation’s natural recourses and assets should benefit the citizens and not the corporations, will indeed be presented to the public. Any news or information that exposes the criminals who own this planet and profit both financially and ideologically by death, destruction and discrimination, will be kept from the public. Well, not as long as I and my fellow independent legitimate news bearers and organization have something to do with it! Keep in mind that we are not “alternative news” sources, we are the legitimate news sources. They, the corporate media, are not!

So if there is news out there that makes you realize that the oil companies and their representatives in our government are not acting in your best interest, or if Israel violates dozens of U.N. resolutions and commits atrocities that would turn even a peace loving, flag burning Air America worshiping bleeding heart liberal into a revenge obsessed suicide bomber, we’ll report it. I just hope you don’t unsubscribe because we inform you about what really happens in the real world. We don’t always like what we are reporting, but if we are going to make this world a better place…we have to know where the real problems are; and the corporate media are protecting the bad guys! Think about it!

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