Hey, Corporate Media: Dictatorship is NOT Democracy.

For decades, now, Republicans in Congress have become accustomed to following the herd, without question or challenge. This time around, they’ve gone overboard in their lemming response to their own leadership as they willingly cooperated in waging an illegal war, supporting torture, and weakening our precious Constitution. In that process Republicans have unashamedly embraced dictatorship as a replacement for debate and discussion, and blind obedience to their handlers as a substitute for any legitimate election process.

They are now trying to validate that philosophy through their complicit media hirelings on the so-called news networks that most Americans still turn to for their nightly source of information.

Trent Lott’s election to his earlier post in the Senate was hailed by every television ‘news’ pundit - other than Keith Olbermann - as a laudable victory over an opponent. But, lo and behold, the corresponding Democratic challenge for leadership was reviled as a defeat for Nancy Pelosi and a nasty catfight among the new House members-elect.

This unified assessment was undoubtedly another example of how the media collectively repeat the same daily talking point. Pelosi was criticized for her inability to manipulate and control a secret ballot. Her influence as the new Speaker was undermined because she could not dictate and deliver a vote for someone she supported. To a pundit, the network parrots characterized a fair and honest election among Congressional Democrats as a serious rift in the party and a damaging weakness of leadership for Pelosi.

We are witnessing the continuation of the mindless media chorale that parades as political analysis on our television screens. The same media that supported every move by the Bush administration in blind and sycophantic loyalty is still unable to accept the defeat of those policies at the polls. The same media that refused to question a single criminal or unconstitutional power play by this administration is still unable to assume the responsibility of unbiased journalism.

In the very least, the public must recognize the ruse. At the very most, the public can totally reject the nonsense being spewed by the corporate media and turn to alternative sources of news on the Internet that offer information and news, not mantra and distortion.

If not, nothing will change. If not, things will only get worse.

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  1. wiseoldgranny says:

    How can we worry about corruption in the repubs, if Nancy allows Hastings to take a leadership role?

    He was impeached by the democrats for taking a bribe of $150,000. Even Rep, Conyers said that it was not racial. He was tried, and found guilty.

    I promised myself and others that, if we took back the congress, I would hold my party’s feet to the fire and expect, even more, from them.

    We cannot overturn his election, but we should not reward him with a chair, either.

    I got nervous when she backed Murtha, but he, at least was not convicted. I was glad when she pulled Jefferson, of freezer fame, from his committee. He has not been indicted, let alone, convicted. He is accused of $90,000 bribery, $60,000 less than Hastings.

    It gives the dems a really bad start. Makes us look as bad as the repubs.

    I think that this would really reflect badly on the Black Caucas too, as they are pushing for him to be chair of the intel committee. I am not black, but I have been so proud of the role African Americans have been playing in politics, today. Conyers, Steele (repub), Obama, Ford, congresswoman Lee, and so many others. I cannot see why, Hastings, or the Black Caucus, would want to push for this chair. There are so many others, without his baggage, that would be a great role model and not cause these kind of problems.

    Just as I have said, I would be harder on my own party, because I expect better of them, if I were black, I would want a better representative.

    As it is, I, as a dem, want a better representative of dems.

    This would make me ashamed of my party. That goes for Jefferson, and anyone else that have been caught ‘red-handed’. If Reid is indicted, he has to go, too. The whole nation is watching to see if the dems will keep their promise on ethics. I, for one, will try to see that they do.

    Please tell me what you think?

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