There Is So Much to Say

(This message is for the deep thinkers out there!)

I have been absent from the blogosphere for the past few days due to a health scare (not me - that of my wonderful better half). Sleep was not an option for me however so I was not coherent enough to prepare a newsletter; even though I did update the news page. I had a tough couple of days so instead of preparing my usual newsletter I would share my silly side with you all. I am human you know!

The issue at hand was a heart attack, or what was diagnosed as a heart attack (turned out to be more of a heart event than a damaging attack - thankfully.) But I wanted to share this with you…because in a way it reflects on what is taking place in this nation. As is usually the case when serious issues are at hand I am the one to take charge. When I am in a position where I do not have to take total charge, like when qualified doctors are helping someone who is having a “heart event’, I assume the role of mood controller. I keep things calm and I usually try to keep people laughing when appropriate.

So when it became apparent that our situation was not life threatening and was much less serious than first thought I morphed back into my silly self and I cracked a joke about the entire situation. BUT - this joke was made possible only by the current geo-political environment that the readers of this newsletter are so used to; so I thought you may enjoy the little joke, I mean silly comment - so here it goes: when I was looking at the heart monitor where the heart beat and rhythm are monitored along with blood oxygen and respiration I thought out loud that if the heart monitor machine was manufactured by Diebold, the company that makes our insecure election stealing voting machines, we may actually be witnessing someone else’s heart attack! Now that’s funny!

OK - more silliness - as I am getting ready to prepare today’s newsletter our heart patient looked at me and asked me if I had a topic for the commentary. I replied by saying that there is so much going on that I always have material for a commentary. Most of my readers know how I feel about Dick Cheney so you will understand the rest of my response. I told her that I could simply write “Cheney is a Dick” and that would be a publishable newsletter. And that’s when my own words came back to bite me - her reply to me was. “think about it!” Think about it!

3 Responses to “There Is So Much to Say”

  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Well I hope your better half feels better soon. I’m sure the pharmaceutical company agents we affectionately call “doctors” will have her on some meds, if they don’t already. Take a damned vacation!

  2. worldman says:

    Ha, maybe a worldwide epidemic, ’cause I left for work this morning with a feeling of an impending heart ’something?’, after a couple hours I guess it went away.
    It would not surprise me to see a tabloid paper (during supermarket checkout time) announcing to the world that Dickie has secretly received an alien heart transplant, OR DID, and he has become evil.
    Actually I call him Mr. Sneer.
    May we all live to see a better, brighter day.
    Oh yeah, ‘cept for all those curmudgeon neocons that we’re looking to toss out onto their rears! Rummy was only gettin while the gettin was good…

  3. anthny says:

    Cheney is a Dick but he’s got it deep in our collective american butts.
    When I first noticed people that were conservative Repubs, standing on the side of partisan politics as usual. My good buddy from the late 60’s was there along with the rest of us hippies doing the rebel thing. We were not drafted but went to the draft board twice and were rejected because of our being institutionilized for drugs, “busted for a Joint”
    Anyway this guy flipped out and did some serious prison time, while in the big house he found GOD and became a Born Again Christian. He married to a very beautiful Christian women that was 10 yrs younger than him. They quickly had 5 children raging in age from 1 to 10 with no rest periods in between.
    My little buddy was in love and she controled the religious part of him which included politics. Once and a while I saw him and he was working his balls off doing what fathers do to support there families.
    When the subject of Governer Bush came up that he was running for President, I said this guy was a lazy little rich boy who never did an honest days work. My little buddy flipped out on me telling be Bush was one of the boys and he good talk the talk and walk the walk with the great unwashed. I told my little buddy that his facts were false and that he should read about little georgie from informed sorces’s.
    My little buddy is far from being a reader and said GWB was who I should vote for because his Pastor and Wife said so.
    My little buddy has lost his mind to LOVE and the Born-Agains. He stopped being informed and took other peoples words as the gospel and we all know what happened next, 9/11 to Afganistan, to Iraq, to an unwinnable war with real people losing there lives.
    Most Americans’ see this war from there Televisions and what we see on TV is usually not real. Everybody is an object that is fake…..but this time around the objects are real and real people are being killed men, women, and children and American soliders. The war is being bogged down by these nasty Rebels who are trying to rid there country of the INVADERS………U.S.
    So here we are half the people in the states are born-agains and refuse to be open-minded. and the other half being partisan republicans who voted the way there parents voted in the 40’s and 50’s.
    We are living in very strange times my friends and the world is losing its mind and so are the country bumkins who vote with there pastors’. PEACE, LOVE AND HOPE ARE ALL WE HAVE LEFT AND THEY SEEM TO BE ON A HOLIDAY, SO WE HAVE TO DO THE FOOT WORK. THE ELECTION THE OTHER DAY WAS A FINE START BUT SOMEHOW I DOUBT THAT THE DEMS WILL DO THERE PART OUTSIDE A SMALL CIRCLE OF TRUE AND HONEST PEOPLE, THE WAXMAN, CONYERS, AND PATRICK LEAHY are the only hope for impeachments and these guys spent the past 4 years in the basement. The 9/11 commission will be dammed in the end when the truth comes out and SIBLE EDMONDS will be the hero of the UNITED STATES.
    please stay with us and you may be the other hero of the revolution, if we could end the reign of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS and put the CONSTITUTION back on the pedestle where it belongs…….we the people in order to form a more perfect union shall ring true again.
    Thanks for letting me share.

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