Unqualified Americans

America is about to revamp the test that immigrants will have to pass in order to become American citizens. I got news for our anti-foreigner government…foreigners know more about America than most Americans! I defy our government to force every heartland redneck to take this test. As a matter of fact I would like to see every member of Congress take this test.  I want to see how many Americans are deported because they can’t answer basic questions about their native country! While we’re at it I would like to remind many Americans that making English the official language of America may criminalize many Americans; you know…the flag waving redneck anti-foreigner Americans who can not construct a single sentence using correct grammar as defined by the rules of the English language.

I’m all for setting reasonable requirements for American citizenship but I don’t think being born in this nation should exempt people from meeting those requirements. So by all means…test away!   Think about it!

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