Iraq: Unwinnable and Unsolvable “ And Exactly As Planned.”

Don’t kid yourself. This is exactly the way they want it to be: chaotic, devastating, confusing, horrendous, and right on target. Clever bastards, these neocons; their goals were always so damn clear, and they finally got there: get into Iraq and find a way to stay there forever. Forever, folks, - that’s always and into eternity. That was the plan from day one, and that’s the way it’s working out.

Henry Kissinger came out of the woodwork this past weekend and said it in terms that were impossible to misunderstand if you really listened closely. In a television interview the aging assassin and war criminal of yesteryear played a little game of bait and switch. First, he lured the public into a moment of reality by acknowledging that the war against Iraq was “unwinnable.” But then came the zinger: “But,”he said as he delivered the follow up punch, “I don’t think that the alternative is between military victory or total withdrawal.”

I learned early in life that you can’t be a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead. You’re either one or the other. The lesson of recent history is that the same applies to waging a war and being an occupying nation. You’re either at war or you’re not. You’re either an occupier or you’re not. And Kissinger made it very clear. The same doctrine that gave us the horror of Vietnam is alive and well today. The despair that Henry of the Death Squads felt when the US finally ended the debacle of so many decades ago must be rectified in Iraq. We must stay. People must continue to die. Soldiers must continue to be sacrificed. But we absolutely will not relinquish our goal to dominate both the country of Iraq and the region we have inflamed. Withdrawal is not an option. No way.

The neocon plan was very simple and so beautifully underhanded that it has evaded many people in this nation and the world. The architects of the invasion knew that the greater the instability, the worse the insurrection, and the greater the possibility of out and out civil war, the more the US would appear to be needed in Iraq. And so it has come to pass, and so it is now the mantra of those who no longer talk of WMD or Al Qaeda or democracy in Iraq.

Understand that all is going according to the PNAC plan: The US cannot leave Iraq because the dangers of our leaving are too horrible to imagine. Fear that moment, America, because if we leave Iraq things will only get worse and worse and, as John McCain reminded us this week, all those evil terrorists will follow us here and attack us in our beds. Got that? We cannot withdraw, we will not withdraw. Don’t even think about it.

That fantastic American Embassy, larger than Vatican City is well under way in Baghdad. The $592 million facility will stand as a symbol of our influence in that nation and signal to the Iraqis that we will never leave. At the same time, 14 permanent military bases are under construction in Iraq, all of which are to be consolidated into four mega-bases. That’s 14 huge bases in a country only twice the size of Idaho. No, we are there to stay.

So, let James Baker and his Study Group present their conclusions, and let the Democrats with their newly acquired power draw up plans for deployment or withdrawal or whatever. Bushco will do as it pleases, because the neocons are still in power, despite the protestation of some among them who appear to be abandoning the ship they have been instrumental in sinking. Rest assured that the plan they conjured up years before the actual attack against Iraq is in full operation. And it’s going exactly according to plan.

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  2. Iraq: Unwinnable and Unsolvable – And Exactly As Planned

    Don’t kid yourself. This is exactly the way they want it to be: chaotic, devastating, confusing, horrendous, and right on target

  3. dajson says:

    I”ve been saying this for years, and I’m glad to hear it from someone else. I think there’s even a further agenda behind an endless war we can not win. The conflict between Soviet Russia and Afghanistan was orchistrated by many of the same players that help argue us into Iraq, and the Russian war was instrumental in bringing about the end of the Soviet Union. Soon after that equity firms like the Carlyle Group bought up the infrastucture of the Soviet Union at dirt cheap prices. Now a similar plan orchistrated by similar players is being played out in America threatening to bankrupt what is left of the US Treasury. Does a President who was once on the board of directors for the Carlyle Group have a problem with a bankrupt government you can “drown in a bathtub”? Do you think Halliburton or the Halliburton mind-set going on between Dick Cheney’s ears are bothered by the situation in Iraq? No, Halliburton can probably say with a straight face that everyting is going just great in Iraq.

  4. gnugordon says:

    You may be right about the US intent to stay in Iraq but as an formen employee of the PX (AAFES) for a few years it was remarkable to me how many new PXs we built on Army bases just before the bases closed.

    Government incompetence is often a blessing and we are richly blessed.

  5. FreeDem says:

    Your link at PNAC is most interesting. I suppose you are familiar with the BBC program that laid out the Neocon and Islamist origins but I will link it here as well, as it delves deeply into your points about the plans to create a permanent “fake” enemy to justify the destruction of Freedom and Democracy that they hate.

  6. worldman says:

    It’s possibull that the Saud family is behind the base construction projects for the U.S. in that region.
    Also, didn’t Al Qaeda start out as Al Qida? There are times neoconians will pronounce either one.
    Great points - Reggie!

  7. johnmccarthy says:

    Now that the Veterans for Peace are under attack as a possible threat to the new world order and the other war mongers in DC, lets not forget about the other organization with “peace” in the nomenclature.
    These idiots are still alive and kicking dust in everyones eyes around the world. Hadley included.

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