Potential Nuclear War, Newsworthy? Not in America!

Did you happen to notice that the world is closer to nuclear war than at any times since the Cuban missile crisis? Did you happen to read or hear about the comments made by the Chinese about using the nuclear option on the US? Don’t you think this merits news coverage? Don’t you think that the policies of the US that have driven China to take this position should be examined? Should be worried about an administration that has made the US an enemy to so many?

Don’t you think that the TV news networks can find time during their 24/7 broadcast day to let the people of this nation know what the lunatics who run the country are doing to our once great nation and to the world? Think about it!

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  1. jfdunphy says:

    For some background on the nuclear issue, a very good book to read is former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger’s book that covered “war games” on the world’s hotspots. The nuclear capabilities for damage were chilling enough back then with the technology of the Regan years.
    It is not stressed enough in MSM coverage that one weapons platfrom can result in the deaths of up to 100 million people. And this is what is discussed in the open-source literature.
    Also recommended reading is “Dereliction of Duty,” by H.R. McMaster, which analyzes how Johnson’s middle of the Road policy failed–the two extremes being total withdrawal and nuclear warfare. For an administration obsessed with appearing always to win, you can appreciate how the decision making process is likely to go in a choice between these two more extreme options. Also, those who dismiss the parallels between Iraq and Vietnam should read this book. It is written by an officer with some command experience, and he doesn’t pull punches. 7-15-05

  2. jmc42 says:


    Perhaps this is not the place for this question.. but, there are
    many links that are from http://www.arcticbeacon…... and for some
    reason that site if found but never responds.

    Is this unique to by system setup ( ie, security settings ) or
    is that a constatnt problem?

    Joe C

  3. Jesse says:

    Joe C

    I noticed that arcticbeacon has been going up and down. I am not sure what the problem is. I noticed that several sites that have posted explosive (no pun intended) 9/11 news have been going down. 9/11blogger.com vanished the other day and people wrote to me because they could not get to prisonplanet.com. Hmm…

    I would suggest that you just keep trying.

    PS…next time you can just email me:-) Then again our email was down this morning. Hmmm…


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