Can We Call Iraq a Quagmire Yet?

There is nothing to win in Iraq. The ever-changing reasons given for invading Iraq by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and the criminal U.S. corporate media are now moot. We surely did not have to go to war to protect America from some mythical grave and gathering threat because it has now been proved that the threat never existed. So, the logical conclusion is that there is nothing at all to win here. You don’t evaluate the actions of a bully like America beating up a weakling in terms of winning or losing; you simply measure the severity of the beating. Bullies don’t beat up little guys to protect themselves; but everyone knows that. Well, not everyone.

At any rate, the mission was really accomplished. I should say the missions were accomplished. The mission was actually twofold. The first goal was to start a war; a very expensive never ending war. This would satisfy the fascist global financial elite and international bankers whose real goal is pretty much to own everything on this planet. You see, war is great for these people. They get to finance wars. Private banks such as the Federal Reserve get to charge us interest for lending the U.S. money. War is the single most expensive endeavor a nation can undertake. Central bankers love war. They feed on war like leeches sucking the blood of their host. And what better person to get rid of than Saddam Hussein? He was using the profits of his nation’s oil for something other than American corporate profits. His oil money was going towards paying off his nations debt, providing education and health care for his people. The capitalists known as central bankers and the big greedy oil companies could not allow that! So what better a target for another war than Iraq?

Then there is the other part of the perfect war storm…Israel! This war served to eliminate a leader who was an enemy of Israel. Let me rephrase that; he was an enemy of the leaders of Israel who continue to commit atrocities against the Palestinians. As a matter of fact he may have been the only leader of any nation in the region to help the Palestinians at all; and Israel can not allow this; nor can the Zionists who influence and in the case of the Bush administration define American foreign policy.

That being said, we are now in Iraq. As I already said - we can not win. Staying will not do anything other than kill more Americans, cost the American tax payers more than they can every afford to pay and make the war profiteers richer that the mind can comprehend. We can not leave there because then the even greater bloodshed that may occur will surely be blamed on America; and rightfully so.

So what do you call it when you can not stay and you can not go? Have the media forgotten the word? Let me remind them…it is not “dilemma” or “decision”. It is not about “cutting and running” vs. “adapting to win.” The word is “QUAGMIRE!” Period, end of story. Think about it!

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  1. actully NBC has been calling Iraq a “Civil War” haha, the media really thinks this war is going great

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