Have You Read This Mr. Bush? - Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

Read this line by line. You will be absolutely stunned at how many provisions of this Geneva Convention have been totally violated by George W. Bush and his war party. Everyone down to the field commanders is clearly guilty of war crimes based on this one convention. As you read you will be hard pressed top find even a single clause in which the Bush administration’s cabal has been compliant. It is simply stunning. And what will become clear to you by the time you finish reading this is that our criminal corporate media have been complicit in these crimes in that they have ignored them even though it is their responsibility to hold our administration accountable to the people of this nation and to the laws of the land!

After watching George W. Bush conduct his affairs and speak in public for the past six years or so I am not so sure he can actually read. Well, let’s just say I am not sure about how “goodly” he understands things like words and stuff. But I think no matter how difficult it may be, Mr. Bush may want read this…or at least ask his lawyer to read it. But then again this career criminal has nothing to worry about as long as we have a corporately owned Congress and media who have no interest in running a legal and legitimate government - otherwise Bush would have been arrested many times- for election fraud, conspiracy to commit mass murder on 9/11, etc. Anyway - just read this Mr. Bush. It is one of the no-brainers when it comes to shining a light on the crimes that you have committed:

The document is too long for me to include in this piece so please click here and read the entire documents. I am sure you will be absolutely stunned at the level of violations you will be able to identify.

Perhaps because I did not grow up in Nazi Germany or communist Russia I can not imagine a more criminal and corrupt government than the current U.S. administration. Then again it may just be because there has actually never been a more criminal administration. Think about it!

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  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    I’m on the verge of giving up, Jesse. These criminals are supported by many of our own.

    On Thanksgiving day, I made the mistake of talking to my father-in-law, who, unfortunately, is a die-hard Republican. (He literally has a picture of Reagan as his keychain.) He kept going on about how if an “insurgent” in Iraq fired on US troops in Iraq from a building, we should be able to bomb the entire building to the ground–even if it were a house full of women and children.

    I wasted no time in telling him that if some foreign invader came to MY country, I’d be upstairs firing at them, and, according to his own insane creed, his daughter and granddaughter would be blown to red mist. Being a complete moron, I think he missed the point entirely. (After that, I just had to get up and leave the room.)

    It’s hard to find the energy or will to keep combating this insanity. Very draining. I don’t know how you do it.

  2. suehon5 says:

    Susan Cameron Honaker

    I am in a place where the Mafia and the KGB/NSA (because of former brain implants, my sopuses involvement with top people and NSA, Area 51, and because of the amount of people they can use in ideology of holocaust) will not stop committing crimes, and destroying my life, at this point the denial of any living and future. They have committed hundreds of crimes. And when there is no justice, but only organized crime, they just want to keep up there crimes until death. They have denied me my right to normal daily living, to a divorce and to marriage by these crimes, to work, to retirement, and have cost us thousands of dollars monetarily, but most of all torture, and to where they are going to keep radiating and denying life or any possible end except for the victims death.

    In accordance with the Russian testing along with the United States, since the Nuremberg Trials after the European purges, there continued deaths in Russia of Jewish and non-Jewish, and in the United States all during these ‘cold war’ years by so many overlapping studies and using the public as ‘free patients.’

    Bush War Crimes Commission: The final verdict INQUIRY ON CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY COMMITTED BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION OF THE … Was former KGB agent murdered over false-flag terrorism within Russia? rawstory.com http://www.tailrank.com/posts/…/Bush_War_Crimes_Commission_The_final_verdict -

    Yes, people, even the congress is aware of the atrocities!

    In Russian, they used every single organization to arrest and kill (since the 1950s and present) millions of Jewish and non-Jewish, taking out the bankers and oil tycoons last to set up new oil and weapons deals, new CIA, all new agents, and new citizens, and the oil and weapons testing and deals, is what this is all about, with organized crime destroying the rest.

    During these years, there were tested biological and radiation weapons, microwave towers, earthquake and weather manipulation weapons, and satellites which are connected to signals intelligence. The fact is that these same weapons were used during the purges worldwide when creating the European Union, the holocaust and World War II.

    DARPA, Stanford Research Institute, and the aerospace industries, the Israeli Mossad, the CIA, and NSA has been used by the Bush crime family and those at the top of the world wars, including the Rockefellers, and many other institutes were involved in the NSA’s signals intelligence to brain, and picking up kids for implanting the brain implants. Below is what their websites in government always say, something to the effect that this technology is ‘new’ when it has been used by the 1920’s. They have committed crimes against me for over 31 years, denied any rights to life, career, and marriage, and terrorizing for over 16 years for absolutely no reason in what will be described. Why? They do this to millions each year for no reason other than the fact that they are mobs, and now these mobs have to bring about chaos and ‘terror’ in the country to get rid of anyone from past weapons deals, agents, and those used in these areas of crime. (Also See John St. Clair Akwai vs. NSA which describes the terrorizing using NSA agents and CIA agents) DARPA has been used on myself and millions of others from childhood, along with CIA, who are purged frequently, fired, arrested.

    These are only a couple studies which continue, overlapping:
    Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:
    Electronic implants in brain and teeth (Funny, Russia and the U.S. then sell these ideas from the deaths and the brains of people, but very few profit with such abuses enmasse) All of the profits from their deaths and crimes only go to a couple people who still keep dominating the largest drug companies as well.

    Targeting: Long range
    Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction
    Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants
    Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations
    Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

    Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:
    Drugs, electronics and electroshock
    Targeting: Short range
    Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF
    Transmission and Reception: Local production
    Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of “cyborg” mentalities
    Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion
    Subprojects: Many.
    Pseudonym: Project Artichoke
    Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

    The ‘cyborg’ studies were used for nazi (those who go along with crime) doctors, and in scientology or other areas where crimes need to be committed without feeling or care. This is part of the torture they are using on me right now with spouse. He’s basically a cyborg. All while terrorizing me, he finally went to see someone, his doctor claiming it was a chemical imbalance (of which weapons chemical changes in the body are) and he went to see someone else whome he stated declared, “you’d make a good spy” and only one time. But he still goes in circles, and NSA still tortures me to try and fabricate lies for covering up their crimes and destruction. Note how the electroshock is transmitted, as we have experienced. And of course, my spouse’s electronic dissolution of memory, E.D.O.M. They were used in Vietnam and on intel operatives, including many other changes and programming in behavior for killing and crime without thinking. Being a different personality, at just the right time, being totally unemotional and dissaciative on family and at just the right times, causing torture and helping the aggressor by these split personalities where the memory is selectively ‘remembered’ when it is too late, consistently, to cause severe anger on the victims, i.e. while NSA agents, directed by the KGB, is using harassment around paperwork or in financial areas. Making plans, but by real-time, split personality, does not know what those plans are until two weeks later, have already made other plans because the others were destroyed, and consistent enough to cause severe problems, along with the other symptoms which are covered up by doctors. Having the same discussion week after week, as if the person just arrived here, just heard it or spoke of it, for over 13 years. Now,the KGB, is behind this and we have had many discussions, including his calling someone from “NSA” who told him there was no spying in the country, etc.


    “The vision for the Neurotechnology for Intelligence Analysts (NIA) Program is to revolutionize the way that analysts handle intelligence imagery, increasing both the throughput of imagery to the analyst and overall accuracy of the assessments. Current computer-based target detection capabilities cannot process vast volumes of imagery with the speed, flexibility, and precision of the human visual system. Investigations of visual neuroscience mechanisms have indicated that the human brain is capable of
    responding to visually salient objects significantly faster than an individual’s visuomotor transformation-based (i.e., movement) response.
    The NIA Program seeks to identify robust brain signals that are amenable to recording in an operational environment and process these in real time to select images worthy of further review. The program aims ultimately to apply these triage methods to static, broad-area, and video imagery. Successful development of a neurobiologically based image triage system will increase the speed and accuracy of image analysis in a context where the number of acquired images is expected to rise significantly. In sum, the results of the NIA Program will enable image analysts to train more effectively and process imagery with greater speed and precision.”
    Who needs analysts when corruption is the goal?

    The weapons are used constantly on the public regardless of what time it is, from testing, to intermittent purges, to outward wars. There are mass radiation tests on military personnel, bases, and all across the world, and biological testing.

    Discoverer II (DII) program is an Air Force, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),and … Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) platforms may indicate a potential for vehicle …http://www.fas.org/spp/military/program/imint/starlight.htm -
    Darpa is connected to Lockheed, Area 51, and the mobs kidnappings, and “UFO” experiences by some, including myself, which was military, as my spouse was also involved in, and around 1995 to 2001, many former agents were being killed, or even children of those agents harassed in the same way.

    During this supposed ‘cold war’ testing, the mafia and gangsters were used and were not arrested until the plan for 9-11 to have major purges in the United States and elsewhere. John Ghotti and Russian gangsters by the millions worldwide were used by the top mobs and weapons industries. Thousands of Jewish and non-Jewish supposedly committed ‘suicide’ while they stole brain transmissions, induced illness, and by 1998 thousands were dying from these illnesses, even at young ages, or even still being targeted for death.

    My spouse not only knew the activity and whereabouts of John Ghotti but was involved in the satellite assembly, was on the submarines while there was radiation and microwave testing, and was linked to NSA, CIA, and the Pentagon, in Vietnam, and the Bush crimes family has not stopped with their gangsters committing crimes against me, and [trying to use] him in the crimes against myself, since I married. After marrying, as he discussed some things, although I would have no idea of the reality of what these things mean or anything about it, had no knowledge when married about any of his involvement in anything until after severe attacks, the Bush administration and their crime links continued with illegal surveillance and harassment and finally outward crimes and terrorizing. They have continued to use him to help them commit crimes, by having him be totally disassociate, argumentative, go through periods of ‘depression’ and other radiation attacks as the attacks on me became more severe. Below is nothing different than what the groups have been set up to do since the monopolizing by a small few of oil, weapons deals, and world wars. Since there was radiation testing all across the U.S. and on submariners in Puerto Rico, at which time we were also in, it would only be another excuse for the Bush crime family and those in top military cults. Each time a person is even in an area of secret crimes going on, they become a victim in some way, put on the surveillance and destroy list.

    They have done anything they can to destroy our family, and this is why they used my spouse, every single day for over 13 years to make claims that he “is going to be a husband” and deny any affection whatsoever. This is exactly why the KGB, with NSA and CIA agents, while firing those used, had committed hundreds of crimes, including sending anthrax. They continue to have him try to torture me and my son, causing us extreme anger by his behavior so they can attack me with radiological weapons, and commit crime, and in any kind of way fabricate lies for extrajudicial death. I spent 8 years, with him denying me access even to my car by going in circles, lying, each week, holding up any kind of work on the cars, claiming he’ll do it, to going to yelling and saying “get someone else to do it” and back to “you’re not taking it anywhere, I’m going to fixt it.” This was all done by the KGB whom he worked with, before knocking me out, using extreme weapons on me, and then fabricating any kind of questioning by lying to agents, and by terrorizing so that they could destroy in any way.

    Beyond all of this studying is organized crime from a few like the Rockefellers and others linked to cults and the dark powers of the Vatican, and Mafia. Links to the Russian mobs behind “security” crimes, the CIA, and the FBI (some from the U.S. were arrested).

    The recent Russian and other purges worldwide in the name of ‘terror’ are headed by the former KGB agents, top mafia, linked to banks who funnel the money and weapons from bank to bank.

    “The expedience of war opened the doors to American drug traffic and Mafia domination. This was the beginning of the Mafia-U.S. Intelligence alliance, an alliance that lasts to this day and helped to support the covert operations of the CIA, such as the Iran-Contra operations. In these covert operations, the CIA would obtain drugs from South America and Southeast Asia, sell them to the Mafia and use the money for the covert purchase of military equipment. These operations accelerated when Congress cut off military funding for the Contras.” for former doctors and specialists on these weapons see, http://www.whale.to/b/caul.html#Mafia-U.S._Intelligence_alliance

    The presidents receive good benefits in all countries, including this one:
    For the Treason Crimes and links see http://skolnicksreport.com He spent years researching the corruption and payoffs

    “A senior U.S. Treasury Department official, in the Office of Internal Affairs, in his own-hand-writing, reportedly analyzed more than twenty five banks by which the Federal Reserve participated in facilitating the bribery and corruption of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his three sons.”

    My spouse worked directly with these people taking down countries, as he later told me when he observed my son and I being attacked. But, because they can totally control him, they can keep destroying us. Since he went through years of higher covert operations, he was programmed just like the others in military Intel.

    International terrorism by Russian and other Mafia
    In order for those above the leaders in oil monopoly as well as the African oil deals, and South American, all people dependent on the system are replaced, from the bottom up to the oil cartels and presidents, and all businesses in the society dependent on weapons and oil, Vatican and Rockefellers and some other top Mafia pulling the strings.

    Terrorism’s True Roots and the Mafia’s other partners-Enemy? of Czech intelligence, which was completely subservient to the Soviet KGB. … The BZ experiments were conducted on soldiers at Edgewood Arsenal for 16 years. …
    http://www.angelfire.com/or/dhuard/communism7.html -

    Carol Rutz’s Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003
    The Army’s Chemical Corps at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland ended up conducting … Much of this psi research came under the control of the Soviet military and KGB. http://www.whale.to/b/rutz7.html -

    At the time of his retirement they began with inducing depression, dizziness, odd illnesses, and circular, argumentative, controlling, but disruptive behavior, real-time memory lapses, of which they continue to do but now have him going along with it. See the “Russian Guard torture” programming studies on the victim’s websites. This is how they use others to torture one person in a family while actually the goals are to destroy both. Under Stalin, millions of women are attacked so the men can be used for other military operations they were previously taught, before being killed. He pulled out an implant from his mouth in 1999, he watched them commit crimes on myself and follow and harass, and knows about these things, yet as long as they can keep him in circles, they will continue to commit crimes on myself, depriving life by such abuses. Although I still go about trying to do well and live, and do for my son, they continue to use him to torture in the same circles, and use weapons on me and my son. We have had many conversations since they continued with severe outward torture about his involvement with those making plans above presidents, and those linked to KGB things, and the torture becomes worse on me.

    By the time people are even speaking of these things, millions more have died and the NSA has already illegally convicted millions, accused millions secretly, or had them taken out of the country for more torture; myself, still radiating like millions of other as well.

    So, they set up another ‘terror’ campaign and world war, in order to make more money using the weapons through racial and religious wars using criminals in all areas, and arresting everyone from former administrations and those used in this purge for crimes to get rid of the others. By the time there is only finger pointing, mass arrests, deaths, from the administration, to Energy, to judges, we are at another point of creating the next generations of mobs.

    Let’s look at who they are and the order of the purges:

    The United States was planning on the 9-11 attacks and the U.S. purges, so they set out long before to commit crimes, for the outward purges of those they already victimized, by terrorizing them while fabricating “national security” lies.

    First, they killed thousands more Jewish and non-Jewish in the U.S. and abroad and arrested and/or killed JDL members, and people in every area of the administration, including Mike Boorda. Remember, no one, except for agents being targeted know or expect what is written here. New to many, so many of the events are not known why at the time, and as the Bush criminals intensify weapons to the head and outward crimes all day long, they know very well they are committing crimes, yet, they continue to do such with radiological weapons all day.

    Former FBI director Freah and Clinton along with others made weapons deals to China, Syria, and Hezbollah, to Saudi Arabia, while making oil deals, and to Arafat in Palestine for wars in the Middle East. The next administration also made China deals, using China here for crimes (of which the now former Homeland Security Director is being arrested for helping with passports)

    They brought in KGB Operatives involved in Russia’s weapons and purges to the U.S. to head up the NSA’s crimes with Negroponte and Hayden (now moved to CIA). Since my spouse was involved in activity worldwide, they attacked me severely, using high microwave powered weapons, entering the home, using loud music at night and other crimes (see the crimes which intensified, as the criminals know, on the brain, too fast for the victim to know what is taking place, and they threatened me as they are aware by phone, by car, and had me terrified day and night when I had done nothing)

    The administration put into place those who would be ready to use the weapons on the public and had the “Bioethics Committee” discuss how these weapons would affect the people in the country. (see link below)

    It is only in 1998, that Anisimov discusses these weapons that ‘will’ be used when they have been used since the 1920’s or before. The idea of radio frequencies and brain implants were actually studied by 1890, and were used in Jewish and non-Jewish since then, along with millions of deaths.

    “Twenty-five pages of the seventy-two page book, generously translated by Ramon Ruelas, copyright.
    The Russian author, N.I Anisimov has been interviewed in several mainstream Russian press articles in the 1990s as the spokesman for a Russian group of ‘mind control’ or psychotronic victims. He has appeared in the 1998 ZDF German TV documentary, “Zombies of Russia”. Anisimov has been quoted by Foreign Military Studies Office, military analyst, Timothy L. Thomas in the Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly Vol. XXVIII, No.1, Spring 1998 article, “The Mind Has No Firewall”.
    Anisimov describes the history of psychotronic weapons, the weapon effects, who is targeted in illegal experiments in Russia, who is developing the weapons and the extent of the problem.” This website also discusses the ongoing crimes here in the United States.” You can find information on these studies and other links to documents from http://www.mindjustice.org or http://www.CAHRA.org
    From 1945 to the present, they killed off millions of Jewish just for their intellectual information, because of brain implants, and directed weaponry and brainwashing; all while using the Mossad and others in brainwashing and then killing them, changing true religion or anything that is true into some off-group of heretical Christian and satanic garbage just to cover up for the mobs crimes. The idea, refer to cyborg, to make everyone for this period either criminal, going along with heresy, and/or completely apathetic to events taking place. Certain weapons frequency causes apathy, and over time they cause other permanent memory damage and cancer, death.

    When they set up the burning of Waco, it was a Moloch Ritual Cult ‘sign’ for the criminals in those cults, from Rome’s Dark underground, to keep killing nationals in the country, while still targeting Jewish in Israel (as the satellites to Rome can keep a hold on security). Rome is behind this programming of cult worshipping. The Waco people, however they got there, had been directed to do so out of fear, and years of weapons of which Janet Reno was aware of and met with weapons specialists with these radiological weapons being used, and microwave, weather manipulation, etc.

    By 2006, there are still ritual killings going on all over the country by police and others brainwashed in cult ritual killings. Some are only reported in the media as a family found dead. Rome was behind the first programming in Russia and the changing of texts, the brainwashing for these continued wars.

    A wave of ritual killings … out that reporting of the ritual killings was orchestrated, or at least … (below) show that ritual killings happened in all …
    http://www.liberiapastandpresent.org/RitualKillingsSecondHalf20thFf.htm -

    At this time, they had arrested thousands, including Jewish and Rabbis, and slandered and destroyed the character of them for supposed ‘sexual abuse’ which was done by the KGB and Rome. They had Rabbis killed in supposed accidents, and have nearly destroyed everything about Judaism and the Rabbinate.

    When Rockefeller puts out an article on “The Human Condition” in 2000-01,there were already millions of Jewish killed, and thousands more to be targeted purposely between their gangs and leaders paid with big oil deals. The intent of this article was to presage the coming world war, of which they were going to have.
    Obviously it is none of the ‘experts’ who come out with such ‘expert’ knowledge on the subject that are targets. You do not see the experts at this time having radium dumped on them. Sometimes, like during the Stalinist purges, the ‘experts’ were used for cover but later attacked. In most cases, all but a few were.

    The military heads and the KGB make a list of who is going to be targeted from hence forth, before 9-11, with those appointed to the administrations, by transferring lies to those directors and names kept in databases, and as they terrorize the victims with every kind of agent, they just keep fabricating one lie after the other.

    But, the Pentagon, and the administration continued, like other areas to see firings, indictments, transfers, so as to change personnel around adding to victims demise by lies kept in secret files against them after committing so many crimes and terrorizing them.

    There have been several fake ‘hearings’ and hundreds in congress on these weapons, while the victims continue to be victimized, that being the plan. Like the Canada trials on CIA mind control weapons abuses, before continuing to commit crimes on those who they had already spent years testing on. And just as the Bush Commission found Bush guilty of crimes but he is not arrested until this whole genocide goes through. Most holocaust victims really did not see any belongings or money. It goes to the mobs who keep moving money and belongings around through banks and back to top people, and only bring lawsuits 50 years later, in fact in 2001 against IBM, while they had killed and were killing thousands more Jewish. At each phase of these operations to cause the death of victims, there are also ‘leaks’ much later and supposed trials as if the trial did something to curb the violence of the administration. They do the same thing with fake ‘help’ groups, including the International human rights groups, denying the real deaths while making it look like they only abuses are ‘prisoner abuse’ until long after the deaths occur, and then they report all the arrests from disappearances and deaths. With a few exceptions in all cases.

    THE HOLY WARS BEGIN WORLD WIDE stirring up wars, with chain link of events, manipulation, and using people’s ideologies. Regardless of what it looks like to some, the religions will still be around, including hundreds of others created recently.

    Then, the Pope puts out propaganda of “Holy War” in 1999 to 2000, as a sign to the Satanists behind the Church, and all of the created cults, and everyone that they were going to stir up wars among all religions and races, while at the same time they pretend to be the ‘peace’ makers. In every area where there are ‘peace’ deals, there is the mob, for Rome’s benefit, and there are wars going on, secretly, outwardly, crime, and weapons deals. What we’re under is a pathetic Roman Empire, in reality, only worse now, through programming, millions of cults, and pseudo-sciences to cover up crime.

    A Ms. Schwarz brought suit many times regarding her association with Scientology and the coming holocaust in the U.S. This set off post office shootings and later anthrax mailings. (See judicial corruption and Amnesty Internationals reports).

    There was another trial against Scientology for spraying of the skies and using chemicals in the air. The ‘mysterious’ droppings over Oregon and in Washington state were also aired on Unsolved Mysteries. The Courts declared that this spraying was legal for testing at such levels. And this spraying also has been occurring since the 1940’s for using biochemical and microwave directed weaponry on citizens, including signals to the brain or body tracking from satellites and NSA.

    By 1989, in fact though there were firings and transfers for a new CIA, and other agents, they were sending out thousands of agents into the U.S., including foreign agents, to commit crimes on the public in general, and using microwave weapons for inducing deaths, causing accidents, causing fraud and other paperwork fraud forcing people into homelessness, bankruptcies (quadrupled between 99-2003), and manipulating housing moves. All of these agents, as was only reported in the news much later in 2003, were being called to target citizens by the use of these real-time weapons and harassment, i.e., they called agents on millions of individuals under the disguise of “NSA spying” long before 9-11. In fact, the CIA commits crimes and can commit crimes, and must commit crimes to keep their jobs. That is what they are hired to do. They are hired for drug running and crimes and as death squads for kidnapping and killings.

    They create the 9-11 ‘terror’ and send out triple the amount of agents to terrorize by the fact that that’s what they are hired to do, while NSA has the CIA and other foreign agents committing crimes on the victims, they then fabricated lies for ‘secret files’ on the victims all day long by the very fabricated lies to begin with, and they increase these lies waiting for some day to come up with some lie for the persons extrajudicial death and never stop using weapons on the victims.

    During the Bush, Sr. years in the CIA, along with Turner there were deaths and crimes on the whole country which led to many induced deaths of Rabbis, like rabbi Meir Kahane and others in the media, car accidents (as the army and CIA are using weapons that can put people to sleep, or knock out their vision, or cause car accidents)

    They began mass arrests by 2000, and some deaths, of governors, former agents, FBI agents, and arrest as they go along, only keeping the lies while shredding any bit of truth of their operations. They transfer the lies, i.e, after they’ve fired three sets of judges for sexual crimes and bribery, the lies are sent to new operatives who keep attacking the victims, and they try to keep these lies going while destroying the persons life, finances, and every area, regardless of what the victim does, and they keep committing crimes until they can get enough new people to believe the lies. There were mass arrests and some trials of Jewish by 1995. The death reports are few in the media, but only around 2003 do we begin to hear about hurricanes, evacuations, chemical ‘leaks’ all over the country, ‘gang stalking’ which is the hired criminals being directed by the CIA and the Mossad, who are giving these people lies about the victims.

    The judges are being told to kick out cases in the courts. The anthrax cases of which thousands across the country, and we received, were also ‘determined’ to not be heard. The victims of mind controls’ or murder as it is, will not be heard either, as many have been held up, ignored, or even heard and dismissed. Although some corrupt judges have been arrested, there could be three or more seats, and in the end there is a hired new judge who are unaware of the real events, and who could still take KGB and NSA lies, thereby going along with their previous crimes. The bribery in the courts is still on high with the actions of this government, the KGB, and the NSA, but with Rome pulling the strings. Lawyers are either fired, intimidated, or newly trained helpers who have no idea how to help anyone. In most areas, they hold ‘cyborg’ ideas as to why they would help cover up the crimes, like the ‘population control’ ideologies and ‘fair game’ of the Scientologists.

    An Economic and Jurimetric Analysis of Official Corruption in the Courts, Global Programme against Corruption (PDF)
    Official Corruption in the Courts. Vienna, May 2001. CICP-12 … An Economic and Jurimetric Analysis of Official Corruption in the Courts. 6. TABLE 1 …
    http://www.unodc.org/pdf/crime/gpacpublications/cicp12.pdf - 321k - View as html - More from this site
    Description of documented corruption in federal and Calfornia courts.
    using federal courts to block a whistleblower’s exposure of corruption in high … Extending judicial corruption into bankruptcy courts. Where is the secret …
    http://www.defraudingamerica.com/description_judicial_corruption.html -

    Arrested Judge
    Judge Wilson was read the charges and was peacefully arrested by Denver AJM … The four calmly walked the arrested judge without handcuffs to the neighboring …
    http://www.commonlawvenue.com/Misc/216-ColoJudgeArrested.htm - 3k - Cached - More from this site
    DWI Attorney Austin Texas - DWI Charges Dropped Against Travis County Judge
    Charges against Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe are dropped by special prosecutor. … The police officer who arrested Judge Biscoe issued a statement saying he agrees …
    http://www.austin-tx-dwi.com/news/…/2005.10.travis.county.judge.sam.biscoe - 37k - Cached - More from this site
    Godlike Productions — Colorado Judge Arrested By Citizen Militia
    UFOs, Conspiracy and Lunatic Fringe - Discuss it all at Godlike Productions … The four calmly walked the arrested judge without handcuffs to the neighboring …
    Though Bush, like Sadaam Hussein, was found guilty, along with many in the courts, there is no justice for those already damaged, and still, the KGB is fabricating lies no those they already defrauded of life, and continuing with the radiological weapons and satellite abuses.

    In all of the other purges, and in the United States, the CIA agents are usually killed, fired, harassed themselves. The police are being used in the crimes and then arrested. The top military will be arrested who are used in the crimes, as the top military official in Russia was related to the president and was then arrested for ‘using a fake name on a passport.’ Of course they are all forced to do secret crimes in the name of ‘terror’ and then they are arrested.

    In many of the cases, like the one below, they area arrested for the same things that were shared worldwide for weapons deals during WWII, like the Rosenbergs were scapegoats as well. All of the arrests follow those things that are planned.

    “LIPKA, ROBERT STEPHAN, former National Security Agency staff member, was taken into custody on 23 February 1996 at his home in Millersville, Pennsylvania, and charged with committing espionage while working as a communications clerk from 1964 to 1967.”

    (although there are some cases of real espionage, or someone taking company secrets for the sole purpose of profit, most are scapegoats for higher wrecking or dismantling of something else by using them). In other cases, after terrorizing victims, and fabricating lies, the NSA and CIA only have to use NSA’s connection to computers and the manipulation of such technology or send fake documents to fabricate ones involvement as a scapegoat. I have received, though I never had any military involvement or knowledge until being terrorized, many odd documents myself, including one recently claiming to be of a diplomat nature and needing my address to send money, whereas the “to” and “from” address are the same. How would it get in my e-mail box? It wasn’t even addressed to me. A while back I was sent some kind of bank scheme claiming to be one holding money with the owner having passed away and needing to put it in someone’s name. Since the Bush crime family involves such extreme paperwork corruption, the stealing of files, the shredding of files, the stealing of person identities, and the like, anyone at this point could be a scapegoat.

    This is one Russian headline saying a little more about the mass deaths in Russia (after 1995).

    “Police, MP’s, and ministers more dangerous than gangsters – survey 11/08/2005 MOSCOW, August 11 (RIA Novosti) - A survey conducted by the Levada Center, a Moscow-based analytical agency, showed that policemen, deputies and ministers are more dangerous than bandits and terrorists, a popular daily reported Thursday. “

    They use the CIA and Mossad and try to set up victims to be accused, and without much difficulty since they can terrorize all day long, and use directed weaponry, tracking so that they know where the victim is going, or times, and they can use the NSA-linked computers to do so.

    This is what will be said about the gangsters in the administration and military heads, as was reported after the deaths of those in Russia, as well as Amnesty International reports of every other country after blocking the victims from any peace or living.
    “Warlords and gangsters received their arms from corrupt Russian army commanders”

    Another statement from the Bush-linked crimes in South America:
    “Genocidal militarymen are at last being arrested after decades of impunity”

    This is what the Federation of American Scientists said about Russias crimes:
    “The Mafiya is not a new force in Russia.[32] The entire Soviet system has long operated with a flourishing black-market supervised and controlled by this group.[33] The black-market is a key to understanding not only the history of the Soviet Union, but also the problems Russia is presently facing in its gradual transformation into a democratic, free market society.[34] The black-market and trade Mafiya has long existed in Russia. It flourished during the Brezhnev years and in the 1980’s.[35] “ fas.org
    Notice how it says the black market and the mafia flourished for years. This is all the same thing in the United States while they spent years using the Mafia for weapons ‘testing’ and are now using the mobs to commit ‘terror’ crimes. The mafia runs from top bankers to small criminals and killers. (See Johnson’s Russia list)
    The G-8 meets with the Russian Orthodox Church recently on how well the country was purged of church informants, other informants, and the whole country’s workforce, citizens, and the G-8 declares that the U.S. is not yet there to being a ‘democracy.’
    The weapons today only serve for more severe abuses and human destruction

    As one website describes, they have been around since World War I (some like to associate them with ancient biblical and knowledge, but because they are criminal and abusive they would have no higher understanding other than what is told to them, or what cults they have been programmed in, as most abusers are):

    “According to the Working Paper on Infrasound Weapons produced by Hungary for the United Nations in 1978 4, the frequency that is thought to be most dangerous to humans is between 7 and 8Hz. This is the resonant frequency of flesh and, theoretically, it can rupture internal organs if loud enough. Seven hertz is also the average frequency of the brain’s alpha rhythms; thus this frequency has been described as dangerous but also relaxing. Whether exposure to such infrasound can trigger epileptic seizures, as some fear, remains unclear; experimental data on exposure to such frequencies gives a variety of results.”


    Remember, after NSA used hundreds of agents for harassment and torture, also after years of using these weapons on millions of victims already, many dead by now from the effects, they fired the agents in 2003 and 04, so that they are now going to claim that the military is using them on ‘disobedients’ or something to that effect, when they have committed serious crimes and bribery in the courts to block any cases or even have secret trials making outlandish claims against victims without their presence, many simply kidnapped by the CIA, or killed (refer to country genocide and the corrupters at the top-see Amnesty Internationals death reports and arrests, as no one comes to arrest until long after the deaths). This website describes how they were used in Waco. What isn’t mentioned is the cult connection, and the doctor who was killed, along with a biochemist FBI agent firing, and the fact that the weapons were actually used to force them into a fearful state for years and manipulate them into such a dire situation.

    With just one weapon out of hundreds, and just slight manipulation, the person can be put to sleep, caused nausea, severe sleep deprivation, caused anxiety, all of which they have used and more on myself, NSA and CIA ordered on the public, and have been doing this ‘testing’ for 31 years, for nothing but criminals to make money. This was done to me, along with other crimes of entering the home, manipulation, using torture tactics by using weapons on spouse as well, long before 9-11, and myself since non-consensual brain implants in November, 1974. Since the public is uninformed about these weapons, most incidents, including CIA activity would be passed off in our minds as coincidence, or ‘weird events’ until such extreme outward threats, terrorizing, and harassing, and an increase in activity as I have gone through. Most speaking of the subject would have no idea about these things, either, unless they experienced it. In my case, NSA, and those connected to this higher destruction of nations, linked to my spouse, continued more severe plotting on what they were going to come up with next by 1989 when the 9-11 had already been long planned. The torture by these weapons is so extreme the events could not even be put into words and this is what they already know about torturing; on some people using 18 different operatives around the clock to torture in any kind of way.

    The weapons were known since World War I, but the brain implants, signals, and computer programs over the years created by the very harassment and deaths of millions, using signals to the brain, and using programming, with studies over top of studies by the thousand, severe medical abuses by using the weapons for illness, only makes for a few to benefit while the real knowledge needed in society is neglected and void, only the Gangsters at the very top perceiving some ‘weapons 50 years from now’ goal. From the very beginning of this, there are thousands of Jewish case histories of brain implants and programming; rewarding the most highly criminal but killing off intelligence and those who are against the crime, leaving a society with even more willing to commit crime. So, when we speak of ‘DNA’ (also many fallacies involved in such sciences) this would not be separate from the total DNA makeup, and their fouled thinking in the ‘right stock’ ideas and ‘population control’ as well as ‘racial cleansing.’ But, many know that the DNA changes in society come from the very usage of these weapons and studies which have been taking place on Jewish and non-Jewish communities’ right up to the present.

    The Bush crime family has been behind killing millions of Jewish, and again, thousands that people simply blow off as just another death; that being the goal of such weapons; already denying this holocaust. Amnesty International only reports some deaths, even lacking thousands of Jewish deaths, and only long after the deaths are reported to them, of course by top officials. These are the same people behind killing millions of Jewish and then claiming “anti-Semitism” after they do. Not only that, but supporting the destruction of Jewish communities and then lying about it. Using the JDL and other Jewish, including children in crime and later killing them.

    Below is only some detailed crimes which they continue to do against me and my son, and now after years of crimes and having my spouse go in circles, confusion, constantly causing family confusion, and their crimes in addition; manipulating our move by torture, trying to cause bankruptcy for years through crimes, severe paperwork harassment by using ‘agents’ they have continued using these weapons on me, and have me continue to put up with such behavior while he is going to go along with it, with the attititude of, “what are you going to do about it.” Everyone who meets my son makes comments on how smart and wonderful he is, he has many likings, reads different subjects, including clocks, plants, trees, weather and many other interest. Since NSA could whip my spouse into going along with the crimes, even while they watched him go in circles, because they were behind it, they continue with the idea that they are going to torture myself and repress us, cause more severe financial distress by his circles and having to take out loans because of their traumatizing and manipulation, and that they are going to continue directing weapons at me and my son while at home. They use weapons on my spouse (for so many years) so that he will go in circles each week, like a radio who remembers no previous conversations, of which these weapons can be used for and have already been used for. The other victims cases are the same. So, now the criminals are still working on this area of trying (in their minds) to isolate the victims (being me and my son since he is apathetic to the severe damage done already, and has no care in life, no planning, no responsibilities, only speaking that never comes about). He has continued to be dissasociative for 16 years, at which time (around his debriefing in Washington), NSA and the KGB which he was involved with, brought to the U.S. began more and more attacks, and as I tried to figure out what his problem was, the attacks became so severe on myself with weapons, including brain shock, that I would not put together what was going on. This is the same tactic that has been used since World War II on victims—shock, trauma, and fabricating lies for ‘national security’ until their death. Because they can have him go in circles on the subject, one day in denial, one day yelling, and one day this or that; they continue to use radiological weapons on me for further destruction when those who know me, and NSA knew that every day I have tried to do good. Their goal is to get the victims so sick, distraught, and ruined that they cannot do anything, when they cannot fabricate other lies for arrest. This is what they are trying to do now.

    Many victims described during NSA’s abuses, being attacked by helicopters, which I have experienced off and on myself (at one time period all day while they committed many other crimes) and in extreme (see their crimes) during 1999 and onward while they tried to terrorize victims into either committing crimes by fear or by their usual lies of ‘mental health’ problems as they did to other people around my area and one person I know of personally, all while running drugs. If you look at Amnesty Internationals report on Israel, the activity is the same thing. However, thousands of Jewish who are not part of crimes have been killed for speaking out about having to be around such crime. So, the continued crimes against the innocent only get worse since World War I. In many parts of the world, it is the same thing; manipulated housing sectors, forced repressions, denial of work.

    After putting me through severe trauma, believing at any minute my son would be kidnapped, after their attempted or threat to kidnap him, or that I would be shot (several children had attempted kidnappings, one real one nearby, and the CIA with guns in the wood at former residence), 24/7, using different cults with these weapons for years in the marriage, from morning to night, terrorizing me over religion, racial things that I would not be even thinking of, and then having me ‘questioned’ by the Bush cult thugs over every ridiculous thing so that they could fabricate lies, and pretending to be military interrogators, as in other genocide cases around the world, using NSA to terrorize, enter the home, threaten by phone, pretending to be ‘police’ while arresting dozens of police they did use, harassing and following by car, trying to cause car crashes, causing mass car crashes around me, trying to run me off the road, and using NSA and CIA to ‘drug’ me in some way, and using CIA set up drug runners (as Schlund vs. Bush shows) nearby, simply using it to make false phone calls and accusations to agents, who are the hired criminals to begin with–my friend Ruth having to see a brain surgeon for brain shock as well, but myself not being able to by such severe attack by so many agents; they manipulated our move, which had been planned long before even moving back to Delaware, but which they harassed and terrorized us through.

    They manipulated our move near this air park, where the government just bought out the airport, continue with activity (in their minds isolating the victim)
    The Illuminati Formula Appendix I: The Programmers FL 33166 Summit Aviation, CIA front, Summit Airport, Middletown, Delaware 19709 302-834 … George Bush & son. Sue Carper (not known if she deals drugs) …
    http://www.whale.to/b/sp/app1.html -
    The agents are used, fired, and simply directed at the top to keep committing crimes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re illuminati, this is about the top making profits, killing millions of Jewish who cannot be cyborgs (see CIA cyborg programming) and taking intellectual information for top profits, only using ‘cyborg’ trained people to run the deals while they make profits from the technology. The whole system set up under Rockefeller is so that they are cyborgs, just following orders, while the rest are killed, and those used become arrested and killed also.

    while fabricating more and more lies to new agents which are called ‘gang stalkers’ by the media (mass firings occurred in the CIA and NSA in 2003). They continue spraying low, using these criminals, and at the first 6 months here, while still in severe trauma, they dove down, and passed by one after the other 24/7. They continued with traumatizing (as long as the victim is in trauma). By the time the victim begins getting mad and ready to take action with the law, at which time, they again, threatened to blow me up (once at the store, insinuating at one time by my home, insinuating such when I went to public places, including when going by the court house). As other victims have documented, NSA and CIA operatives, as well as Gangsters are given businesses and run through the NSA, and any place through the NSA’s business office can be bought out, manipulated, as well as victims being harassed.
    After destruction of my entire life, and hundreds of crimes over and over again, they have me attached to a satellite, another illegal crime. This is not a crime or a few crimes, but mass crimes.
    See how the Signals Intelligence and Satellites Work (also see NASA website on heat, radio, frequencies to pick up objects on earth). This is only one weapon zed system of torture.

    covert extermination policy!!! - trail talk - thebackpacker.com
    The first President Bush brought former KGB member Gorbachev to the United … years now, the MILITARY HAS BEEN SPRAYING THE SKIES throughout America, Canada, http://www.thebackpacker.com/trailtalk/thread/12826,-1.php - 34k - Cached - More from this site
    Chaotic Synaptic Activity ” Letting the Genie Out of the Bottle nations, in the skies over Lockerbee, Scotland, at Munich, in Mogadishu, Dufar … 82 hijackings of planes worldwide, carried out by the KGB-financed PLO. http://www.chaoticsynapticactivity.netfirms.com/nfblog/2006/08/26/
    The National Bio-Ethics Committee, http://www.georgetown.edu/research/nrcbl/nbac/links.html,

    National Institutes of Health discussion with Harlan Gerard, the ‘Oversight Committees’ do not discuss this total bodily control until long after many have already died. After millions of deaths just since the 1950’s alone, whereas the majority were Jewish religious, including some I know, directed with these energies. When one finds out how people were fooled, and most new illnesses, brain cancers, and even accidents, are controlled by these weapons on all.

    Psychiatry & Corruption Links
    Universities discuss brain implants, in ethics, but they were around before the last world war and continued to be the death of millions in real time control right now on everyone by this time, especially with directed signals.


    By this weeding out of the highest criminals, also the basis of “Marxism” (another illogical and fouled ideology that represents Roman heresy) while using pseudo psychiatry (which began and is still used as a cover for weapons crimes and which people are made to believe is part of history); although there could be real mental brain damage to people at birth or for some injury or reason. The militaries not only created schizophrenia, ADHD, and many other ‘mental disorders’ along with top mobs behind raking in millions in pharmaceutical money, big benies given to these fake psychiatrists, by using NSA and the KGB and other agents, with these weapons, but mass Jewish deaths have occurred, those of public places suddenly massed together in illness deaths or accidents, just doesn’t happen naturally. Pedophiles, cult criminals, and fake “UFO” researchers are used, along with most being paid agents, like the priests in the Roman Catholic Church who were arrested and some of the other sexual crime rings (though more are created through this rewarding of criminals process).

    However, over time, we only end up with more destroyed, generations of people not just using and being moved by temporary political ideas and propaganda as if it were a real ideology, but now we have mind control weapons, since 1920’s where one cult is being used on top of the other in these militaries with such vast programming being used, and no one left with anything but a mingled mind, petty arguments and ideas in the media and elsewhere, petty thought, and petty plans that suit no one at the highest levels. When we take away the ‘isms’ it is nothing but the Roman Empire revisited but much more severe in this day and age. There is no such thing as communism, and if there were, it would not much matter if such a system were run justly. So, all of these ideologies, religions, and cults, are only part of the cycle for the top Mafioso to keep people’s minds so occupied they have no thought. You cannot have such mass corruption and Crime, even between races, at all levels, and ever has a right society. After killing millions of Jewish and through programming, this would be the ideal society for Rome, either keeping people as part of the problem in ignorance, or keeping people on the other side as criminal intents. Judaism itself was formed with the intent of using reason with knowledge, and that reason being within the whole system, but even that has many years of medaling from such a system as we see.

    There is no such thing as socialism as well. There is no such thing as capitalism, although it can be used to suggest a society with business, the types of business with the whole system of society and interaction changes over time. none of the ideas set forth match a ‘whole systems’ or our whole system of life in its physical reality, and neither are achievable just as Rome keeps ‘security’ out of reach of everyone as well. But, a Roman Empire continues to add and add ideologies along with the weapons abuses for gangs and organized crime. So, the total system right now looks very different than anyone expects.

    Though the earlier Mossad was behind the testing. Those who are doing this will use anyone and any reason, or any way to get rid of someone. The Israeli Mossad may be working in some areas, but their actions do not equal any whole of this system or the agendas either. They are simply used in organized crime, and for nothing but continued organized crime, rather than separating themselves from it, they see themselves as part of the circle where there is not end.

    One of the problems is that crime, through these years of forming ideological groups and testing with these mind control weapons, paying big profits for years to gangsterism, has destroyed many and real education and religion itself. This crime ideology came about as they killed millions of Jewish and forced the rest through pogroms, into ghettos (as Clinton did with mass Jewish arrests and deaths) and used weapons testing and brain implants, but all through the forming of mobs by Rome. By having people programmed to believe that this boils down to hate, and gangsterism to get rid of others, it really complicates matters and only benefits, again a very few.

    They have arrested and/or killed thousands of Jewish, and whether they committed crimes or not, is the very fact that we face today, that this is for nothing but accusing everyone under those in the weapons industry and destroying them by using this technology and mind controls to begin with for only a few to profit. Isn’t this what the mind controls and the Talmud which has been severely abused by those in the weapons industry teaches?


    These Rabbis, and thousands of other Jewish people they have arrested and/or killed, and the mafias that they are using right now to destroy the innocent is only a reflection of the destruction of a top few like the Rockefellers and those in weapons has done by the millions of deaths to destroy people over and over again, using one group in crime and religious heresy, while the other half arrest the one’s they just used, for only a few to benefit. And those who are innocent of anything go too, as they have just targeted and killed thousands of innocent Jewish people, in this same way, as they are trying to do to me. In each case, you must refer to the programming. Those at the top of this have figured out how to keep programming for this continuous cycle of usage of people and arrests and death of those who are innocent, while arresting those they programmed into the very activity they are programmed to do.

    These are the crimes they have committed against me and my son, while using my spouse and trying to destroy in any way possible. They have continued to commit hundreds of crime knowingly while using my spouse to help them torture with severe emotional abuse for 16 years and on my son, so that they can do in all. They actually denied me marriage, my career, my own retirement, and attacked me more and more with weapons each time I asked him for a divorce from 1991 to the present. They attacked me with radiological weapons each time I tried to fix the problems he caused, and they committed hundreds of crimes on me each time my spouse argued in circles, using surveillance for the crimes, using surveillance so that when I would try to fix the problems from the crimes, and from his circles they would use heavy radiation on me so they can continue with their lying crimes. And in their outward crimes, they hope to cause such severe torture and anguish on the victims so they can keep them in this place of trying to convict the innocent person in any way possible, through consistent harassment and trauma while denying it.

    They put many businesses that I went into out of business, including [being behind] buying out my spouses business after we moved, and fabricating an “FBI” call to have him fired at his new job, making false verbal claims. Yet, they continued to attack me every single day, including with bomb threats next to my car and then calling agents to harass and follow based on lies. Remember, they have committed crimes on me since childhood for these profits. And while they sell these technologies to those who perceive to be benefiting, they all become victims later.

    The National Security Agency has a program called SADBU (Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization). The page to which this message originally linked stated that this office contracts with or acquires small businesses, particularly those owned by women or minorities, that “may support mission requirements.” It conducts bi-weekly marketing briefs for such businesses. Needless to say, such “marketing briefs” would provide an excellent cover for the coordination of ongoing conspiratorial activity. How can all of these Jewish and non-Jewish be arrested for crimes that the government is still hiring millions of NSA and CIA agents to commit? It is a racket, a destruction of all for a very few through organized crimes. I am not saying that some haven’t commit crimes, but that they are hiring millions more to replace in crimes, including in the CIA and NSA for the very crimes they are arresting others for. There is nothing but corruption in every corner. And in this process they have again destroyed anything good to come out of it, only more organized crime for Rockefeller and weapons/oil deals. Although they are torturing Christians around the world in the same way, I have always held higher Judaic beliefs, another crime of NSA’s programming, is to make everyone some ‘form’ of Christianity that will fit back into the purges.

    NSA’s Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts
    receive encrypted audio scripts from NSA central intelligence operations through … The NSA technique is simple; they transmit their human programming message …
    http://www.kimsoft.com/2000/NSA-psy.htm -

    These scripts are used on the very people they have just killed and arrested, including Rabbi Meir Kahane, using someone or anyone in opposition to the person. They continued to use directed scripts while torturing me and putting me through trauma over any petty thing they can to fabricate more lies.

  3. suehon5 says:

    Susn Cameron Honaker

    The Destruction of minds for top organized crime

    I have gone through, as well as thousands, millions of Jewish by now, 31 years of brain implant and torture for Bush and thugs, and the stealing of intellectual information while fabricating secret lies and severe torture.

    One of the things that many in secret societies and cults (who are only cyborgs-refer to CIA programming) meaning those who actually get those higher things and turn it into something else, something they can manipulate and control, something of a simple minded idea, changing it into something more material to self centered ideas, becoming a cult, is using Israel and its people, taking knowledge and destroying it. The whole idea of having the higher knowledge becomes useless afterwards. They did this by the very studies in Russia even further with such weapons being able to take those things from the minds of those who own higher thought. This is why they kept killing intellectuals, including Rabbis.

    The Studies which would control the brain, take their ideas, which became dominated by a very few with such heretical, ludicrous ideas, that is the cult minded, of world power in a lower sense as we see today, came about by the very studies and through the years of mobs being used in crime. The holocaust, which has continued to today, against Jews which they deny, and which leads to only more heresy and cults, and which is mainly made up of mindless, organized criminals is exactly that. Where those with higher thought in the Rabbinate years ago should be dominant today, it isn’t. And those in this world power, also have power over Israel, the few believing they inherit something over anyone else obviously never got anything of a higher sense, with the rest running around at their beckoning call in silly operations forever. What is taking place is not democracy or ay of the other ideas thrown out to the people, or for Israel, or anything right, but continued wars. What we have seen over the last 80 years has been set up to be programmed and repeated over and over. Even the killings of Jewish people within the last 50 years because they had the understanding of real higher thought and would not conform to such ridiculous cults or the stealing of their knowledge and then leaving them with a very short life can be seen. What would we expect with such set up operations of the majority in these secret operations, those being in them hired for such simple ideas? While the cults, sects, and small mindedness of the mobs grew, the loss of those with a real higher understanding became larger and larger, as they die and more control by the mobs, brainwashing in heretical ideas takes hold. Rome’s “Secret Societies” and those that grew out of them for the operations all through the last century, the simple minded understand as something superb, not seeing the destruction of real knowledge. Out of these operations, also helped only shallow thought, non-thinking majority we see today. The cults aren’t something packaged, as some see it, but something that grows and changes. Even in ancient days, if there were such a thing as a cult, and not that they were just doing what they thought of at the time, but they had minds at least to think rather than everyone simply being an operative in continuous games. Many could not even see, as they think the past is ‘the same today,’ the losses in real knowledge and human areas, that actually, over time become more delinquent while the supposed technology for aggression and self-serving ideas becomes greater. These ‘secret societies’ which people seem to think are so great, they need such protection for their crimes, actually did not exist but evolved in the minds. What also has evolved is the control of a few by changing the continued heresy and cults, through mind controls, into the past, having people believe that they were such in the past. In any case, everyone else must be subject to such lunatic cults behind closed doors that serve no real purpose. The lower minds that destroy the very essence of real knowledge just because they ‘joined’ and read something, accumulate and make up a majority anyway. By the millions of deaths they have already accomplished among Jewish thinkers, they have only furthered such little minds. This would only be a purposeful idea of Rome and the few that monopolize by such things.

    Since the majority take very complicated things and turn them into a one sentence lingo for sale, this happened during such long operations. Through the Russian studies and weapons studies, what came about as an idea, eventually, over the weeks, years, and deaths, much real knowledge becomes diffused with the activity itself. The mob minded and thoughtless becoming more so.

    Each mind throughout history has its perception of its self past, and the whole past, and its present, combining them to be the future, and this is done also with groups. When those things in the past are perceived wrong, a political event perceived as a knowledge area rather than for what it is, and added to for usage in the future we would say it is for destructive knowledge. In a constructive usage of knowledge and history, for future events, the highest thought would be worked upon in a constructive manner to its fullest, held in safe keeping, and those things which are destructive reserved for necessity, bringing about the most gain for human understanding and the ecosystem and other areas of movement toward a future of real civilization. But with the lower minded, when they get hold of those things that are higher understanding, they destruct first, degrade thought, and only think of fixes later. What can be seen for many years is more and more destructive thought, and overlapping on many others by s change in communications and by a lack of real communication in the past, no one really having access to much information and a real idea of history as today we can see much more on the internet in documents of a historical past and their intended nature. But after the taking of the real Rabbinates minds by force, those of lower minds would use such knowledge, now for centuries, only in a destructive manner to cause this overlapping of destructive methods and ideas. In addition to this general non-understanding of human self activity and overlapping of actions in a destructive way, there came about these weapons controls. And when the world is based on destructive thought, then stealing and destroying higher understanding on top of it with self-serving interests, it makes for a very large loss over time as we are seeing. Again, the simple-minded cannot see the loss. And today, after turning everyone into cults, apathetic to any higher knowledge by such activity it only increases those things. We can also observe today that one group thinks as the others as cults but not themselves in the whole realm of things. This is also why the holocaust, including the more recent one on Jewish people are denied.

    In the destructive mode of knowledge, the mob mentality used for such activity in testing took hold overlapping on society, and for the usage of such mobs in crime, it evolved into dominant thought. While this was occurring, there were studies, as Anisomov has written regarding using mind control and brainwashing to make persons happy in occult thinking which evolved into more heresy in ritual and other ideas, basically after years of these studies, having the effect of turning everyone into the mindless, the sexual slaves and Abu Gharib criminals who enjoy sexual crimes, mass murder, and even many like Jeffrey Dahmer, cannibalistic. Rome’s version of controls over religions can be seen as integrating them into a ‘harmony’ of a million kinds of ‘questionable’ ideas and arguments that you see today, with no truth whatsoever, everything being relative and small minded, petty ideas and arguments. This leads to even less human understanding as no one seems to be able to make any real sense out of society except, again with small minded ideas that are self serving to something.

    The cult ideas of ritual killing and other things we see today was actually brainwashing by these weapons and embedding these ideas into history as if they really existed for someone to control Israel rather than the true Israel that would be first. Israel had already been in real world power, but Rome had to take first seat. When Anisimov speaks of these mind controls in his writing, he is speaking of the whole study which those in Rome have done to keep control of Jewish “sects” that we see today, and incorporating heresy for that control, even having people believe it is real history. For, the lower cult mentalities, these kinds of things are just ‘superb.’ Edgewood Arsenal and other military bases, Area 51, linked to Rome, were also behind brainwashing and implants of Jewish men.

    We can see the neglect of real study, those with the intent of real understanding drowned in the rest of society’s influences in the aforementioned areas, and many becoming a victim, again, of the mobs or some uprisings or something else of a continuous nature of short-sighted goals. Thousands of Jewish men and women in the last eighty years were these victims, and millions of Jewish children and others who would be those who would help with such understanding, Rome turning everyone into an arrested manipulative and sexual slave, taking back hold of real Judaic studies by this activity and making everyone come back to them in “oneness” after creating such confusion.

    What Rome did by programming “Christian” leaders gradually into this Moloch worshipping cult that has nothing to do with anything today but nonsense, they also did with Judaism. Today, the churches which never really did exist for anything but political controls show such nonsensical leaders, many of whom are arrested. But, Rome also took control of Judaism by this same method; destroying history, stealing real knowledge for lower cult ideas and money, creating all kinds of sects and separatists and then being the one to ‘save’ them in the end by bringing such confused souls back to the “mother church” in harmony, by creating world wars and plagues with such fake ‘security’ so they will run back into those heresies.

    I have endured 31 years of torture by the stealing of intellect, and the millions of Jewish, including those recently killed, were killed in the same way.

  4. suehon5 says:

    Note: Unfortuneately none of the actions or plans connote any kind of future civilized society, but continued organized crime from the [very] top money makers while using the rest; from scientists, to fake doctors, to cult groups, and then destroying them through constant “intelligence” wars, religious wars, and racial wars.

    The Cameron Dr. Cameron and CIA and Psychiatrists cover-up–
    Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society

    The background to the development of anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons can be traced by to the early-middle 1940’s and possibly earlier. The earliest extant reference, to my knowledge, was contained in the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey (Pacific Survey, Military Analysis Division, Volume 63) which reviewed Japanese research and development efforts on a “Death Ray.”

    Whilst not reaching the stage of practical application, research was considered sufficiently promising to warrant the expenditure of Yen 2 million during the years 1940-1945. Summarizing the Japanese efforts, allied scientists concluded that a ray apparatus might be developed that could kill unshielded human beings at a distance of 5 to 10 miles. Studies demonstrated that, for example, automobile engines could be stopped by tuned waves as early as 1943. (1) It is therefore reasonable to suppose that this technique has been available for a great many years. Research on living organisms (mice and ground hogs) revealed that waves from 2 meters to 60 centimeters in length caused hemorrhage of lungs, whereas waves shorter than two meters destroyed brain cells.

    However, experiments in behavior modification and mind manipulation have a much more grisly past. Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp conducted involuntary experiments with hypnosis and narco-hypnosis, using the drug mescaline on inmates. Additional research was conducted at Aushwitz, using a range of chemicals including various barbiturates and morphine derivatives. Many of these experiments proved fatal.

    Following the conclusion of the war, the U.S. Naval Technical Mission was tasked with obtaining pertinent industrial and scientific material that had been produced by the Third Reich and which may be of benefit to U.S. interests. Following a lengthy report, the Navy instigated Project CHATTER in 1947. Many of the Nazi scientists and medical doctors who conducted hideous experiments were later recruited by the U.S. Army and worked out of Heidelberg prior to being secretly relocated to the United States under the Project PAPERCLIP program. Under the leadership of Dr. Hubertus Strughold, 34 ex-Nazi scientists accepted “Paperclip” contracts, authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and were put to work at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. By 1953 the CIA, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps were conducting their own narco-hypnosis programs on unwilling victims that included prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, ethic minorities and those classified as sexual deviants. (2)

    It was not until the middle or late 1970’s that the American public became aware of a series of hitherto secret programs that had been conducted over the preceding two decades by the military and intelligence community. (3) Primarily focusing on narco-hypnosis, these extensive covert programs bore the project titles MKULTRA, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH (MK being understood to stand for Mind Kontrol), BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and CHATTER. The principal aim of these and associated programs was the development of a reliable “programmable” assassin. Secondary aims were the development of a method of citizen control. (4)

    Particularly relevant was Dr. Jose Delgado’s secret work directed towards the creation of a “psycho-civilized” society by use of a “stimoceiver.” (5) Delgado’s work was seminal, and his experiments on humans and animals demonstrated that electronic stimulation can excite extreme emotions including rage, lust and fatigue. In his paper “Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and recording in Completely Free Patients,” Delgado observed that: “Radio Stimulation on different points in the amygdala and hippocampus in the four patients produced a variety of effects, including pleasant sensations, elation, deep thoughtful concentration, odd feelings, super relaxation (an essential precursor for deep hypnosis), colored visions, and other responses.”

    With regard to the “colored visions” citation, it is reasonable to conclude he was referring to hallucinations — an effect that a number of so-called “victims” allude to. (7) As far back as 1969, Delgado predicted the day would soon arrive when a computer would be able to establish two-way radio communication with the brain — an event that first occurred in 1974. Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a leading military contractor), “developed a computer system capable of reading a person’s mind. It correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands. Twenty years ago the computer responded with a dot on a TV screen. Nowadays it could be the input to a stimulator (ESB) in advanced stages using radio frequencies.” (8)

    In any event, narco-hypnosis was found, it is claimed, to be less than reliable, although some writers and observers dispute this. (9) Additional studies, conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron and funded by the CIA, were directed towards erasing memory and imposing new personalities on unwilling patients. Cameron discovered that electroshock treatment caused amnesia. He set about a program that he called “de-patterning” which had the effect of erasing the memory of selected patients. Further work revealed that subjects could be transformed into a virtual blank machine (Tabula Rasa) and then be re-programmed with a technique which he termed “psychic driving.” Such was the bitter public outrage, once his work was revealed (as a result of FOIA searches), that Cameron was forced to retire in disgrace.

    Also of interest is Dr. John C. Lilly (10), who was asked by the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health to brief the CIA, FBI, NSA and military intelligence services on his work using electrodes to stimulate, directly, the pleasure and pain centers of the brain. Lilly said that he refused the request. However, as stated in his book, he continued to do “useful” work for the national security apparatus. In terms of timing this is interesting, for these events took place in 1953. Scientist Eldon Byrd, who worked for the Naval Surface Weapons Office, was commissioned in 1981 to develop electromagnetic devices for purposes including riot control, clandestine operations and hostage removal. (11)

    From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), with up to 70-80% funding provided by the military, set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves with regard to the so-called “Moscow signal.” This project appears to have been quite extensive and included (under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier and production of auditory hallucinations. Despite attempts to render the Pandora program invisible to scrutiny, FOIA filings revealed memoranda of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, which confirmed that the program’s initial goal was to “discover whether a carefully controlled microwave signal could control the mind.” Cesaro urged that these studies be made “for potential weapons applications.” (12)

    Following immense public outcry, Congress forbade further research and demanded that these projects be terminated across the board. But as former CIA agent Victor Marchetti later revealed, the programs merely became more covert with a high element of “deniability” built in to them, and that CIA claims to the contrary are a cover story. (13) Despite the fact that many of the aforementioned projects revolved around the use of narcotics and hallucinogens, projects ARTICHOKE, PANDORA and CHATTER clearly demonstrate that “psychoelectronics” were a high priority. Indeed, author John Marks’ anonymous informant (known humorously as “Deep Trance”) stated that beginning in 1963 mind control research strongly emphasized electronics.

    An obscure District of Columbia corporation called Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Systems Consultants Inc. (SCI), operated a number of classified intelligence, government and Pentagon contracts, specializing in, amongst other things: “problem solving in the areas of intelligence electronic warfare, sensor technology and applications.” (14)

    MRU’s “capability and experience” is divided into four fields. These include “biophysics — Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields,” “Research in Magneto-fluid Dynamics,” “Planetary Electro-Hydro-Dynamics” and “Geo-pathic Efforts on Living Organisms.” The latter focuses on the induction of illness by altering the magnetic nature of the geography. Also under research were “Biocybernetics, Psychodynamic Experiments in Telepathy,” “Errors in Human Perception,” “Biologically Generated Fields,” “Metapsychiatry and the Ultraconscious Mind” (believed to refer to experiments in telepathic mind control), “Behavioural Neuropsychiatry,” “Analysis and Measurement of Human Subjective States” and “Human Unconscious Behavioural Patterns.”

    Employing some old OSS, CIA and military intelligence officers, the company also engages the services of prominent physicians and psychologists including E. Stanton Maxey, Stanley R. Dean Berthold Eric Schwarz plus many more. MRU lists in its Company Capabilities “brain and mind control.” (15) Despite vehement claims by MRU’s chairman that it is not a “front organization for any branch of the United States Government…” (16) one must treat these claims with a great deal of skepticism.

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