Why Shouldn’t Iran Support the Iraqi Insurgency?

It was the United States that encouraged or more accurately ensured Saddam Hussein go to war with Iran in the 1980s. Ronald Reagan’s war consultant to Iraq at the time was none other than Donald Rumsfeld. Donald Rumsfeld and the United States supplied the arms and intelligence to Iraq helping them to kill Iranians for the better part of a decade. The mass graves that we hear about so often when our media demonize Saddam Hussein are filled with Iranians; many of whom are in those graves thanks to American war technology and intelligence; much of which was provided by none other than Donald Rumsfeld. So I ask you, why the hell would anyone question Iran for fueling the current insurgency in Iraq? If there was ever a justification for causing trouble this is it!

While I have no particular love for any radical religious totalitarian government, Islamic, Christian or Jewish, I have to say I am neither surprised nor angry at Iran for making the situation in Iraq worse. History clearly shows that the American & British governments and corporations (can you say oil companies or military industrial complex) are the big trouble makers in the Middle East. Whose bright idea was it to create a Jewish state in the middle of an Arab region on Arab land? Who the hell thought that would result in a nice peaceful region emerging?

Well, actually America and Britain are big trouble makes everywhere, supplying the many of the reasons for conflict and then supplying the tools, weapons, training, and rebels and let’s not forget evil dictators to nations all over the world. When it comes to creating the industry of conflict where the real losers are the citizens of the word America and Britain are surely the equal opportunity suppliers!

So lo and behold we finally see a situation for a nation that had been brutally victimized by the blood thirsty west to enjoy a little payback and everyone is outraged! Hello! What would you do? I hate war. I hate hatred. I hate religion and all the evil that it has brought to the world. Mostly I hate anyone that poses a risk to the well being of my family and my country. So let’s be clear here, it is not now and never was Iraq or Iran that posed a threat to me, my family or my nation. The people who caused these problems are the same people who wanted to make an obscene amount of money doing obscene things like keeping us from having safe, clean, war preventing renewable energy sources and people who make money financing wars. People who start wars are never the people who fight in them yet they are the ones we should really be angry at; not the victims of those wars who now have just reasons for seeking revenge. Think about it!


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