Would Somebody Please Bell Dick Cheney?

Can we please embed a real news reporter with Dick Cheney? Do any of your friends have a rude obnoxious child? You know the kind and I talking about…he gets to do or say whatever he wants and his parents stand there and just let him continue to offend all around him. They don’t even stop him when he is in your home and he is touching things, breaking things and gives himself run of the house; all the while his parents sit there with a goofy smile (smirk) on their face. Cheney is that child only his behavior is treacherous for all!

Shooting people in the face aside, this guy is leaving a trail of lies, blood and suffering across the planet. Did anyone notice that the moment he gets back from a visit to Saudi Arabia the Saudis decide to cut oil production resulting in a new spike in oil prices? Can the oil companies get any richer? The answer to that question is YES a long as Cheney has something to do with it.

Cheney is clearly the ground zero of crime and corruption in our government today. He is behind the effort to isolate the executive branch from oversight and accountability and he has created what has been a virtual dictatorship built on legal loopholes and scare tactic politics. One good poke into his secret energy policy meetings may just shed light on why we really went to war with Iraq and what actually happened on 9/11. But thanks to those shredding machines that were parked in front of his residence we may never know the truth! This nation does not have a real news media (don’t let anyone tell you different and don’t fall for that distracting argument about media bias…the problem is deception not bias), so for the sake of the world would someone please bell this guy so we can keep track of him! Think about it!


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