Systemic Systematic Greed

Why are there annual cost of living increases? Why do people who profit from business or salary need to increase their profits every single year? Why are annual rent increases the norm? When is enough enough?

The reality of our world is that greed has become an accepted and dare I say expected personality trait in today’s world. Well I think this shows how human beings, mostly rich capitalist human beings have fooled themselves into thinking that they actually have values that are worthy of anything other than shame. We live in a nation that accepts rent increases and consumer price increases for no other reason than to satisfy the greedy people who can never seem to feel wealthy enough yet we refuse to extend the same cost of living increase consideration to the many people who earn the minimum wage.

We raise the cost of just about everything every single year and by not raising the minimum wage we are making the poorest people of this nation poorer; intentionally. There is not a single economist who will tell you that this model is fair to all. This model is designed to make the very rich much richer and redistribute wealth from the bottom to the top. It is a trickle up model.

Until the words “homeless” can not be used in the same sentence with words like “person” or “veteran” I don’t want to hear what the economists who have been controlling our economy have to say; especially those economists who have taken over our nation at the private for profit criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve.  If you really want to measure your character as a caring compassionate person who is sharing a world with others simply think about what it would take before you feel that you have “enough.”    Think about it!

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