Remember the Downing Street Memo?

What ever happened to the Downing Street Memo? Are we to believe that the media is only able to report on one scandal at a time? Perhaps someone in this nation can start a news network so that we can stay informed on what is going on! (It’s called sarcasm!) Think about it!

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  1. Olivia says:

    Whatever happened to Tom Delay? Yes, I too would like to know what happened to the Downing Street Memo. Of course, we know what happened. But you are asking the mute, the deaf and the dumb. What happned to georgegush assuring us that whoever leaked Valerie Plame would be dealt with… Alas, we are informed! Aren’t we? We know all about the scandals. Thank goodness Rove is not a Democrat or he would have been dead already. If all the scandals that have emerged were commited by Democrats… they would all be serving time in prison. Get over it… . Democracy is dead, the Republic of the US is no more; the government of the people by the people is kaput … . the mainstream media are stooges of the politicians in power … sigh~~~~

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