Somebody, Please! Take the Grenades out of Bush’s Hand!

A year after the attacks of 9/11, a timid and obedient Congress handed George W. Bush a bag of live grenades. With that ominous bequest came the right to pull the pins and toss the grenades wherever this petulant resident of the White House chose to hurl them. There would be no oversight, no accountability and no questions asked. “Toss away,” was the message on the Iraq War Resolution gift card, “and we’ll pick up the tab.”

And toss away he did.

What the hell is wrong with this picture? Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians and thousands of young American troops have been blown to bits. A once viable nation has been destroyed beyond repair, an entire region is on the brink of disaster, Billions of dollars are enriching the war profiteers and bleeding the American economy, and still this unstable man of questionable intellect with no previous grenade experience is permitted to hold on to his lethal arsenal.

It is absolutely mind boggling that the country has not risen up to stop him.

There is no time left. The situation in Iraq is spiraling ever downward while the Iraq Study Group sets forth its meaningless plan for ‘going forward.’ Everyone who really understands the gravity of the situation and the potential for even greater disaster is pleading with George W. Bush to make a decision about the way to end the horror in Iraq. Damn, that’s akin to asking an arsonist to decide how to put out the forest fire he himself has set. It’s an absurdity beyond belief. Even after all these years of missteps that have taken so many people to the gates of hell, people are still looking to the White House for a solution. How much more bungling incompetence can we take?

We can no longer allow George W. Bush or his handlers to make a single new decision about the conduct of the war in Iraq. Neither can he be allowed to stay his catastrophic course any longer. He has to be stopped now, and it can be done.

No, impeachment is not the answer. That process will take far too long and its outcome is highly unpredictable. Something has to be done as soon as the new Congress is in session, and as soon as it is possible to legally put and end to the insanity of one man rule that has replaced any vestige of shared power in this country. The ability to toss more grenades has to be wrested from the hands of the man who has run totally amok. What Congress has given to the President of the United States, it can also take away. And that is exactly what has to be done.

Last July, Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D-Ca] introduced the Iraq War Powers Repeal Act of 2006. The expressed purpose of HR5875 was to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 (Public Law 107-243). Simply stated, the bill would take away the war powers given in haste to the President of the United States as he lied to the Congress and the nation about the dire necessity of an attack against Iraq.

Of course, the corporate media ignored it and most Americans had no clue that a bill of this sort had been introduced. On the Internet, many bloggers and anti war web sites publicized Woolsey’s bill, but there was not a chance in hell it could pass, and predictably the bill died in committee. However, this election has changed the playing field. As soon as the new Congress convenes, HR5875 or its equivalent has to be revived and treated as a priority of the greatest urgency.

That can only happen if the people make it happen. We have the power. We have the votes. Now we need the action.

Enough said. Call your representative. Write snail mail. Don’t email, it goes nowhere. Call and write again and again until you get a commitment from your Representative to support this bill or any other that will take away the war powers that George Bush is using to single handedly continue his madness.

It can be done. Someone has to grab the bag of grenades away from George W. Bush. He will never give them up voluntarily, and he will never stop to consider the carnage he causes with every devastating move. The time is right. Let’s go for it.

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  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Yeah, yeah, write and call. I may as well shit in my hand and smell it. Such is the feeling of “representation” I feel left with today.

  2. Reggie says:

    I can’t blame you for your cynicism….but this is in the realm of ‘possibility’ - if not probability. Can’t hurt….

  3. TV New Lies- And Readers of TV New Lies:

    Well, I’m a veteran of the anti-war movement when Vietnam was the wizz-bang of the moral crusade against the communists, who were going to over run all of SouthEast Asia, and lots of Congressmen then were also making lots of money on the war then too.

    It is not so easy to stop a war economy on the march.

    None of this is new to me. And, while the time frames are likely going to be sped up, this war won’t be stopped by writing letters, voting, marching in the streets, or praying either.

    I’ve seen it all before.

    I read recently, the Vietnam War wasn’t ended until Congress cut off funding and Dick Nixon was forced to pull out the troops because they didn’t have the hardware to continue fighting. This is true, and to get to that stage then took years.

    The heart of the matter is WHY did Congress cut off funding? It certainly wasn’t because Dick Nixon won the WHite House on a promise to end the war in Vietnam, which he did in fact.

    It happened because the anti-war movement had been radicalized to the point where bombs were going off in this country, kids were getting killed at Kent State, the universities were being sht down, and the anti war sentiment was starting to hurt enough monied interests in this country in the pocket so THEY put pressure on enough Congressmen so that they then pulled the plug on the whole dirty mess.

    Vietnam was a lie too. These people in politics are born liars. You know that.

    Let me tell you how much of a lie this war is now.

    When John Kerry stood up at the DNC and said, “When I was a young man, I defended my country.” this was the biggest lie he could have uttered all these years later. He knew full well no one in Vietnam was defending this country, any more than anyone in Iraq is defending this country.

    All those soldiers are pawns in a big game that is played with real hard cash being made by the barrel full, and much of it going into the pockets of those whom the author is encouraging us to write letters to in an effort to get this thing stopped.

    Believe me when I say, no matter how much can be put at the feet of Bush & Company, they’re heroes inside the beltway in Washington, heroes who are making all of those Congressmen very rich right now as it is their companies or companies in which they have an interest that are supplying the materials for the war effort through government contracts.

    And the Democrats are absolutely not going to stop this war as long as it is their own personal cash-cornucopia, which is what it is since they took the midterm elections by storm. They have a mandate. And as far as they’re concerned, that mandate is to get a bigger piece of the war profiteering pie.

    Don Robertson, The American Philosopher
    Limestone, Maine

    An Illustrated Philosophy Primer for Young Readers

  4. NuLiForm says:

    Jesse, Love your blog, love your writing style, and your enthusiasm, but Don R. is Right.
    I too was up to my eyeballs in Viet Nam protest, my brother died there on Easter Sunday, but before he did, he wrote many letters about what was going on, in Full detail.
    Once I had thought to Join the military too, but after his ‘inside scoop’ I became a life long protestor and rabid antagonist against those fatcrats whom run the show.

    Yes, Do write and call, and Take it to the Streets, because those faces do change from time to time, and some are comming over to our side, but..don’t expect them All to care. Many never will. Greed is a powerful master.

    IF you want to fight them, what we need to do is :
    #1. Educate ourselves on the Actual governmental history from day one right up to current policy. Knowledge is our Best Weapon and Only Protection.
    Be prepared to learn things that will horrify you, this country has never been Great in a good way, but it has always been Terrible.
    #2. Educate and Motivate the General Public, light fires under their apathetic bums. We will never get them all on their feet, but all it takes is a Majority. People forget..We Do Outnumber our advisaries. A Mass movement will get their attention.
    #3. get ready for an all out Revolution, as it must to come to that IF we want our country back. (As if we ever had it to begin with.)

    This American Democracy ideal most people believe in, unfortunately has been a Carefully crafted illusion, lasting for centuries, but it is still Possible..if the Will of the People is strong enough.

  5. Richyrich says:

    There is only one way to stop this.
    The world as a whole has to make it illegal to make any kind of profit from war.
    A daunting task.
    As soon as there is no profit in it America will run a mile to stay out of war. Until then we are doomed to continue the cycle of violence against countries who cannot defend themselves.
    All the letters faxes emails and protests have shown their value… Zip.
    When there is money speaking directly to the politicians then a minor report on the news of a protest (if it even makes it through the corporate censors at the networks) is less annoying than a mosquito to an elephant.

  6. FlyByCountry says:

    You need to address the Elephant in the Room: the top three leaders of the Dem party are firm supporters of Israel’s foreign policy, and that policy is not in American’s national interest … apart from the fact that American congressmen and senators desperately need AIPAC money to run for, and stay in, office. If our congressmen and senators dont support Israel, AIPAC will destroy them.

    This is the problem.

    The ONLY world leader who supports and condones the Iraq War is Israel’s Olmert. He praised Bush for fighting it four weeks ago, for ’staying the course’. His Vice PM, Avigdor Lieberman, is in DC right now trying to get the USA to bomb Iran, with our children fighting this proxy war. Presidential hopeful Clinton was at the Brookings Institute last night to listen to this ex nightclub bouncer Vice PM make his argument. Lieberman is a vile extremist who wants to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians; as he puts it: “send Hamas to heaven.” His preferred method? Drive the Palestinians to the sea and drown them. A democratic presidential hopeful is party to this?

    This is the problem. This is why there is inaction or tepid support of the American people’s increasing disgust with this war.

    Had Murtha won the Majority Leadership, he would have roared to the rafters by now and stirred the silent majority who dont have a voice in either the D or R parties.

    The guy above me said it best: “All the letters faxes emails and protests have shown their value… Zip.”

    This is the problem.

    YOU GOTTA ASK YOURSELF WHY? WHO? WHO? WHO, or what, is causing this extraordinary congressional inaction? What are our congressmen afraid they wont get if they speak up in protest? Who benefits from their silence?

    Certainly not the people of the United States.

    This is the problem.

  7. FlyByCountry says:

    Read Jimmy Carter’s Op-Ed piece in the LA Times, Dec. 8, 2006: “Speaking frankly about Israel and Palestine”

    This conflict MUST BE RESOLVED to fix the Iraq War. We need to stop feeding the domestic and international Israeli war machine. It’s got to stop.

    Read Carter.

  8. qrswave says:

    Don Robertson, wow! you truly are a philosopher! You hit the nail right on the head - the empirical ‘truth’ (or, science, technology - or whatever you want to call it) which most people accept as their god, actually, is only a small part of the puzzle - and not the important part, at that.

    But, alas, arrogance blinds and science becomes a sword of death both for its purveyor and anyone who stands in his way.

    Coming to this post, which happens to be a damn good one, and the comments, which are equally enlightening, I think Richyrich hit the nail on the head.

    All this death and destruction (apparent conflict) is born from the subtle conflict of interest weaved into our laws that allows companies to profit from war.

    The same can be said about the entire financial industry which is encouraged to profit from exploiting others - extracting ‘interest’ from borrowers all over the world, or speculating on misfortune with wads of funny money.

    The same can be said of corporate law, another area rife with conflicts of interest, as well as lobbying, health law, etc. - the list goes on.

    In short, as long as the law of every land MANDATES that one man can profit from another man’s misfortune then we will continue to see conflict, over and over and over again.

    It’s these subtle conflicts that, in principle, must be eradicated before we can expect TRUE change.

    That said, our government is in power because the people accept their authority. If hundreds of thousands of Americans camped out around the White House for days and weeks on end, their tune would change.

    So, yes - we must ACT, not just write (although writing is helpful, albeit only nominally). And the first step is raising awareness - not just among people who already know (on the internet), but among those who don’t (on the street).

    So, how many people on the street have you talked to today? Let’s get cracking.

  9. Jesse says:

    NuLiForm and others…Please note that this entry was written by Reg, not me. She has been writing a few entries lately. As much as I like to take credit and even though I write about 99% of the content, if you look at the bottom of the entries you can see when it’ not me:-)

    I agree with NuLiForm about Reg’s writing however!
    Jesse - Editor,

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