American Values – How Low Can You Go? MSNBC, Cialis & Pedophilia Happy Together

This is not the first time that I pointed this out but it is still going on…so I wanted to point that out! MSNBC runs specials where they catch Internet predators who are trying to arrange for sex with minors. This is a pretty serious subject that should disturb any mentally healthy individual. It is also a subject that may excite people who have unhealthy sexual attractions towards minors. Some of these people fall under the category of pedophiles.

I think it is kind of sick if you watch these specials and have sexual thoughts but our vile drug companies think just the opposite. The majority of the ads aired during last nights episode was for Cialis; you know the erection pill! These are the ads that tell you that having a four hour erection could be a problem and they are advertising during a program on sexual predators that target kids.

Call me crazy but I think that airing ads designed to enhance your sexual experience during a program about sex crimes against kids is just as vile as the crimes against the kids! I keep hearing how great our nation is but greed and disregard for everything from non-human species to homosexuals seep to be the predominant values of this nation. I have a little feeling that unless this nation gets a real news agency and informs the people of what is really going on I will never again see an America in which I can show pride.  Think about it!


Pfizer Markets to Pedophiles on MSNBC!

2 Responses to “American Values – How Low Can You Go? MSNBC, Cialis & Pedophilia Happy Together”

  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    I’ve always loved how if you were attracted to someone who is 17 years, 364 days old, you’re “sick”, but 24 hours or fewer later, and you’d be OK.

    But anyway, this is not the most worrisome of all the nasty crap the pharmaceutical firms commit against us.

  2. worldman says:

    An entire druggie nation. As the Ceo’s look out for future investors, they see younger and younger children with money to spend. Why not get them hung up on some kind of psychosis???
    Ahem, the Ceo’s of our drug nation. I’ve thought about it, and I kid you not!

    Way back when…, the Master sat a child upon his knee, and spoke something like “Let not disharmony come upon this child’s life, for they are our future.”

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