No Free Speech Zones in Iran! Just Free Speech

A lot of attention has been paid to the heckling that Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received while giving a speech. What our media did not point out is that for George W. Bush’s entire reign as president via electoral coup he has been shielded by all would be hecklers by unconstitutional no-free-speech zones around him and that Iran now has more freedom than America! They also neglected to point out that Bush, not Ahmadinejad has been the most protested person in history; in his own country and around the world. How about a little perspective from the media for a change…but we all know that is impossible! Think about it!

One Response to “No Free Speech Zones in Iran! Just Free Speech”

  1. DUG853 says:

    This/these situations being allowed to occur in America are absolutely WRONG.

    Free-Speech-Zones are completely anti-American in every sense.

    It’s so very sad that a country that BushCo deems an ‘EVIL’ country has more freedom/s than America, especially in the context of Freedom of Speech.

    A ‘Theocracy’ has more freedom of speech than America-?

    CRAZY,….but, TRUE.

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