Bush/PNAC Iraq Lie Bombshell…If It’s True…

If, and I repeat “if” the story about the Bush/PNAC administration planning to covertly affect the outcome of the elections in Iraq is true, it proves that this administration has lied virtually every single day since it announced its intentions for Iraq. Every comment about democracy and free elections would have been a lie if they intended on weighing in on the elections.

It is important to note that intent here is the issue, so even if their plans were never implemented it still proves that their intentions did not match their words. There is no excuse for planning any kind of involvement in the Iraqi elections if the administration’s public position on Iraq was true.

Here we have another bombshell expose of the lying criminals in the White House, and the lemming red state lemmings still refuse to take notice.

How many outrageous crimes and lies must come to light before America takes notice? Didn’t America learn anything from the lessons of Hitler?

Now consider this…if you were an Iraqi whose family members were killed as a result of the invasion, and you learn that after all of the rhetoric the Bush/PNAC administration was going to do what American government has done for a century, interfere with the internal politics of an Arab nation, how would you feel? Think about it!

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