Jesse’s Predictions Coming True

Officials: John Edwards to announce ‘08 run

Those of you who have seen my live presentations or have listened to my radio program know that I have been saying that John Edwards will be our next president. I said this just prior to the 2004 elections when I said that John Kerry, a Skull & Bones member would go along with the farce of an election because the real people’s choice, Howard Dean, would never be allowed to win. He was not an inside player.

Edwards was accepted by the group of people known as the Bilderberg Group. He was invited to speak to them and he charmed them, according to all reports from this secretive group. An argument could be made for claiming that this group is a subset of what is really a global government that controls most governments from behind the scenes. They do this in various ways; financial, militarily and para militarily. No matter how you look at it they are a very powerful group of people.

I had said that you should look no further than John Edwards when you try to figure out who will be the next Democratic presidential candidate. I had said publicly, many times that Edwards had already been selected. The media verified my assertions by continuing to bring up Edwards even though he never indicated an interest in running. What does that tell you? It tells you that the media know because these decisions are made by the people who control the media.

I said many times, on the record that if Edwards did win it would indicate that my assessment of the situation is true. It means that there are powerful non-elected people who have complete control over our political process. I also told you that if he wins you should arm yourselves because these people are indeed in control of us and we must protect ourselves from them.

Well…it’s starting…out of nowhere Edwards is now a potential candidate.

If my assessment is correct the rest of this horse race is just a show, as is most of the procedures conducted by our so called elected officials. The people have no say in what takes place. We have no representation at all. Our so called elected officials do not legislate according to our desires. And the political process is in place simply to make us think that we live in a democracy.

If Edwards is our next president, please…oh please, pay attention to what I am saying.

Jesse - Editor,

REFERENCE - I was video taped at no less than two public events discussing this issue and specifically stating that John Edwards will be the next president. One time at the NY911TRUTH.ORG event on April 30th, 2006 in New York City, and one time in Chicago at the 9/11 Truth Convention in June of 2006 run by 911TRUTH.ORG. Just for the record.

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