When 62 Million People Die Remember This

All of a sudden scientists are warning us that a flu pandemic can kill as many as 62 million people. They are talking about a scenario if a flu similar to that of the Spanish Flu hits big.

So if and when 62 million people drop dead please keep this in mind…the Bush administration took it upon themselves to resurrect the Spanish flu. Why? Good question. Maybe we are just now finding out.

Also remember the silly crazy people like me who warned you about the issues surrounding secret world governments and secret agendas like population reduction. Then again…maybe you won’t be around to remember anything! Think about it! - Jesse, Editor, TvNewsLIES.org


Global flu pandemic would probably kill 62m, study says - Around 62 million people in the world are likely to die if there is a flu pandemic and more than 70,000 of those deaths will be in the UK, according to a statistical analysis published today.”
Resurrecting 1918 Flu Virus Took Many Turns - It took a lot of digging to bring back to life the Spanish influenza virus of 1918. Some was done with invisible molecular primers in a PCR machine in Rockville. Some was done with pick and shovel in the frozen ground of Alaska. - Either way, it was a huge amount of work on a project whose chance of success at the start seemed very, very slim. Now, it will go down as one of the most astonishing technical feats in the history of science — the viral equivalent of bringing dinosaurs back in the fictional “Jurassic Park.”

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