One World Government; A Reality

While it is quite apparent that a small group of very powerful, unelected people who operate outside the formal government institutional apparatus yield a great deal of control over global events, the official one world government is forming just out of the view of the citizens of the world. People like George W. Bush are making secret deals with other nations that will slowly but surely end the existence of the United States as a sovereign nation.  Bush and others are doing this without the approval of Congress or the American people. As a matter of fact Congress and the American people are not even being told that this is happening and the criminal corporate media are letting it happen without letting you know about it.

The latest PROOF of this comes in the forms of documents kept secret by the Bush administration but made public thanks to some dedicated citizens. These documents show how the Social Security reserve will be shared with illegal aliens from Mexico. The proposed North American Union is being formed without consent from the American people and the U.S. government, a so called democracy, has excluded the American people from discussions on the topic and has used every legal loophole to keep this information hidden from the American people.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to live in the United States of America and you truly believe in a representative form of government you might want to start listening to the crazy conspiracy theorists for those theorists are usually the ones to eventually say “I told you so”; and that usually happens when it is too late.  Think about it!

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