Don’t Confuse “Brutal” With “Evil!” Saddam Was Not Evil. The U.S. Is.

I am getting tired of hearing this phrase: “granted, Saddam was evil.” This phrase is used mostly by people who fold to the argument that “taking Saddam out” was a good thing but the way it was done was not. Well let me clear something up right now…there is a big difference between being evil and using brutal inhumane tactics against one’s enemies. Saddam was a brutal leader and he had no limits as to how he dealt with those who tried to harm him or his people. Yes, Saddam protected his people. The problem is that many of the people living in Iraq were not his people and the feeling was mutual.

The people whom Saddam brutalized were those whom he felt threatened him. This is EXACTLY what the Bush administration is doing. The only difference is that the Bush administration came up with a title for those who they want to brutalize: enemy combatants. Saddam did not randomly pick people off the street in order to hurt them for fun; he was keeping dissidents in line. That is exactly what the Bush administration has done.

Evil is when the richest most powerful nation in the world allows or supports atrocities around the world because trying to help is “not in their interest” (code speak for “there is no money in it!”)

Evil is when the richest most powerful people in the world endanger the health and future of humans, animal life and plant life because not doing so may interfere with profit margins.

Evil is not treating ill people with every single available resource because they can not afford to pay you enough.

Evil is creating and using all means to end life in war while making it illegal to mercifully end life for those who suffer terribly from terminal illness (how does one justify the deaths of innocent people in “collateral damage” and oppose euthanasia?).

Evil is when a journalist looks you in the face and knowingly omits information from a news report so that you don’t know what the truth is.

Evil is earning multi million dollar bonuses while you are laying off employees.

Evil is claiming to “support the troops” while supporting the very people who allow veterans to become homeless and destitute.

Evil is lying to people by telling them that you are supporting and protecting “democracy” when in fact you are clearly destroying democracy to protect unregulated “capitalism”, where just like in the game of Monopoly everyone loses except the sole owner of everything.

Evil is greed, corporations are greed personified and the United States stands for nothing but corporate greed; so do the math…the United States is an evil nation led by evil people with evil greed running through their veins.

Evil is the U.S. news media, most U.S. politicians and just about every CEO on earth who on this third day of 2007 has already made more money than many of his employees will make for the rest of the year.

Evil is men with money and power who value nothing else but money and power and will to anything to anyone to satisfy their addiction to money and power.

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  1. johnmccarthy says:

    Evil? Brutal? How about friggin hypocritical! The mental midgets that serve the president are compiling things to do for the NEW WAY FORWARD…..give me a break. First, they have to let the brutal evil cackling death maggots die down a smidgen from the hanging, banging of Saddam. Those sick bastards are the cream of the crop in the Iraqi government! Their NSC Chief is now the biggest friggin liar in South Asia! “NO, NO, there was no ridicule or humiliation of Saddam, NO, NO!”

    Cell phone video’s don’t lie! This will not wash!

    Speaking of films that don’t lie, or do, why not ask our compliant media to compare the Budweiser Commercial and the Cowboys in Iraq video in the following URL and ask yourself which one those being recruited for the sandbox of Iraq should be ALLOWED to view before their sign their life away for nothin’.

  2. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Evil is demonizing and demeaning homosexuals, and taking legal action to restrict their rights, without any valid legal basis…and then opening your arms to gays for military recruitment–because they’re not good enough to marry the person they love, but goddamnit, they’re good enough to die to keep the war profits going.

    I say it all the time: It’s time for another tea party, assholes!

  3. msheekhah says:

    Truth Seeker, you need to see a marketing blitz aimed against homosexuals. I was originally duped into linking to a story on how a Hate Crimes bill was actually a repression of the First Ammendment. However, after going back and reviewing the bill, I found that it is being unjustly demonized because it gives the federal government the ability to step in and take over jurisdiction of hate crimes that is covered up at the state or local level, and that this protection is being extended to sexual orientation as well.

    In short, support this new Hate Crime bill going to Congress when sessions start. Here’s a link:

  4. msheekhah says:

    Jesse, always a great point. While our church is multipath, I often use Jesus’ teachings as a reference point of this predominantly Christian society… and look at how Jesus demonized the Pharisees for comparatively trivial crimes… and the threat of what they would receive.

    These evil people obviously don’t believe in Jesus or God. Their proclamations that they do when they commit such acts makes them even more evil.

    Matthew 10:15 (Whole Chapter)
    “Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.”

    What does that say about Washington DC? Hmm. As you always say, “Think about it!”

  5. sinjohn says:

    Great post and description of real evil, Jessie.

    Scott Peck, MD wrote a book many years ago about evil, “People of the Lie.” It is a must read for people wanting to understand people like the Bushes and this hellish administration.

    Funny thing about evil; it never recognizes itself in the mirror; only in those it considers “the enemy.”

    According to Dr Peck, true evil has given up the struggle and seems quite normal and in no distressed at all. They rarely come to the attention of law enforcement and, certainly, not the mental health profession, although their progeny may.

    Dr. Peck’s little boy once pointed out to him that the word E-V-I-L is L-I-V-E spelled backward., Therefore, it seems to me, it is anti-Live. So, not simply anti-life, but anti-living.

    The enemies of the Bush regime, both abroad and at home, face various kinds of straight jackets, from “first amendment zones” all the way to detention camps or death.

    There are a few things it is needful that we understand about evil.

    It is self-righteous, completely unaware that much of its behavior is horribly damaging to others.

    It will attribute its most twisted motives to others

    It is incapable or unwilling, when it comes to introspection.

    Its favorite psychological weapons are deception and fear.

    True evil has completely deceived itself and only fears for itself when truth begins to breakthrough the dark veil of deception it has weaved.

    One thing evil is not; it is not stupid. That can be either unfortunate or fortunate, depending on whether or not we see it truly and know what we are dealing with.

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