How About Term Limits for the Entire Executive Branch?

I’ll tell you what I am sick of: seeing faces from prior administrations pop up in job after job in our government for forty years, especially faces that have been or should have been in prison! Cheney, Rumsfeld, Negroponte, Pearle, Wolfowitz, these guys would have been out of our hair and a lot of the problems the word faces could have been avoided had term limits been established for executive branch employees.

I also want to see job requirements for the executive branch positions. I want anyone associated with a “think tank” or secret society disqualified for employment with our government and that includes the secret societies known as the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Enterprise Institute!

We need citizens running our government, not career power mongers!  Think about it!

4 Responses to “How About Term Limits for the Entire Executive Branch?”

  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    What we need is for campaigns to be funded exclusively with public funds. Get corporations the hell out of it. And we need an end to lobbying–which is obviously just a euphemism for bribery. (Remember when we used to call bullshit…just “bullshit”?)

    Of course, neither of these things will happen anytime soon. Why? Gee whiz, because it would take a concerted effort on the part of “representatives” who are in office now–but they’re corporate sellouts to begin with.

    It’s time for another tea party. If you don’t know what that means, look it up.

  2. msheekhah says:

    What we need is a constitutional ammendment that makes interfering with the democratic process “Treason”, then define lobying, voter scare tactics, and private funding of political campaigns as “interfering with the democratic process”.

    Call it like it really is. A threat to democracy itself IS treason.

  3. Sean says:

    I can think of one more requirement that you can not have duel citisenship to be part of our goverment.


  4. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Good luck on that Constitutional amendment! :/

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