How Long Do We Continue the Farce of George W. Inspector Clouseau Bush?

Is there even a single person reading this who feels intellectually inferior to George W. Bush?

From the moment George W. Bush seized office after the electoral coup of 2000, his puppet masters, you know, the ones who spent the prior two years teaching him the difference between a country and a continent, did everything in their power to make him look like a real president. They even went as far as to reverse the 1986 the Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act that added a new level of commander-in-chief to our military ranking system. These regional commanders-in-chief were created to bring a local supreme commander directly to a military conflict. The most well-known commander in chief was the head of CENTCOM during the first invasion of Iraq, Norman Schwarzkopf. In order to make the once AWOL from military duty George W. Bush look more presidential Donald Rumsfeld decided to reserve that special important sounding title for the little boy who was “in charge” of every single decision on Earth, George W. Bush, the sage leader of the free world! The same sage leader who could not find China on a map (of China!)

Reference: On October 24, 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced that the title of “Commander-in-Chief” would thereafter be reserved for the President, consistent with the terms of Article II of the United States Constitution. Armed forces CINCs in specified regions would thereafter be known as “combatant commanders,” heading the Unified Combatant Commands.

Could you imagine someone taking Schwarzkopf’s title from him for no other reason that to make George W. Ignoramus Bush stand out from the other big kids in the playground! Could you imagine Clinton getting away with this? Well you ditto heads…what would you say if Clinton had done that? While your at it ask yourself what you would have said if Clinton was “in charge”, and on vacation, again, when the alleged 9/11 warnings were pouring in? Maybe then you would actually do your duty as an American citizen and start looking at the 9/11 related evidence and you would all of a sudden understand that 9/11 could indeed possibly be an inside job and it is not blaspheme to explore the evidence!

So who actually came up with this initiative? Rumsfeld? Wasn’t he busy with real work? What was the point? There is only one reason to do something like this; insecurity. How childish. Then again we are talking about a child. An intellectual child. George W. Bush; the American president who can’t complete a sentence. The embarrassment of a human being who if not for his fortunate blood line may have problems meeting the qualifications to secure a job handing out free passes to strip joints on a New York City street corner.

We are living in the most surreal period in human history. Having George W. Bush continue in his illegally assumed role as a US president has got to be the closest thing to having the Peter Sellers character, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (from the Pink Panther movies) actually come to life and get promoted to Chief Inspector! Did you ever see the Pink Panther movies? Do you remember how the intelligent people around Clouseau behaved? Could you sense their bewilderment at how such a buffoon could become a police officer, let alone rise to the rank of Chief Inspector, as did the Sellers character eventually? Don’t you feel like those people? Is there even a single person reading this who feels that they are intellectually inferior to George W. Bush? Is there anyone who can read who is intellectually inferior to George W. Bush?

Well my friends, this is not a funny movie. Our planet, democracy, freedom, health, welfare and way of life hinge on decisions being made by this real life Clouseau! How long are we going to play along? How much irreversible harm can we take before we say enough is enough? This stopped being funny the moment it started. Now it is becoming progressively deadly!

We are told by the people who sell this surrealistic existence to us as the real deal, the US criminal corporate media, that George W. Bush is actually the person who is making decisions about things like war. We are told that this jackass is the actual person who has reserved the right for our government to read our personal mail and declare us to be an enemy of the United States, based on his sole judgment! Our freedom hinges on that imbecile’s judgment! How are we sitting still for all of this? I have to hand it to the media because if they were any less diligent in hiding reality from the American people we would have had a revolution and tossed out every single human being that is participating in this farce! And we would have hanged every member of the media, a la Saddam, because they deserve it for allowing this to go on!

Holy cow, what world am I living in? Am I really awake? Am I on a bad acid trip? Am I in the middle of the longest nightmare in human history? Who is going to believe this crazy dream I am having! Somebody please wake me up! For Pete’s sake, somebody please wake me up! Think about it!

3 Responses to “How Long Do We Continue the Farce of George W. Inspector Clouseau Bush?”

  1. robalb says:

    I’ll wake you up from the nightmare, Jesse, as soon as I figure out how to wake myself up. Many times a day I wonder how so many people can remain so catatonic for so long.
    Your analogy of Inspector Clouseau as DUH-bya is frighteningly apt. Whatever disparagement one can cast against Mr. Clinton, he could never be accused of being stupid (at least that’s my opinion). Under his presidency–and I don’t think this entirely coincidental–I felt that I, and many of my fellow Americans, was prospering. Now, with incompetence or, at best, mediocrity as our beacon, I feel oppressed, angry, humiliated and lacking in optimism.
    At least we could laugh at Clouseau. Laughing at our miserable country and its so-called leaders now would be to dishonor all the innocent people that have died at their hands.
    Have a blessed day, Jesse, despite odds.

  2. msheekhah says:

    Or maybe he’s an evil version of Inspector Gadget? I think Inspect Clouseau is giving him a little more credit for his intelligence than he deserves… yeah, Inspector Gadget joins Dr. Claw… Dr. Claw being Cheney… and they run for office… yeah…

    Mr. Clinton gets a $40 million dollar investigation for a blowjob… and Bush gets away with using our Constitution for toilet paper.

  3. sinjohn says:

    Bush’s stupidity is chosen stupidity, which, IMHO, is the worst kind, because there is no excuse for it other than intellectual laziness; never a good thing in a President, or a manager at Burger King, for that matter

    Still, let us please not make the mistake of thinking he is dumb. If we do, he will use it to his own advantage, just as Reagan’s Alzheimer’s got him off the hook in Iran/Contra.

    Was Al Capone dumb? What about John Gotti?

    What about Adolph Hitler or Stalin? Idi Amin?

    Bush has upper-crust street smarts. He is smart like a conman, or as his mother, the Dowager Empress of all the Americas, once said, he is dumb like a fox.

    Let’s not allow him plausible deniability, when Justice finally has him in her sights.

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