Don’t Let Iraq Distract You

While every bit of our attention is being devoted to discussions about Iraq don’t take your eyes off of what else is taking place. The Bush administration is speedily moving to eliminate the sovereignty of the United States of America! Our individual financial rights and protections are being eliminated and more power is being granted to the financial institutions that control our society, including the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Decisions are being made about our food chain, the balance of nature and the very future of life on Earth. So while Iraq is a vital issue, don’t let it distract you from other vital issues.  Think about it!

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  1. worldman says:

    If only a true protege of Dr. Peter David Beter were to emerge and offer us some insights into this currency dilemma. Along with a few investment tips that help to salvage one’s properties. But, maybe I am a digressor?
    maybe it’s a word?

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