It is not a “Surge”; it is an “Escalation”

The criminal American corporate media has been the commercial for the advertisement firm of Bush & Company over the years. The Bush administration has been the world’s most prolific word smiths over this period of time. They have come up with the most deceptive words, phrases and descriptions over this time and the criminal corporate media do the dirty work of brainwashing the public into accepting these new Orwellian double talk.

The latest in a long line of inaccurate tags, complicity accepted by the criminal corporate media for a national brainwashing campaign, is the term “surge” when used to describe a “escalation” of the war in Iraq.

Grab a dictionary and look up the word “surge!” Then look up the word “escalation.” Then ask yourself which term more accurately describes the plan to add as many as 40,000 troops to an ongoing military operation. Then ask yourself if the members of the media speak English or if they are complicit in the deceptive propaganda campaign by the criminals who lied to the world in order to start a war.

When will this nation realize that the US corporate media are our enemies and they must be treated as such. They lie to us with every word they utter and their campaign of deception is the sole reason why the American people are not aware of the crimes being committed against them. Think about it!

4 Responses to “It is not a “Surge”; it is an “Escalation””

  1. Bryon says:

    And it certainly couldn’t come at a better time. Is it really preparation for Israel’s announced “nuclear” attack on Iran?

  2. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Then you’ve got to wonder if this “surge” isn’t designed to get the Dems to intervene and shoot the plan down, so failure in Iraq can be pinned on them.

    Even if that doesn’t work, President Asshole will push it off on the next administration (i.e. Edwards).

    Every day that goes by makes me wonder that much more how we’ll ever get out of this mess without armed rebellion.

  3. anthny says:

    *No matter what Bush does he’s doing it to cover his own ass.
    If the dumb Demos don’t give him more troops he will say its there fault we lost the war.
    Everything Bush and the regime does has to questioned. I don’t trust these bastards as far as I can throw them.
    If they do anything they do it to throw us off there trail. The war was just a way to stop us from sniffing around the 9/11 disaster.
    The war on terror is a way for them to steal the wealth of the country.
    They are and will rule with an iron fist when the great decider becomes the great dictator.
    When I heard he is now checking our snail mail and had the balls to admit it, he can’t be stopped laws. And he has show he has no respect for the constitution and the law of the land.
    I’m frustrated with this regime, it seems like we need someone to have Bush set up to get oral sex in the white house, that seems the only way we will be able to have him impeached.

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