The Fascist Mission Accomplished in Iraq

While we hear buzzwords like “freedom” and “democracy” tossed around by the criminal corporate media and the lying bastards known as politicians, the reality is that fascism is what is at play. Look around the world for any leader of a nation who dares to disturb the fascist financial leaders of the world by using the recourses of their nation to benefit the citizens instead of the small group of fascist global imperial elite and that person will rise to the top of the most wanted list. They will be demonized in every way imaginable. Their crime: providing for the people without allowing greedy fascist to exploit people for profit.

Hugo Chaves is the most recent anti-fascist leader to be demonized by the propaganda arm of the global fascist elite: the US corporate media. His crime: he is providing for his people at the expense of multi-national corporations.

Saddam was the last person to pay the price for doing a similar thing. One can argue that Saddam signed his own death warrant when he kicked out the international oil companies and nationalized the industry. He strengthened his nation with this oil money. Thanks to the lying bastards in the US media most Americans do not know that the Iraqi oil money was used for things other than the government buildings, deceptively emphasizes by the corporate media as palaces. That oil money paid for FREE HEALTH CARE FOR IRAQIS and FREE EDUCATION, THROUGH COLLEGE, FOR IRAQIS (including women!)

Now, the new Iraqi government is set to hand that oil back to the people who are arguably the most horrible ruthless evil people ever to live; the western oil companies and those who represent them. These are the people who think nothing of starting wars, lying to the world about pollution and global warming (things that will kill millions of people), and preventing other technologies from entering the public realm.

Now these greedy dangerous oil companies have what they wanted, Iraq’s oil. The Iraqi people will no longer have free education or health care. The health care issue is even worse than you think because thanks to the nuclear waste that we littered their nation with in the form of depleted uranium the health problems in Iraq may become the worst of any nation in the history of the world; and just in time because the American mission in Iraq is concluding with the elimination of the money to pay for that health care.

Iraq is now shaping into the fascist model that so many people mistake for democracy. Make no mistake, as it is in America freedom now exists in Iraq. But the freedom is for those who own our lives to own more of our lives. Freedom exists, but only for the few in charge. Nobody has the courage to point this out however. So with this latest decision to turn the Iraqi oil rights over to western nations you can pretty much feel safe to finally say “mission accomplished.”     Think about it!

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  1. Nog says:

    Either you are free or you are a slave. Edward R. Murrow said “We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home” We are doing just that! They talk about freedom abroad for others and at the same time are hacking away at the US Constitution and bill of rights. What the hell is going on here? People say these anti-freedom laws were written pre-9/11. Actually, they were written pre-OK Bombing. Remember when they came right out of no where? That was right after the bombing. The only thing missing was the signatures. I guess the Report from Iron Mountain was right after all? When the people see these awful things happen, their reaction is / was predictable. They will scream at the Government and demand they do something. What you get from the Government is another blow to freedom. Who was it that said “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

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