Who Gave the Order to Turn on Bush?

What changed? What caused the entire US media sans FOX News to reverse course on their relentless support for George W. Bush? What caused the Republican members of Congress to break from their Hitler Youth like obedient allegiance to their Fuehrer, George W. Bush?

There has not been any single event that changed the world. Nothing new has really taken place, just a lot more of the same. For virtually every person who blindly and supported every single action of the front man for PNAC, George W. Bush, to suddenly and strikingly completely reverse their positions something must have happened and I believe that the people behind the scenes who really run our government and control our media created that event. They gave the order; they changed their minds; they regret their decision to put this mad regime in place.

Again, I ask you what just happened that would have caused this full scale reversal. There is nothing we know now that we did not know three years ago. The people who reversed course are not even addressing the real “revelation” like the pile of lies and high crimes that led to this war. That information has been known all along; just look at the Downing Street Memos, and the other Downing Street Memos. Someone told these people that it is time for change and it was not the American people; it was the people behind the scenes that control the agenda. You are once again witnessing the power of the powerful people who completely control our political process. There is no other reasonable plausible explanation for the current reversal of support for the criminal in chief and his policies. Think about it!

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  1. johnmccarthy says:

    You forgot the Washington Post, Jesse! Have you missed todays article about Bush meeting “SKEPTICISM” on the hill? Yes, Aboramawitcz and Weisman used the soft word “SKEPTICISM” in their headline. Meeting “SKEPTICISM” like “this president’s plan is the worst foreign policy blunder since the Vietnam War” is only “Skepticism”. They should have used the word REVOLT. But the editor at the WP allows them to carry dual passports so what can I say?

  2. sinjohn says:

    It did seem like an onslaught, but it has been coming for awhile, Jessie. I think it began with Olbermann’s first comment.

    Then we had Scarborough, of all people, questioning Bush’s mental capacity; devoting a whole segment to it.

    Fox’s numbers have been on a steady race down-hill ever since Katrina and MSNBC has been gaining viewers like they were paying ‘em to watch.

    Could be that the CEOs of these outfits see exactly what we all see. This presidency is toast, for all practical purposes.Anything Bush does now is only going to make things worse, from getting more of our men and women slaughtered, as well as Iraqis, to driving the price of fuel through the roof and, therefore, the price everything else.

    Iran is switching to petro-euros and driving the the dollar to ruin, all at a healthy profit. There is no telling what Junior might do, but there is one thing that any fool can see.

    Our economic future is down-hill from here and we had trillions in projected surpluses when Bush and Cheney came to office.

    See you in the soup lines, my friend.

  3. The media started attacking Bush because it was the popular thing to do. The problem with the media is not that their biased but that they only care about whats popular. Look at the downing street memo, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, all the major news people except for Fox news of course (please stop calling them a tool of the government, we already know that they are right wing, using them as an example doesn’t work anymore) but all of thoses networks had storys about the memo, they’ve also had stories about impeacment, the 9-11 conspiracy lies. The reason why non of that made a huge difference is not that they were biased but because, sadly not enough people cared.

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