Any Comments Mr. Cheney?

Has anyone seen Dick Cheney lately? I know he went hunting this week but I have not heard him say much lately. He has not even been on his personal broadcasting network known as FOX News.

It seems like every few months Dick Cheney pops out of his bunker to appear on FOX News and deliver some absurd remarks about some reality that only exists in his mind and the minds of FOX News watchers. It is really hard to think back to a single comment Cheney has made over the past six or seven years that turned out to be true but that has not stopped him from babbling on. Nor has it stopped the media from giving him a platform to influence the weak minds of scared trusting victims of tyranny known as American citizens.

But I guess the current real reality is too much for even Dick to counter these days. As hard as it is to believe I think Dick realizes that reality is too much, even for his brainwashing skills and network to counter.

I don’t know what insane verbiage is stuck in Cheney’s throat these days, but it will be interesting to see what his next outrageous comments will be. Think about it!

Reference: Cheney’s Secrets

One Response to “Any Comments Mr. Cheney?”

  1. sinjohn says:

    Yep, Cheney is in his hidey-hole again. I find it interesting that we have the most powerful VP in our history, and no one seems to wonder where the hell he is, even while Junior gets fried by the news media, bloggers, fellow Rethugs and anyone else with more than three neurons firing or an ounce of self-preservation in their bones.

    That would be the same media, by the way, who wonders endlessly about the whereabouts of the junior senator from New York and why she chose to be out of the country.

    No one ever says where is the rat-bastard who orchestrated all this to begin with?

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