Media Reform; Missing the Point

The media reform movement is missing the point. Most people think the problems with our news media are ownership consolidation and bias. The real problem is far worse and much bigger, it is control of information and the infiltration of the news industry by political and government operatives.

Say what you want but one good look will show you that regardless of the bias of a particular news outlet they are all reporting the same stories, focusing on the same priorities and omitting the same vital information. All the while the incestuous relationship between members of the media and politically powerful and secretive organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and AIPAC go unmentioned by most media critics and reformists.

We don’t need to reform our news media industry, we need to create one because what passes for a news media today is simply a controlled information delivery system designed to control the focus and perceptions of the American people. It’s about time we come to terms with this painfully obvious reality and it is time that we stop supporting the media critics and watchdogs who refuse to address the reality of the situation. Think about it!

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