Bush on 60 Minutes; What the Hell Was That About?

Somebody please tell me the point of the 60 Minutes interview of George W. Bush.  What was the message? What was the information? What were we supposed to learn?

Was this simply a PR piece designed to show us how honest Bush is about his motives and sincerity regarding his decisions related to the debacle in Iraq? Was CBS trying to make us believe that George W. Bush reads books? Did the people at 60 Minutes ask Bush about PNAC’s complete control over foreign policy? Did they ask him about the Downing Street memos? Did they point out that Saddam was one of the few leaders in the region that was considered an enemy of al Qaeda and Islamic radicals and that the people who were brutalized by Saddam are the very people that Bush keeps calling the enemy?

It sure seems that the entire segment was one of those fake news reports called VNRs or Video News Releases. Then again almost every segment on every corporate news program is fake news!

Well, I am waiting for the day that this country explodes in rage against the media. I just hope they televise the hangings…of the members of the U.S. corporate media! Think about it!

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