We Don’t Need to Reform the Media; We Need to REPLACE the Media!

Here is a quick note for all the good people who are working so hard to enact some kind of media reform” we don’t need media reform, we need media replacement! This nation needs at least one single major media outlet that is not part of the information control mechanism that is clearly in place (those who have seen my presentation know how to easily spot this.) We need a media outlet that has a policy against infiltration by members of politically powerful organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations. And we need a media outlet that does not draw the nation’s attention to stories and issues that affect less than one millionth of the American population, like missing children, murdered spouses or trapped minors. We need a media outlet that reports the same kind of news items that you get every single day when you read my news letter!

So reform away, but you really need to replace! Think about it!

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  1. catlover says:

    It’s not a MAJOR media outlet yet, but FreeSpeech TV has some great news shows. The INN World Report is the best there is for getting the truth out. Better than Democracy Now, because they do stories on 9/11 that DN won’t touch. Liberty News is also very good.

    If enough of us support it, FreeSpeech TV could eventually move to a less obscure Dish Satellite channel and become a major media outlet.

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