Franken to Seek Senate Seat as I Predicted: Are You Listening to Me Yet?

Whenever I step over the line of pre-approved official reality the unsubscribe messages pour into my e-mail box; but here I go again! Many people have asked me about my opinion of Air America Radio and their liberal hosts. Most of the questions relate to Al Franken or Randi Rhodes. I have answered questions about both of these people many times, in e-mail, in person, on stage and on the air…on the record; and my assessment of Franken seems to be playing out just as I described many times.

I described Al Franken as a good man who sold his soul. It is my personal opinion that he was approached by the people who run our government and control our information flow from behind the scenes. From what I see I felt that Franken was told that he can keep his place in public life if he prescribed to pre-approved reality; the same pre-approved reality that we see depicted by the corporate media. I specifically said that I felt Franken would be allowed to hold public office, specifically a Senatorial seat, as long as he did not cross the line and publicly discuss any issues that were not approved by the people who have complete control over our political system.

This assessment is the only one I could come up with to explain why Franken refuses to discuss the mountains of evidence proving that elections in this nation are no longer in the hands of the voters and that Bush, and most of Congress, are in office because the people who predetermine the political landscape for us wanted it that way. The media simply work to build an environment of believability for the eventuality of the decisions of the people behind the scenes. It also explains why Franken pretends to not notice that there is a ton of very valid undisputed evidence that contradicts the official explanation of the events of 9/11. And last but not least it explains why Franken almost exclusively invites members of “think tanks” to be guests on his program.

Well, did you ever look into what think tanks are? Did you ever wonder who pays to create and run think tanks? Think tanks are the most visible and nefarious elephant in the room when it comes to the secretive powers that control our government. Everyone talks about them, but nobody ever explains them. We accept them as part of the political landscape but we never look into what they are, what they do, the power they yield and who is behind them.

Al Franken went from a politically vocal comedy writer to a possible Senatorial candidate; all the while he addressed only the topics and issues that were embraced for public scrutiny by the corporate media and he has worked very hard to discredit those who simply wanted to question tangible evidence that contradicts officially approved reality. And all the while his pre-approved reality was carefully groomed and observed by his regular committee of think tank representatives. Do you think there is a connection here?

I forgot one vital aspect of Franken’s ticket to stardom; he has faithfully prescribed to the “blank check for Israel” policy. There is no criticism of Israel worthy of discussion in Franken’s world and any facts that reflect poorly on Israel indicate nothing but anti-Semitism; no matter how true they may be!

Don’t let Al Franken’s little feud with Bill O’Reilly fool you they are one in the same. FOX, CNN, ABC, Air America (post Mike Malloy), are all the same. They try their best to get you to believe that bias is the main problem with the media when in reality the problem is not bias, it is deception and most of this deception comes in the form of omission of information. It’s not what they say, it is what they don’t say, and Franken don’t say what isn’t approved by the people behind the scenes and that’s a fact! Think about it!

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3 Responses to “Franken to Seek Senate Seat as I Predicted: Are You Listening to Me Yet?”

  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    You don’t even need to believe in the shadow government to realize that it’s no longer about “We, the people” anymore. Anyone with the sense of a bag of dog crap can see that it’s “Of, by, and for the corporations”.

  2. catlover says:

    You are so right about Al Franken. I don’t listen to him anymore. Thank god for Mike Malloy!

  3. Mike Mallory?!?!?!?!. He’s the Limbaugh of the left man. Franken is smart, articulate, funny. He has not sold out to the people in power. He fact checks all his books. I’ll be proud to call Al Franken my senator and looking forward to being represented by a man who tells the truth.

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