Bush Fire Rove? Why? Bush Loves Felons; Just Look All Around Him!

Another one of the uncountable outrageous, criminal, immoral and unethical habits of George W. Bush comes to light while our pathetic, no memory, runaway bride chasing news media pretend to take interest in one of the many the deplorable acts committed by the Bush administration. The act that comes to mind: appointing to office convicted felons and shady characters who have already violated laws and abused their power.

Along with virtually every deplorable act of the Bush administration, the appointing of Iran Contra era characters, including convicted felons, is a prime example of how the media consistently give George W. Bush a free pass. It is also an example of the criminal mindset of this administration. Everyone is screaming about Bush’s loyalty to Rove even though it is quite clear that Rove was at the very least a player in the CIA leak case, but one careful look around will make you realize that this should be no surprised at all.

Be they convicted felons such as John Poindexter or Elliot Abrams, or their shady cohorts cohorts, John Negroponte & Otto Reich, criminals are more than welcome in the Bush administration. As a matter of fact, the more sinister your background the higher the person climbs in this administration.

Did you knows a that just last week, with no mention by our media, a confessed Iran-Contra figure landed a sensitive Pentagon position? Robert Earl, who helped in the failed cover-up of the ’80s scandal, is now chief of staff to Gordon England, acting deputy secretary of Defense. Earl actually told a grand jury that he had destroyed and stolen national security documents, and now he works for the Pentagon! This goes on at a time when we are being told that national security threats are the greatest dangers that Americans face.

George Bush appoints criminal after criminal to sensitive positions in our government, yet the ignorant red state lemmings continue to wave their flags and worship this criminal ring leader!

Treason? Been there, done that. What’s the big deal if Rove, Cheney or Libby committed acts of treason? Treason is petty compared to the collective rap sheet of the Bush administration.

What we have here is an administration that is built on a foundation of shady characters and known criminals. There is a ridiculous number of major players in this administration with at least one major skeleton in his or her past. In essence, you have an administration who, based on past history, screams out to be scrutinized, but that under no circumstances deserve the benefit of the doubt when wrongdoing is suspected. They have already violated our trust yet America and our failed media still trusts them.

Wake up America. We are being ruled by the Who’s Who of criminals in politics. The Bush administration is the political criminal all-star team. These guys make Nixon’s gang look like the Little Rascals. Then again, some of Nixon’s gang are back in office; Karl Rove to mention one. What a surprise?

Here is a hint for you scandal seekers, try looking into fixed elections, 9/11 complicity, lying a nation into invading and destroying another nation or just pick a topic and look hard enough. Anywhere you look you’ll find a jackpot of scandals. Stop pretending that this leak thing is a big story. It’s standard operating procedure for the PNAC members who have taken over our government by coup d’etat, and have strengthened their grasp on illegitimate power thanks to their new Pearl Harbor on 9/11/2001.

Rove is just a distraction. The leak is being treated as if it were an exception to the rule when in fact it is simply just another brick in the wall.

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