Mercury in Subway: Bad – Mercury in Our Air Supply & Food: Good

CNN is terrorizing the public once again with frightening reports about a man who spilled a jar of mercury in a subway station. We keep hearing how this is a dangerous heavy metal and how the man who did this is wanted for questioning by the FBI. Why then, I ask, is George W. Bush not wanted for questioning related to mercury?

Mercury poured onto a subway platform is pretty much harmless unless someone drinks it, touches it (providing they have an open wound) or sucks it into their lungs. Mercury pumped into the atmosphere by the ton poisons our breathing air, our drinking water, our food supply and our eco system. George W. Bush and his administration have done everything in their power to maintain or increase the levels of mercury that is pumping into the atmosphere, poisoning everyone. He and his administration have halted all regulations that were designed to reduce the amount of mercury in our atmosphere.

If CNN is so concerned about someone harming us with mercury why don’t they report on the people responsible for doing the most harm to us with mercury right this minute? Why don’t they report on George W. Bush’s role in the massive mercury poisoning of Americans?

So I ask you why the man who poured a jar of mercury harmlessly on to a subway platform is wanted for questioning while the man who is making sure tons of mercury poisons us all remains immune to all scrutiny. Think about it!

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  1. msheekhah says:

    How about the mercury poisoning inside our the vaccines we give to our kids? They use a mercury compound to keep the vials sterile. However, there have been major cases of autism, downs syndrome, and other mental disorders spontaneously develop after being vaccinated. Not only that, there have been studies done outside of the US showing that there has been no direct correlation statistically between vaccination and protection from diseases. It is a proof of concept that hasn’t even been proven statistically.

  2. metalsoft says:

    Hate is not a good process but i have to say i hate the ostriches or sheeples here in the “land of the free, home of the brave” Where? I feel surrounded by people who simply refuse to open thier eyes despite whats being done to them right in front of them. They would rather quake in fear about some guy accidentally spilling mercury (he even called the authorities) than consider the real enemy that lies to us repeatedly and sends our children to die needlessly. Rape us for his big oil buddies and the rest of those thieves who are stealing not only our money but our jobs, rights and freedoms. Somehow that makes people feel safe?

  3. Nog says:

    I hear there is lots of mercury in golf course sand traps. Especially “older golf course” sand traps. Golf courses are being sprayed with something almost everyday. Each course have their own chemical building or buildings. Just one more example. If they keep up with the anti-free speech laws, we are soon going to find it “free speech” gone and I mean totally gone. If you ask most people what we should do about it, they always give the same answer and that is - There is nothing I can do about it. I think the people feel powerless or they are just content to sit in front of the tube and do nothing. I think we should fear those who are behind the constant shredding of the US Constitution, Bill of rights, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and etc. Those who don’t want to live in a total dictatorship or try and bring their children up in one, had better speak now. Time is running out!

  4. yorutunocn says:


    nice post

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