There Should Have Been Silence…..

Tonight, George W. Bush was cheered and applauded by members of Congress as he approached the dais to present his sixth SOTU address. He was applauded regularly throughout his address to the nation. That response was an unforgivable, yet predictable disgrace. The members of Congress applauded the words of their failed and incompetent leader. They applauded when there should have been total silence.

The almost festive gala broadcast around the world was a farce unlike any that has ever taken place in the halls of the US Congress. Everyone with an ounce of sanity knows that the state of the union is one of total disaster. No one with an iota of concern for the nation or the world should have raised one hand to applaud a single word spoken by George W. Bush. But they did.

Applause and cheering are signs of approval and are accolades for a job well done. The man speaking to the nation, and indeed the world, is a criminal, not a leader. George W. Bush is a puppet of corporate interests and political thugs. He has brought Americans to the closest brush with Fascism they has ever experienced, and he has waged an unending, illegal and immoral war that has shamed us as a nation. There should have been silence, but there was applause.

There should have been silence for the thousands of dead American and coalition troops, and for the maimed and blinded and limbless soldiers who have been sacrificed for nothing more than greed and hubris. There should have been silence for the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded Iraqis whose nation will never recover from its wounds.
There should have been silence for the victims of Katrina whose plight has been ignored and forgotten in Louisiana and Mississippi, and who know first hand that their President is a professional liar who cares nothing at all for their continued suffering. And, last but not least, there should have been silence for the Constitution of the United States that is now on its deathbed. There should have been total silence, and yet, there was applause.

Whatever George Bush said during his speech was total gibberish. His proposals meant nothing and his goals another series of empty, inane promises for improving the quality of life in a nation he has systematically brought to its knees.

Damn the hypocrites who applauded George Bush despite their disgust. Damn the supporters who still don’t get it, and damn anyone and everyone who showed the rest of the world that there is respect and admiration for the man who has taken us to hell.

There should have been total and absolute silence. Every face should have shown anger and defiance. That response would have upheld the dignity of the Congress and shown respect for the office of the Presidency. But it also would have reflected the TWENTY EIGHT PERCENT APPROVAL RATING that the nation gave this man today.

In my private scenario, I would have placed a photo of a dead soldier or marine to be held aloft by every honorable and enraged member of Congress. But in the real world, U heard applause as the world’s leading terrorist conjured up September 11th once again and as he assumed not a single atom of responsibility for having made us all more unsafe than ever in history.

There should have been silence. There really should have. But there was not.

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  1. There Should Have Been Silence!

    Tonight, he members of Congress applauded the words of their failed and incompetent leader. They applauded when there should have been total silence. But there was not.

  2. Totally disgusting. What a shameful, whoring performance by everybody there. We were disgraced.

  3. msheekhah says:

    yeah. however, I did a reply article on my website about how the american people can be lulled into such an act even when they know the facts about their government. understanding these factors can help us target people in more lasting ways with our words.

  4. CeeCee says:

    I was hoping that C-Span would show the audience more so I could locate my senators (Cardin/Mikulski) and representative (Hoyer) and observe their reaction. Watching the pursed face of Bush as he listened to the applause, all could I think was that his delusions would be validated and would bolster his resolve to continue his lies, deceit and illegal activity–continuing to jeopardize our Constitution, democracy and the lives of all Americans.

  5. Apocalypso says:

    I am gratified and grateful to read “There Should Have Been Silence!” I totally agree with this article and be able to read my own thoughts and convictions in the words of another writer. The truth of our true situation speaks volumes to us everyday as we watch what is happening to us in our own communities. No jobs, but fast food and hospitals and drug companies. Jobs once held by our young neighbors are no more and moved to India, Mexico, Indonesia and China. We don’t manufacture anything anymore, China does it all. Young and old alike go without medical help when they have no insurance to show at a doctor’s office or a hospital….they suffer like dumb animals when they have no money to pay for treatment…but yet we have 3 billion a week for the Iraqi war. Children go to bed hungry, the homeless sleep in the snow in sub zero temperatures and our tax money goes at 3 billion a week in Bush’s War! It is despicable and a total shame that even one young American should die for a greedy man’s whims and for his big oil cronies. This is a pitiful state of affairs that we have come to and that our economy has come to; the dollar is devalued all over the world, because they know there is nothing left in our Fort Knox, and that is why it is so heavily guarded, so Americans don’t find out it is empty.


  6. EvilPoet says:

    The lack of “ic” speaks volumes. If it were me and I had been there I would have walked out at that point. And for those that say that’s disrespectful, I say respect begets respect.

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