Why the Bush Administration MUST be Stopped

Politics can be repaired. Truths can come out. Crimes can be solved and justice service. Even wars can end (although the damage can not be reversed.) But the damage being done to the environment can very possibly be a death sentence for all of us and the Bush administration is doing everything in its power to make sure the environmental damage caused by humans continues.

Eliminating life on Earth pretty much trumps all other issues. We can always refocus on politics as usual, but not if we are dead. The Bush administration’s role in the continuing damage to our environment is undeniable, indefensible, immoral and possibly the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. The potential ramifications of man made environmental damage can only be surpassed by all out nuclear war yet we treat it actions like a misdemeanor. Using political power in a way that ensures the continuation of environmental damage must be views as an attempt to murder every living being on Earth and therefore the people who are taking part in this immoral activity should be considered a threat to the national security of every nation on Earth.

May I remind the members of the criminal corporate media: you don’t have gills. You will all die with the rest of us as the waters rise. You may want to put your criminal agenda of misinforming the public aside and save your own lives by alerting people to the real issues that affect us all…including you! This is not about Al Gore, it is about our lives!

The people who are fighting to continue the environmental damage being done, and the members of the media who downplay this, hide it or misinform you on this are threats to our lives. We should treat them as attempted murderers. We should defend ourselves from these assailants with the same urgency and methods we would against a person holding a gun to our heads! They are trying to kill us and anything we do to protect ourselves is justified. Anything!

When will the people of this world stand up and defend themselves, by any means necessary, and remove what is the most dangerous administration in the history of our world and the cabal of corporate profiteers who have placed money above everything, including our lives? Think about it!

Reference: Bush & the Environment

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