There is a serial killer living in the White House. He has spent the past six years successfully plotting the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people. Like others who kill without conscience, he remains unmoved by the ongoing bloodshed and destruction he has caused. And now, he is about to do it again.

Someone has to stop George W. Bush before he kills more!

Serial killers sometimes respond to inner voices telling them what to do. George Bush gets personal messages from his God and PNAC. His wars with Afghanistan and Iraq were planned and orchestrated by the war profiteers and ideologues who placed him into office in 2000. The regional chaos they needed to justify American military action in the region is going according to plan, and now the next stage is ready for launching. Any day now, the Bush Doctrine will be used to justify a killing machine that is gearing to attack Iran.

Someone has to stop him before he triggers a final Armageddon.

At, we believed this might happen before the last midterm election. We saw the handwriting on the proverbial wall, but were a bit early in our prediction. Right now, especially because George Bush is clearly denying that Iran is on his hit list, we are convinced that the plans are already in motion.

Every major corporate media outlet is reporting that there is ˜evidence” of Iran’s role in supplying sophisticated weapons to the Shia in Iraq, and in assisting in the killing of American troops. We’ve all been there and done that. Not a shred of evidence supporting those charges has been presented to the Congress or the public, but the rhetoric gets louder and louder. Iran’s nuclear capability is touted as a threat to the US and the region, despite the reality that any nuclear strike by any nation would result in its immediate annihilation. Logic has been buried, and terror threats have once again been broadcast to the public.

Someone has to stop him, and soon.

Dick Cheney, Chief Puppeteer and War Monger in the WH, recently stated that the President does NOT have to listen to Congress or the people of the nation. The Decider, it seems, can do whatever he pleases and the rest of us be damned. He does NOT have to listen to anyone at all, and that is becoming more and more obvious. This morning, three former military leaders issued a dire warning to George W. Bush…and he is not about to listen to them at all.

The letter was sent to the Sunday Times of London by retired Army Lt. Gen. Robert Gard, a former military assistant to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Hoar, a former commander in chief of U.S. Central Command; and retired Navy Vice Adm. Jack Shanahan, a former director of the Center for Defense Information. These experienced and concerned officers warned that attacking Iran “would have disastrous consequences for security in the region, coalition forces in Iraq and would further exacerbate regional and global tensions.” They cautioned that “the current crisis must be resolved through diplomacy,” and they urged the President to “engage immediately in direct talks with the government of Iran without preconditions.”

Did you hear about this on your network news today, or did you hear discussion after discussion about Iran’s role in aiding the insurgency and the danger of its nuclear program?

The fears of these three men, like the advice of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Group, are being ignored. as were the voices of those who warned against the tragic and failed war against Iraq. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria all are on the PNAC hit list that would supposedly lead to American military domination of the Middle East. The plans were set in rapid motion when these madmen got their “new Pearl Harbor” on September 11th, 2001. And here they go again.

The serial killer we know as George W. Bush was installed in the White House to do exactly what he is doing now. He is on the loose and about to strike again.

He has to be stopped before he kills more. He has to be stopped quickly and legally.

Whatever that takes.


  1. Stop Him Before He Kills More!

    There is a serial killer living in the White House. He has already killed tens of thousands of people, and is about to kill again. He got away with two wars. Iran is next. He has to be stopped…. now.

  2. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    Yeah, I said I’d stop commenting. I can’t help it. Must be the caffeine.

    Let’s be realistic, OK? These demonic bastards will NOT be stopped by any legal means.

    Bush’s approval rating–at least the most recent one I know of, which is from late January, 2007–was 28%. That’s swirling-around-the-toilet stuff we’re talking about. And one poll I read said that 66% of Americans were opposed to Bush’s infamous escalation in Iraq.

    But do our representatives* care? Oh sure, there are some proposed measures with teeth going through congress, but will they gain traction? I’d eat my shoes if they did.

    So, assuming we’re breathing air and not fecal matter, what does this mean? It means that as Americans, we’re being overridden, ignored, sold out, lied to, and cast aside. It means the people who supposedly represent us are answering to someone other than us.

    I honestly don’t think it’s going to get any better until it gets much worse. I frequently say that “It’s time for anther tea party!”, but I’m not sure who gets it. The sleeping giant sure as hell won’t “get it” for some time, if ever. Maybe when we’re all choking and frying to death and scavenging through garbage for sustenance we’ll all collectively get it.


    * I really need to find a new word to use in place of “representatives”. Clearly, they do not deserve this label. I’m open to suggestions.

  3. elizajane says:

    How about our “Misrepresentatives?”

    I am really scared that there is going to be another 9/11 or mini 9/11 in order for the American People to get behind Bush’s trek into Iran. Although the Helicoptors being shot down today, might help Bush’s cause, something happening here at home will probably win the knee jerk support needed, it worked before right?

  4. Only a matter of time now until Iran will be annihilated in front of our eyes. I speculated how they’ll justify it -

  5. Reggie says:

    I don’t know the answer…. I can only vent via this blog and try to explain the problem It’s a very scary time.

    Then again, if you saw the outrageous comments from those who refuse to believe any of this…. you’d understand the real power of the Bushkeviks.

  6. dajson says:

    So the plan is that since the Iraq insurgency is close to cutting the throat of our Army we need to provoke Iran, and bring on the same suicide brigades that kicked Iraq’s ass under Soddam. I can only see that making a bad situation much worse. Funny thing about bombing countries into submission is that they seem to be able to hide in the woodwork till the bombing stops, and they come back with a resolve beyond a neo-con’s bigoted comprehension. This is similar to Bush’s idea of victory by installing a Shiite theocracy loyal to Iran. I think we would be making a better gamble if we just Impeached Bush, declared a belated victory and left. Let a secular Sunni insurgency slit the puppet’s throat, establish a truly Iraqi government that we can get along with by paying the billions of dollars we now owe that country for our ham-handed non-solutions from deluded right-wingers who have never been correct about anything, and now need to head the will of the American people, shut the fuck up, and get the hell out of our government.

  7. andrewbross says:

    For a FREE bumper sticker of the most evil man EVER to walk on Earth with the verbiage in blood red stating: TRAITOR, TERRORIST, MURDERER-IMPEACH, INDICT & IMPRISON NOW!. E-mail me,, your mailing address.

  8. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    There is no way in hell I’d give you my mailing address, andrewbross. You very well may be honest and upstanding, but I have seen too many wrong-winged nutballs who would put up the same front you do, and then use the private information for nefarious purposes. As just one example, when Mike Malloy’s petition was created in an attempt to have him rehired by Air America Radio, I saw some wrong-wingers talking about perusing the list to compile the private information of liberals.

  9. anthny says:

    Lets all stop kidding ourselves. This regime is in total and complete power.
    We the people can’t get rid of them, they are running the show.
    The so called congress and senate are being blackmailed in the true sense of the word.
    In Nazi Germany the Gestopo ran a hotel that was bugged, they had all the top deplomats and Nazi higher up stay in this rat whole and they watched and listened to whatever bad they were doing.
    This so called Democracy is over, over here. Democracy is done. The New World Order is in charge, and they are bankrupting the United States so we will join the up coming union of Canada and Mexico, the so called Amero will be the new dollar and Nationalism will be gone.
    The flag of our fathers is going along with all our fake history of Freedom and Democracy.
    This country is fake and it has been since 1913 when Wilson helped the Federal Reserve Bank into control. They create money out of nothing, we pay interest to a private bank.
    I might be off on the time we lost control of our country, since I read a web site that said we have never been free from England and they have controled us since 1776 and then again when the war of 1812 . The British came to town to stop the 13th amendment that said anybody with a title at the end of there name can not hold federal office. Such titles as ESQ which were usually at the end of Lawyers names .
    Also we are a corporation of England and the King/Queen set this up so we thought we were free and would be willing to pay our taxes with a smile.
    I live in New England and most towns are incorporated.
    So the lies continue, did we bring Tony Blair on board or did Blair bring Bush on board to attack Iraq.
    Think about how we since WWl and WWll we always go to the aid of the English and bail there ass’s out of losing a war.
    The Bank of London started the Depression of 1929.
    And finally since when have we lived in peace and harmony and followed the golden rule of Life, Liberety, and the Persuit of Happiness. I have never saw anything like peace in my lifetime .
    This country has gone down the tubes ever since they assassinated President Kennedy. He thought he was going to end the Viet Nam war and get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank, so they took him out.
    Everything we have stood for is a LIE………………………………….

  10. First off, Anthny, you are one of the most entertaining writers i’ve ever read and will be sure to pass that post on to history teachers i know. But about the post, i think Bush wants to launch a war on Iran but their are a few things that lets me have some hope he won’t do something that stupid. The Draft, first of all the bill Chuck Rangle just introduced isn’t intended to actully bring back the draft, instead he believes that if the draft is brought back in a way people from all parts of society are in the army, the rich will be less willing to fight, so the argument that the Rangle bill should be worried about can be thrown out. But still the fact remains that the US doesn’t have enough troops to have another war and a war with Iran would hurt our military greatly. That leads to the reason why he won’t attack Iran, and thats his lack of popular support. He just got his ass handed to him in the midturm elections, any new terror attack ( i don’t believe he’s evil enough to plan 9-11 and you guys have a lack of solid evidence) planed or pulled off by people outside of the government won’t rally the country like 9-11. The new Democratic congress has been in power only a month and before that we had 6 years of republican rule in all three branches. This means that if theirs an attack the Democrats can use that as an excuse to blame Bush for not preventing it and thus hurting his chances of ralling popular support for a war. The draft is also very unpopular and if Bush came out in support of it, it would hurt him greatly. For theses reasons i think Bush might not go to war with Iran even though how irionic it is that Iran has weapons and Iraq didn’t but we attacked Iraq first. Lastly Bush is awful but his purpose for going to war is not to kill innocent people. Bush and many people just have different and in my opionion, wrong idea’s about whether taking a life in a war is worth it.

  11. I just noticed a line in your post that i missed the first time and offends me greatly. “George Bush gets personal messages from his God”. Now i don’t like George Bush’s view on Christianity just like how i don’t like radicial Muslims views on Islam. But to compare having God tell you to run for president to someone saying God told them to kill someone is totall different. I know many people who say, and i believe them that God told them how to get through a tough time. Please, its very offencive to say that having God talk to you is wrong. And are you crazy enough to believe that Bush WANTS to kill Iraqi children?

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