IG Report on OSP – Old News to the Reality Based World

From Senator Carl Levin to the entire body of the criminal corporate media people are treating the new revelations being made about Iraq intelligence being manipulated by a special office set up by Donald Rumsfeld (PNAC), headed up by Douglas Feith (PNAC), are being treated as if this is new news! This is a fine example of how the American criminal corporate media create and maintain a false reality, separate and different than the world in which we actually live. It is also a fine example of how our official government lives and plays in this false reality.

The story went like this: The Bush administration, most specifically Donald Rumfeld and Dick Cheney, were not satisfied with the quality of Iraq related intelligence provided to them by the intelligence community. So these PNAC kingpins set up a PNAC subcommittee for the purpose of interpreting the intelligence and making the connections that the entire body of U.S. and foreign intelligence missed. In other words the cherry pickers went to work to pick and choose elements of reality that they can manipulate into a new reality.

The readers of TvNewsLIES live in the real world. TvNewsLIES readers, among others (those who read whatreallyhappened.com, buzzflash.com, Mike Malloy fans, etc.) knew about these “new” revelations three years ago! While this news represents new information for many Americans, to me it represents a fine example of the false reality that has been maintained by the criminal corporate media!  Think about it!

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