Evil Oil Nations, or Evil Oil Companies?

I was watching a CNN piece on corn burning heating stoves (for your home.) A person being interviewed about owning one said something very interesting. Aside from the environmental and economic benefits of burning corn instead of oil the man said that he would rather have his money support American farmers than nations that do not like us very much.

I assume that this man is referring to the fact that many oil producing nations are not exactly American allies, like Iran. Well, I have a question for this man and for all of you…are those evil nations any worse to Americans than American oil companies? What have oil companies done for us lately?

I see American oil companies choking the life out of our planet, funding junk science research for the purpose lying to us so that they can continue to kill the globe for profit, emptying our wallets and making damn sure no other cleaner cheaper energy technologies emerge. Oh, I forgot…they also require us to go to war so that their supplies do not fall into the hands of world leaders who may dare to use the profits for things like public health care, education and housing. You know those evil nations like Venezuela and Iraq (when Saddam was in charge!) Think about it!

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