How Much More Bush Can We Take?

Today alone our newsletter reports that the Bush administration’s unilateral and bullying tactics have encouraged Russia to opt out of a Reagan era arms treaty and have prompted Russia, China and India to align themselves to counter US domination of the world. We also read about a Bush official who purchased a million dollar home with a lobbyist for a company before allowing that company to delay a pollution clean up.  And to top it off we hear that the Bush administration has told the Bloomberg administration that they will not be prosecuting gun dealers who were caught selling arms to known gun trafficking; gun traffickers who sell guns to criminals and possibly to terrorists and insurgents!

This is one day’s news! One day! How much of this criminality can we take? Elections are obviously not the answer because real citizens who would want to stop these criminals can not get elected. They can not even get coverage during a campaign! We really have to think about a more serious approach to stopping these criminals! Think about it!

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