America” is “the Enemy!”

Let’s get something clear here: it was America that marched into Iraq, bombed its cities and arbitrarily created a war that was both illegal and immoral. America is the enemy of the “insurgents” and the Iraqi people, - not the other way around!

Before our incursion into to Iraq, its leader - as part of the ‘Axis of Evil’ was dramatically accused of being an enemy of the United States.. It turns out (although many of us knew this all along) that the Iraqis had never claimed to be our enemies nor were they behaving like our enemies. Actually, there were no indications at all, outside the claims of the Bush administration, that Iraq was, or ever would be our enemy. But Bush and his cohorts were determined to create an enemy in the region for their own ideological and greedy purposes, and they did!

Iraq’s government and what is now the insurgency, were not arming themselves (creating WMD) to harm us, were not threatening us verbally and were not working to assist people who wanted to harm us. They were no threat whatsoever to the United States. So what did we do to a non-threatening, sovereign nation to further the Bush agenda? We blew up their country and their children and their mothers and fathers and their sisters and their brothers. Even after we officially realized (and the media finally admitted) that there had been no threat and that we essentially pummeled an innocent nation, we never even apologized! Instead, we increased our role as invaders and occupiers.

So now, America proceeds to obliterate a nation, kill untold numbers of civilians, turn previously contained sectarian tensions into a full blown civil war, destroy hospitals, electrical plants, water treatment facilities, and create a refugee nightmare. And, let’s not forget how this administration placed billions of dollars into the black hole of connected “government contractors” and perhaps into the hands of the so called insurgents themselves.

And we dare to call THEM the enemy? Every death in Iraq related to war is OUR FAULT! More accurately, it is the fault of the Bush administration and the US criminal corporate media!

There are no enemies in Iraq other than Americans, and we better start recognizing this; the rest of the world already does. Think about it!

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  1. Screenplayer says:

    Americans REALLY NEED TO WAKE UP and realize they will be held accountable for these actions. All the politicians will have enough wealth to high tail it out of the country to some remote retirement center while the average Joe must remain here and try and defend their famililies and property from invading armies who have had it with the American way.

    The rest of the world is waiting for WE THE PEOPLE to do something about the sad representation we have on both sides of our so called political parties.

    (poly-tics = many bloodsuckers)

    For your children’s sake PLEASE WAKE UP and stand up for what is right.

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