9/11 in Perspective : Flight 93 and WTC7

I wrote about this several years ago and I was lambasted by the 9/11 truth community. Finally yesterday I noticed one person who made the same observation (Mike Rivero of Whatreallyhappened.com, a good friend of ours and not one of the people who criticized me.) Maybe now we can see the full picture of how the 9/11 events were supposed to unfold. Jesse Richard, Editor, TvNewsLIES.org

Disclaimer: The following is the opinion of the author. However this “opinion” is based on four years of research into the events of 9/11 and four years of full time investigative research into to how the US corporate media control information for the purpose of manipulating and maintaining a cult of false reality. If anyone among you doubts this claim, the author will gladly make his presentation to your group, radio or TV program, school, organization, etc. He will do this free of charge if travel accommodations are provided. He has an open challenge to every member of the media and will publicly debate anyone on this topic. It is not an issue of bias, it is an issue of deception and it is very easily exposed. You just have to be willing to take a few minutes to learn how to spot the deception!

It has become very clear to many 9/11 researchers that the events of 9/11/01 were planned and carried out by rogues within our own government under the cloak of war games that were being conducted on that very day. It is also clear that many things did not go as planned, and this is why there is so much suspicion related to the events. Perhaps, if the execution of the plan had been more perfect, fewer people would have been suspicious in the first place and much of the evidence noticed by the 9/11 researchers would have remained unnoticed.

One of the most obvious anomalies of 9/11 that attracted attention relates to the flawless, unexplained and virtually ignored collapse of WTC7, a 47 story building that was not hit by any airplane.

First some facts: WTC7 building collapsed in perfect controlled demolition form in less than seven seconds. This component of the events of 9/11 was not even mentioned in the bible of the blind known as the official 9/11 report. As a matter of fact, you can read the entire 9/11 Commission report and not even know that there was a WTC7, let alone that in collapsed under such suspicious circumstances. Another interesting little nugget relates to what appears to be a public confession by the owner of WTC7 acknowledging the intentional demolition of the building. Larry Silverstein seemed to openly admit to making the decision to “pull” the building. On public television, Silverstein was recorded describing the decision to “pull it,” a term used when a building is imploded via controlled demolition.

Now a new bombshell adds dramatic credibility to the suspicion surrounding the collapse of this now infamous building. The revelation comes in the form of newly publicized news footage from the BBC and CNN, clearly exposing the fact that the collapse was anticipated and that a detailed explanation of why this building could collapse was prepared for the press in advance, before anyone even knew why or if the building would fall.

Understand that these news organizations reported the building collapse almost half an hour before it actually did!

Some vital points: Many people will argue that WTC7 was damaged and burning quite badly, and that alone could cause the building to collapse. This is a reasonable assumption to some extent but it does not take many of the extenuating circumstances into account. Here are some things that have to be taken into account when assessing the reality of the situation: During the day we all heard radio and television reports telling us that the building was under great stress. We were told that the building was ‘œleaning’ and would not stay up for long. I suggest that we were being told this so there would be some reason to convince the public that this building would eventually collapse when, in fact, this was not true. Just think about this for a minute: if the building was indeed “leaning” then why didn’t it tip over? That’s what buildings do if they lean over badly enough.

It is not arguable that all objects on this planet are subject to the laws of physics as they currently exist. Physics 101 teaches that objects tip over do when they lean too far over. Why, then, did the core of the WTC7 building collapse first? Watch the video; that is what happened. The first thing that happens is that the penthouse structure drops into the building followed by what appears to be a completely simultaneous failure of every single supporting structure located on the same level of the lower portion of the building. Buildings do not collapse like this under any condition, and no acceptable explanation has ever been given as to how the building could lean and then collapse in the manner in which it did.

Let me repeat one fact that I can not emphasized enough: the warnings describing the building’s pending destruction described a building that appeared to be ready to fall because it was leaning. This would have meant that the building would eventually tip over totally or break at some point like a tree after a lumberjack gives it enough whacks with an axe. The building came straight down, center columns first, from the bottom, on to its own footprint. Repeat: Leaning = tipping over, and we were clearly told that the building was leaning.

Now let’s get on to the real question posed by those who refuse to accept the evidence, and who hold on to the belief that Americans would never do this, or who fall back on the old “why would the Bush administration, or other rogue elements within our government and military do this and leave so much suspicious evidence?”

The answer is simple, but difficult to accept: this was a hugely risky operation and could not have been completed without problems! And these problems have provided reasonable people with serious concerns about the real facts surrounding the tragic events of that day.

What is becoming clearer to me are the true intentions of the rogues within our government who conspired to shock and awe the American people into supporting a radical shift in American foreign and domestic policies. These criminals were intent on creating a scenario complete with a plausible reason for the collapse of WTC7. I believe that the planners of 9/11 originally wanted to counter the claims of potential conspiracy theory “wackos”  that WTC7 fell for the same reasons that caused the collapse of WCT1 and WTC2: because a plane hit it! I believe that WTC7 was the actual intended target of flight 93. I believe that flight 93 was, to the surprise of the rogues running the operation, shot down by some true American patriot who was performing his or her duty. I feel this person slipped by the efforts of the rogues who tried everything in their power to prevent the existing national defense procedures from operating successfully.

Had flight 93 actually hit WTC7, it would have served as an improbable but relatively reasonable explanation for the collapse of all three buildings. Science, witnesses, video and forensic evidence indicate that the main towers were brought down by controlled demolition and not as a result of any plane impact or raging fires. Still, the claim that the first two towers collapsed as a result of the damaging impact of aircrafts filled with jet fuel might serve as a reasonable explanation for what happened. On the other hand, the collapse of WTC7 - despite not having been hit by a plane - has caused people to reach for any explanation they could dream up and believe regardless of how implausible! These people look around frantically for scientific support for their unsupported theories, yet they ignore all of the other suspicious evidence surrounding the mystery of WTC7. They blind themselves to everything from comments by Silverstein himself to the dramatic video evidence and the revealing statements (and documentation) made by members of our government who were tasked with protecting us on that very day.

It is very important to pay close attention to the lack of public, official and media attention to WTC7. Most people do not know that there even was a WTC7. Most people don’t know the circumstances surrounding its collapse and have never seen a video of the collapse. Most people don’t know that this building has already been rebuilt! This may very well be because those involved did not want to draw attention to this building! Such publicity may have caused people to ask about a building so blatantly ignored on that fateful day. And, if they knew, they may have started poking around for answers to the obvious questions! You would also think that rebuilding the first WTC structure would have been a loud statement to the so called terrorists. You would think it would stand out as a symbol of American strength and resolve. And yet the reconstruction of this building went on and was completed with a virtual media blackout and to the surprise of anyone who eventually finds out about it.

It is equally vital to ask these questions: if construction of the new WTC7 was started in 2002 and completed in May of 2006, when was the replacement building originally planned? How long does it take to draw up the plans and actually build a 52 story building, especially in the footprint of damage done on 9/11? How long does it take to prepare for this kind of construction from the time you decide to build?

Let me repeat this as I scream as loud as I can: Construction for a 52 story building started less than one year after there was no reason to plan the project! How long does it take to come up with a design, arrange all the legalities, settle the insurance and arrange for the actual construction! Why wasn’t the rebuilding of this national historic symbol celebrated? Why didn’t FOX News taunt the terrorist with this as a sign of American resolve and as a sign that they did not beat us? Is it possible that this building plan had been initiated prior to the events of 9/11? Is this yet another smoking gun? I think it is!

A final point: The explanations given to the 9/11 research community by the people who like to debunk this evidence always follows the same pattern and always are hit and run piecemeal explanations. To my knowledge, nobody has ever debunked the entire body of evidence, that, along with the physical record include means, motive and opportunity as well as suspicious comments and actions. There is a big picture here and this issue must be discussed in a similar scope.

The body of evidence indicating the complicity of members of our own government in the events of 9/11 is growing daily. The ‘debunkers’ are starting to sound down right silly. Their apologist explanations are beginning to sound like typical “my dog ate my homework” excuses you might hear from a child. As a matter of fact, their responses to evidence are just that, excuses, not explanations. They often offer excuses that contradict the comments and admissions of the very people for whom they are providing these excuses!

One thing we must all admit at this time is that there are elements of the official 9/11 story that just do not add up; period, end of story. In that light, I ask the citizens of my country to stop fighting over speculation and start examining the big picture because the big picture may provide a clue as to how the smaller pieces of evidence fit together! Think about it!

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  1. smokestack says:

    good point about how wt7 was rebuilt so fast under media blackout. few question it was pulled, as silverstein says so, on camera.
    i fear this is so poorly written, few will take it SO seriously.

  2. Reggie says:

    It’s sad that you critique the writing with so general a statement. What, specifically, do you find ‘poorly written?’ Just for the record…..

    If you send a much improved re-write that will be taken SO much more seriously, we’ll consider posting it…..

    Meanwhile, many are taking this seriously. How generous of them.

  3. truthman says:

    Jeb Bush had already signed “martial law” for Florida 2 or 3 days prior. Cheney was “in his bunker conducting the war games…what a fucking joke” and Rummy had told the press on the 10th that the Pentagon had lost 3 TRILLION dollars. Dubya, of course, was in Florida reading “My Pet Goat” for a lovely and talented group of 3rd graders.

    WTF, mates? It really could not be more obvious, could it? We have a witness to Cheney “NOT” stopping the attack on DC. (Norman Minetta). We have Dubya “NOT” moving one iota in Florida at the news of the attacks and the SS doing NOTHING to protect him or the country…NOTHING! And we have the alleged assault on the Pentagon hitting the precise area of the ‘house’ where the accountants worked that had discovered this “3 trillion” missing taxpayer dollars that we didn’t hear of that Rummy announced on 9/10/01. WTC 7 housed the offices of the SEC that had been investigating ENRON, WORLDCOM, dozens upon dozens of other malfeseant activities…GOD, it just goes on and on. And I agree…things did not quite work out for them on 911. WTC WAS to be hit and when flt 93 went afoul (which most probably DID contain ALL of the innocent passengers from ALL the flights that day) they blew the motherfucker in to oblivion.
    Once you have “awakened” it is all too obvious. And the charade did not start yesterday, or ten years ago or one hundred years ago. It started 3000 years ago, dear reader. Humans are the craziest peoples…and also the most trusting. We have been on a three thousand year old journey and are finally on the brink of our awareness of “what is”. It isn’t something that we will ever be too proud of, but it is something that once revealed, will begin the transformation of our species, our race, our planet and our true purpose.

    And those who have been the deceivers will have a long, long wait before their ascension…and some will certainly NOT ascend…at least for many, many lifetimes.

    Change…it is the only constant.

    Be the truth and follow your light.

  4. truthman says:

    Oh yea, I almost forgot…many of the top executives that worked in the towers had been invited to attend a “special” party at George Soros’ house that morning for a 9AM “party”, C’mon sheeple…I mean God fucking damn! It is NOT right vs. left or Republicans vs. Democrats or Blacks vc. White or Americans vs. Immigrants or Right to Lifers vs. Freedom of Choicers…it is us vs. them. And if you cannot figure out which side you belong to, you are officially toast.

    The gloves are coming off…real soon.

    Peace on you!

  5. GMAN says:

    I am very pleased to see that there are people like Jesse who are helping us find the TRUTH. I believe that the story that you have come up with is probably as close as we are going to get, so far…. I have been reading bits here and there and alot of it has been put together by Jesse and truthman. I also believe what truthman is saying about how long we have been fooled. Remember that most people just follow everybody else. Most groups don’t like people who are independant thinkers. You are not part of the “team”. Remember that alot of big Corporations try to “coerce” their staff into thinking that they are working as a team and that one should not “rock” the boat so that everyone becomes a conformist. Then they become the sheeple. Look at fashion. Look at iPods…. Keep uo the good work.

  6. jknapps says:

    Where can I find evidence of Soro’s “party” on September 11, 2001? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, so please point me to where I can read about that. Funny, but yesterday as I was going through the list of those where perished on the upper floors of the Towers, I was surprised that there weren’t as many high level executives on the list as I though there logically should be.

  7. MichaelR says:

    Nice article.

    It’s been highlighted by

  8. feralmet says:

    Well done Jesse - really well done. Those logical ideas provide a better angle from which to look for clues.

    9-11 is so important because the sly-boys had to come so close to the surface and take great risks on that day.

    These are the same guys who have dragged us into their phony, dirty wars before. They are trying it now and they will try again and again.

    If we can nail 9-11, no amount of wealth, privilege, espionage, or wiretapping will save them this time. We are many and they are few.

    This time we’ll get ‘em! - and do the world a big, big favor.

    Cheers….. Chris

  9. Phil Jayhan says:


    A very good and thoughtful article. I have often thought among similar lines of reasoning. I believe that by the days end we were supposed to have been under Martial Law, and think a great many things went wrong with the days events for the planners. I don’t think 93 was shot down however, as the planes imprint in Shanksville shows grass overgrowing where the wings allegedly plowed into the ground. And there was no wreckage.

    But like you think that the plans went awry and left the criminals with no other choice than to continue on, even though it would quickly become apparent that they wear no clothes.

    The article and the premise of it is well written, and there will always be little pip-squeeks who want to point out a typo and make it into a mohill.

    If everyone will remember, there was at one point reports that 5 aircraft had been hijacked and believe that this will help us understand other aspects which probably went wrong.

    I believe that the 5th aircraft was supposed to have hit the Congress building on Capitol Hill, but again, for the criminals something went wrong. This would have necessitated, in their eyes at least, reasons for Martial Law! And I agree completely with your hypothesis that WTC 7 was supposed to have been either hit with an aircraft, or was supposed to have been brought down during the collapse of one of the Twins, when all the dust was hiding all things going on. And perhaps the wiring of the demo charges failed for some reason or another.

    But this line of reasoning is closer to anything I have heard thus far and mirrors closely what I already believe about the day. Things went wrong, and had they gone right, we would not be here right now picking their obviously fake story apart like buzzards on a fresh kill in a desert.

    We could go on for days showing all the obvious smoking guns of 911.

    But the real question at this point, after we reach critical mass (I think we are fare beyond that now) is, will people put up with this? Will they rebel against their own government that brought this day of destruction to us?

    If 911 was enough to make us go to war with the world, will it be enough to make people go to war with their own government, once they see it was an inside job?

    George W. Bush was correct when he told us that we should “Never put up with outrageous conspiracy theories, which attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists who did this…”

    For the Governments own story is nothing more than an outrageous conspiracy theory, with not a single shred of proof to prove their own version of events. And to think we started a World War over this!

    Lets hope the American people will be just as gung ho to war with the terrorists, when they realize the terrorists are our own government officials, and the Puppet-masters who pull the strings of their puppets.

    Good article! I found it when someone posted it on my forums! Hope all is well Jesse!

    Phil Jayhan


  10. truthman says:

    So sorry…It was Warren Buffet who was having the charity event gathering that many twin tower execs were attending. It was NOT Soros…( it was late when I wrote that : -)

    And it’s early now!

    Peace on you.

  11. DG says:

    Sorry to be picky.

    “I don’t think 93 was shot down however, as the planes imprint in Shanksville shows grass overgrowing where the wings allegedly plowed into the ground. And there was no wreckage.”

    That is the point! If the plane was shot down there would be no wreckage apart from thousands of little pieces!!

    “If everyone will remember, there was at one point reports that 5 aircraft had been hijacked and believe that this will help us understand other aspects which probably went wrong.”

    There were lots of reports about there being other hi-jacked aircraft because of all the War Games that were going on.

    Good article Jesse. Power to the People!

  12. Passenger57 says:

    VERY good point about the rapid reconstruction of WTC7. Never thought of that ; will spread the word.
    I also heard that many of the WTC execs were at a Warren Buffett “meeting” at Offutt AFB-which just so happened to be Bush’s second stop on hid “Don’t Go Back To DC” Tour on 9/11.
    I love how people can construct an entire hypothetical scenario that adheres to the “Official Story” - but when people like Jesse do the SAME THING but claim government complicity, well,that’s ridiculous!
    People who think the attacks were an inside job usually take ALL circumstances into consideration.Sure, a raging fire MIGHT bring down a building eventually-maybe after 2 or three days of fire - MAYBE- but don’t try to claim that this OVERBUILT building -far away from the Towers-came down in a matter of hours, while a building ADJACENT to the Towers-ALSO heavily damaged and ALSO with fuel storage tanks that ruptured and burned- not only still stands,but has to be dismantled.
    They made a plausible claim that the asbestos dust and other gunk would spread all over if the building were inploded - but now I think they didn’t want anyone to see how REMARKABLY SIMILAR a PLANNED implosion would have looked to the “ACCIDENTAL” ones!

  13. MichaelR says:

    Just a thought : If the plan was for Flight 93 (or any other airplane) to hit WTC7 which would collapse like WTC1 & 2, then if the plane didn’t make it (for any reason), then WTC 7 still had to be brought down otherwise investigators would have found the pre-positioned explosives, and the game would be up.

    What’s the chances the fire in WTC7 was started deliberately, or if not deliberately, allowed to grow to give “plausible” deniability when WTC 7 was eventually demolitioned by the pre-positioned explosives.?

  14. MichaelR says:

    Following the above “big picture” theory, i.e. the plan went wrong and they still had to it “pull” WTC 7, then maybe Flight 93 was also shot down because the plane deviated from the plans
    .. and had no target it could get to. It couldn’t land because the “hijackers” would be interrogated (or if there was any remote control, the equipment would be found).

    One possible twist on this is the following piece of the puzzle : “the missing LAST few minutes of the cockpit data recorder” on Flight 93. This could make sense IF the passengers managed to overcome the hijackers, but the plane was still shot down to prevent the real Hijackers (or the means of remote control) being discovered.

  15. MichaelR says:

    p.s. I do NOT agree with this part of the report :
    “I believe that flight 93 was, to the surprise of the rogues running the operation, shot down by some true American patriot who was performing his or her duty. ”

    If they were a true American patriot, then they (or co-pilot), or colleagues or family they would have spoken to, would have come forward by now. It is more logical that the shooting down was deliberate, especially to be ready with the coverup story that the passengers deliberately flew the plane into the ground to prevent it reaching a city. This is non-sense, not least since the passengers could not have known that where they were going to hit the group wasn’t a built up area.

  16. MichaelR says:

    p.p.s. I am not Michael Rivero at WRH.. sorry if you sought so due to my login name.

  17. robalb says:

    I don’t have much to add to what’s already been said. I simply want to express my thanks to Jesse for his hard work and dedication to uncovering truth in so many areas.

  18. jerseyjay says:

    Jesse - I was excited to see your article. I came to this very conclusion about a year ago but have only expressed it to my wife and 9-11 truth type friends. When all the reports mentions 4 hijacked planes and 4 buildings down or damaged, it starts to sound logical. With this in mind, I was watching a report that, like most, mentions the fact that wTC 2 was hit second and fell first. That opened WTC 7 up on the south side for a hit. When Flight 93 never arrived, they were in trouble and had to bite the bullet and drop the building. I believe Flight 93 was downed by a lone jetfighter that slipped through the smokescreen.

    This really does answer a lot of questions and I fully agree. Thanks.

  19. [...] As we watch the US Attorney firing scandal unfold and we watch the standoff between the Bush administration and Congress over who will testify and under what conditions they will do so, I want you to remember back to the 9/11 Commission hearings. You remember the 9/11 Commission, don’t you? They are the people who neglected to mention in their report that WTC7’s destruction took place on that day. They are also the guys who did not report about the multiple war games taking place in the northeast corridor that day. Anyway, my point is that I want you to recall the conditions set by George W. Bush for his participation in that most important investigation. Bush would only testify if his testimony was private, limited to one hour, not under oath, not recorded in any way shape or form, excluded all 9/11 Commission members except the co-chairman, and with Dick Cheney by his side. [...]

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