Call Your Congressperson; Or Stay Home and Pick Your Nose. Same Difference!

If you want a Congress person to listen to you…join AIPAC or one of the other share holders of the fully owned co-op known as Congress. - Asking your Congressman to represent you is like reporting police brutality to the cop that is beating you with a nightstick!

When you are attempting to do something that is useless or impossible does it really matter what method you use? If you are trying to throw a rock and have it land on the moon, what is the difference if you pick up a rock and hurl it towards the sky with all your might, or you just stay home and eat a Twinkie? Do you really think that hurling that rock is going to have a different outcome? Do you think eating the Twinkie gives you less of a chance of having your rock land on the moon than throwing it? Let me teach you some math my friends…zero chances means zero chances, no matter what the scenario.

Every single day I get e-mail from organizations that tell me to “call your Congressperson,” or “say no to” one thing or another. What’s the point of doing this? Here is what I tell people…if you chose a method of change that has absolutely no chance of succeeding, save your energy. Do something else. I usually tell people to stay home and try to teach their dog how to play chess. But not everyone has a dog. So for people with out dogs, try picking your nose. Set up some good lighting, get a magnifying mirror, grab your nose hair trimmer and get to picking and grooming! Maybe then you will actually look foolish. After all when you are doing something foolish, like trying to get your Congressperson to represent you, you should look foolish. So I say…pick your nose. You’ll get the same result but you will look the part!

This advice goes double for the people who hop on busses from all over the country to “voice their opinion” to their leaders. (I was one of those bus hopper, but I know better now!) I have news for you people, we live in the most technologically advanced era of communication in history. We have phones, faxes, mail, email, blogs, youtube, megaphones, cell phones, text messaging, blimps, skywriting airplanes, sandwich boards, chalk and sidewalks, graffiti, etc. If you have to get on a bus with tens of thousands of fellow citizens just to tell your representative to represent you…the purpose of the trip should be to forcefully remove these people from office and replace them with someone who will uphold their Constitutional obligation to represent you!

If you want a Congress person to listen to you…join AIPAC or one of the other share holders of the fully owned co-op known as Congress. If you want to take your country back from these people make some real plans to do so. Don’t keep asking those criminals to listen to you. Asking your Congressman to represent you is like reporting police brutality to the cop that is beating you with a nightstick! Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results. Stop using the same useless approach to achieve change. Take back your government, or stay home and pick your nose! Think about it!

- They didn’t listen to these people.

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  1. itsnt4me says:


    Well said. I agree totally. I am constantly sending faxes and making phone calls and those criminals in DC don’t listen. We need to take this country back. Obviously we can’t do it by vote or by phone call fax or email. Only option I see that remains is to just storm DC and remove them. There are hundreds of millions of loyal American patriots that are sick and tired of what’s going on in this country. Everyone wants change. We want our rights back. I feel that will be the next movement. I don’t have a crystal ball but I don’t think the Bush adminstration will make it till 2008. Cheers.

  2. Thats a pretty big assumption Jesse that all congress them controled by the Isrial lobby. I know personally that my congressmen Keith Ellison listens to what the voters who sent him to Washington ask. The late senator Wellstone i also know for a cold hard fact listened to his people. The point is Jesse that you just assume that all congressmen refuse to listen. Look at the new house bill that bring the troops home by 2008 and maybe by the end of 2007 if Bush can’t meet the benchmarks (i don’t think he’s going to meet them). Why did the Democracts introduce that bill? because nobody was happy with their non binding resolution. And lastly Jesse, sometimes you can be so crazy that nobody will listen to you. Don’t go blaming congress for not believing you about 9-11 or some of the web sites this site linked me to that said that the US planed the tsunami a few years ago.

  3. anthny says:

    There’s a film on youtube going about a convention of AIPAC. Everyone was there,
    Palosi, Hilary Clinton, just off the top of my brain dead head I saw many more people of interest but I suffer from CRS
    A disease of the mind, the symptons are from living in a society that is ignorant of there government.
    Anyway this AIPAC convention sure scared the hell out of me, many congress persons and Senators were there, bragging about how great Isreal and the United States are. Well Isreal is great cause we give them free money and they bribe our politicians with that money.
    Our people are suffering from this war in Iraq and Afganistan but we still give away money to foreigners who hate us and wish we were dead. They spy on us and don’t get charged, They bombed our ship during the 1967 Gulf War and said they were sorry, I don’t buy that I’m sorry BS. They knew what the hell they were doing.
    I think they killed over 30 men that day.
    The politicians do not listen, the only time they hear us is when they get voted out of office. Nancy Johnson sat her fat ass in the senate for over 24 years and trying to contact her personally was inpossible.
    Her staff always had an excuse that she was out voting on an a important issue.
    She was voted out this Nov. Good Riddence, to all lazy senators and congress people.
    We in this country are about to lose the middle class, I’m feeling the pinch, I can hardly make ends meet at the end of the month.
    When the middle class is eliminated, there goes Democracy.
    My wife calls this country a two party Dictatorship, she’s Canadian…………..and they got a Bush want-to-be up there named Stephen Harper who would like to be George Bush when he grows up.

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