American Values: Count Me Out!

The country that I call home has decided that a mother of two who is suffering from scoliosis, a brain tumor, chronic nausea and other ailments, can face federal criminal drug charges if the takes her doctor’s advice, and eats or smokes marijuana every couple of hours to ease her pain and bolster her appetite. Are there really many Americans, other than say Dick Cheney who is a sociopath, who feel that this woman or anyone who can have their suffering eased by marijuana should not be allowed to do so?

If you are trying to make sense of this, the answer is two fold. The first part of this cruel idiocy is that the US judicial system and law enforcement system are the corporate profit (and private banker/Federal Reserve) enforcement squad. They are like Mafia “collectors.” You see if a plant can be used to help you then you won’t be forced to buy criminally expensive pharmaceuticals. This means you will cut into the profits of big corporations and we all know that corporate profits are the only thing that matters. As a matter of fact if you drink a tea, and it helps you feel better or eliminates a problem, and you tell people about this, and then you sell the tea, you can be brought up on charges by the FDA.

The other truth to the situation is that the US government can never legalize pot because they are in the illegal drug trade and legalizing pot would cut into their profits. This was exposed over twenty years ago and it was really brought to light during the Iran Contra scandal. The US has to fund black ops. Black ops are illegal. The people who conduct black ops do so without Constitutional authority and therefore do not get funded through legal measures. There is no black op budget line in our national budget. Where do you think this money comes from? Does Congress approve funding for overthrowing democratically elected leaders around the world? Someone does and the money has to come from somewhere. Do some research about this and you will be surprised by what you find. Actually many of you will not be surprised.

In the mean time all I can say is that I hope the people who decided that this poor woman can not use marijuana to help ease her suffering go on a hunting/drinking trip with Dick Cheney. After all if anyone deserves to get shot in the face with a shotgun at close range it is a person who would deny a suffering person relief!   Think about it!


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3 Responses to “American Values: Count Me Out!”

  1. anthny says:

    Considering the source of the government that was dealing drugs in the 1980’s in south central L.A. for there Iran-Contra scam. I have no feelings about this country and its hypocracy. The CIA was dealing Crack Cocaine in them days and I’m sure they have done a little Heroin dealing in the past and present. This keeps everybody working and making money. The judges, lawyers, police, and prisons all have granuntees to make a nice living.
    Just the other day in New Haven Ct. a couple of police detectives got busted for stealing drug money, it was an FBI sting, no doubt the FBI wanted there cut and they took more then bargined for, the poor bastards will be losing there pensions, ya right, they are on paid leave of absence.
    What a great country we live in……..

  2. halleberries says:

    I completely agree, Jesse. Utter BS

  3. vevspeaks says:

    I wish more folks new the truth. I’m tired of being labeled a conspiracy freak.

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