What I Learned From Watching CNN Today

Please keep in mind that CNN claims to be a news organization. They actually claim to be a national news organization. So when I tell you what I learned on CNN today, please try to figure out exactly how any of the information that CNN presented to us falls under the categories of either news, journalism or national news.

Here are some things that I learned: (They all relate to the missing boy scout who has been receiving national news coverage for some reason.)

1. The missing boy loved to play basketball.
2. The missing boy was on a non-competitive basketball team that ensured playing time for all ream members.
3. The missing boy was a Weblo Scout for two of the three years that he has been a Boy Scout
4. The missing boy likes to read
5. The missing boy’s father might give him $5 if he returns to them
6. The missing boy like Scouts because he it allowed him to hang out with the guys

I learned this thanks to the live coverage of the ridicules and useless news conference where so called news reporters were searching deeply for questions to ask during the conference that would appear to be important to anyone outside of the immediate family. It was to say the least embarrassing and to say the most pathetic journalism.

I wonder how ALL the news agencies decided that this particular missing child case is national news. This is another perfect example of how information in our country is controlled and coordinated at a single source. Imagine that every single national TV news organization is focusing on this case when there are as many as 2000 missing children reported each day. So out of 800,000 or so annual missing children cases ALL of the news agencies seem to pick the same cases to bring to the nation’s attention. Is this an example of controlled single source news content decision making? You bet it is!

Out of the 2000 missing children cases reported each day every single TV news network chooses to cover the same cases at the same time. What are the odds of that being a coincidence? Your news is being controlled and this is yet another perfect example of it! Think about it!


“Missing Person!” - Newsworthy? Not at all.
CNN’s Hard News - Serving 0.0001% of America

2 Responses to “What I Learned From Watching CNN Today”

  1. anthny says:

    I feel bad for the family for the missing boy and the boy himself. But this is not national news that makes a difference .
    This is the local news you see on your local channel.
    CNN is screwing the country not giving news that is critical to the country.
    What a f#@ked-up country we live in.
    What the hell happened? On Sunday the lying cheating bastard Tom Delay was talkin shit to that phoney Tim Russart.
    What this country needs is a good ____
    fill in the blank. Cause we need leaders with brains and balls.

  2. johnmccarthy says:

    Saturday, April 14, 2007, Citizens’ Grand Jury of San Diego indicts Bush, et al, for Mass Murder re 9-11-01. Here are the very clear audio tapes from that event.
    More to follow.

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