Testifying Behind Closed Doors, Not Under Oath with No Notes or Recordings: Sound Familiar?

As a human being, putting all politics aside, what is your gut reaction to an individual or group of individuals who only agree to take part in an investigation if their testimony is hidden from the public, not under oath and unrecorded in any way including by stenography? If you have human blood flowing to a human brain, and that brain has not been atrophied by extensive participation if freerepublic.com discussions, watching too much FOX News or listening to too much Sean Hannity, you probably feel that the person or people setting those conditions pretty much have something to hide. You would be correct.

As we watch the US Attorney firing scandal unfold and we watch the standoff between the Bush administration and Congress over who will testify and under what conditions they will do so, I want you to remember back to the 9/11 Commission hearings. You remember the 9/11 Commission, don’t you? They are the people who neglected to mention in their report that WTC7’s destruction took place on that day. They are also the guys who did not report about the multiple war games taking place in the northeast corridor that day. Anyway, my point is that I want you to recall the conditions set by George W. Bush for his participation in that most important investigation. Bush would only testify if his testimony was private, limited to one hour, not under oath, not recorded in any way shape or form, excluded all 9/11 Commission members except the co-chairman, and with Dick Cheney by his side.

So for those of you who draw the obvious conclusions about the real reason that Bush is setting these restrictive conditions for Rove and company during the attorney general scandal investigation, you may want to apply the same obvious conclusions to Bush’s behavior regarding the 9/11 investigation! Think about it!

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  1. itsnt4me says:

    As usual I totally agree with you. It should be obvious to everyone except the mouth breathers that these are the actions of someone that is trying to contain and control a situation because they have something to hide. I can’t believe that Congress has allowed the Bush administration to get away with the things they have done in the past and I am convinced that they will allow this one to slip by also. Nancy Pelosi is from my state and it is in my opinion that she is just as much a traitor to the country as the Bush administration. It’s hard to believe the opportunity that was dropped in her lap. She could have gone down in history as the one that stopped Bush neocons and held the presidency and maybe even been elected in 2008. BUT instead she sold out. She should be ashamed to call herself an American. Keep up the good work.

  2. anthny says:

    Jesse is right on as usual.
    Pelosi is a member of the AIPAC and she only does what they tell her to do.
    The problem I have with Bush and his regime is that they through bullshit at the fan to see if any sticks. They are trying to have the people look the other way while they put something else over on us.
    We know it as the bait and switch.
    In other words Bush is just a pawn in the New World Order and is trying to have us be defocused on this shit little problem of him lying and screwing the country.
    Old man Bush talked about the New World Order before he lost his 2nd term.
    Clinton was put in office by mistake, they did not figure he would be elected, and they could not take a risk with Gore so they fixed the last two elections.
    Anyway this is my take on the subject and watching YouTube the other night about one of six conventions held each year by AIPAC, they were all there, Hellary, Nancy, Georgie, and the whole mix of congress, the senate, supreme court, and eveyone else that holds power over our stupid ignorant country.
    and they took it over while we were watching some crappy T.V. show.
    A Patriot who see’s treason being committed in our country behind our backs.
    The Kennedy assassination and 9/11 are just the tipping points.

  3. Okay first, the reason Bush didn’t go under oath for the 9-11 commision because he knew he could have done more to stop 9-11 but didn’t think Osama was a threat. Think about it, if he would have gone under oath for the 9-11 commision and had said “i didn’t plan 9-11″ but it was later found out that he had (he didn’t but i say it to prove you wrong), nobody would give a damn if he lied under oath, he’d be proven of killing 3,000 Americans. Its like if Hitler had taken the stand under oath and said in 1940 and said “i didn’t do anything to harm the Jews” would anybody care after the war when it was proven what he did to the Jews that he lied under oath, NO OF COURSE THEY WOULDN’T. Bush is just a little pussy who’s afraid to admit that he made mistakes. Fucking Cowboys

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