The Right Wing: Brutal Murdering Tyrants

I have a question for my friends who consider themselves “family values Conservatives and Republicans”: why is it that throughout American history in every situation where America “supports” foreign regimes or supports (or takes an active role in) regime change the beneficiaries of our support turn out to be brutal murderers and our support usually helps them murder or torture so called leftists? Henry Kissinger, one of America’s most nefarious figures, is currently wanted around the world for war crimes related to his support for, enabling of or masterminding atrocities across the globe. Now he is wanted in connection of Operation Condor, where the US backed what was in reality a brutal genocide of leftists in South America.

For those who don’t know what leftists are or what left wing/liberal politics is…it is basically the political position that stands for things like social justice, civil rights, secular government and the right of the people to benefit from their nation’s resources. Our media has been on a long mission to demonize liberals yet they forget to explain what liberalism or left wing politics is all about. They also forget to inform the public that throughout history decent law abiding leftists around the world have fallen victim to American supported brutality and genocide for no other reason than the fact that they stood to defend their freedom, assets and natural resources from financial elitist capitalists, mainly from the US and the UK.

Why is it that you never hear about liberals or leftists brutalizing innocents? Why are brutalizing and genocide always methods used against leftists? What does that tell you about the values of the left versus the values of the right? Christians, who so often align themselves with the right might want to start asking themselves this question and they may also want to once and for all look up the definition of liberalism for they just may find that they themselves are liberal, for the most part. You see liberalism has nothing to do with abortion or homosexuality; although Ann Coulter (who coincidently looks like a transvestite male) and Sean Hannity (who could not be an active homosexual if he wanted to because no self respecting homosexual would give him the time of day), might have you believe otherwise. I have a feeling that if every American was forced to read the definition of the word “liberal” we would have a lot of confused people out there. And I have a feeling a lot of those confused people would feel angry, betrayed and stupid for not doing their homework sooner.

I have experimented with this before. Read about my confrontation with Bush supporters at the huge protest at the RNC convention in NY: . I have done this sort of thing dozens of times…and I am right about this (no pun intended). Try it for yourself some time.

Unfortunately the stupid idealist liberals keep trying to achieve justice by using fair and legal means against an opponent who does not play by any rules, has no conscience and thinks not twice about brutally eliminating anything that stands between them and complete domination of all around them. Justice will never catch up to the brutes unless you fight their fire with fire. You can not defeat unjust politicians using in the voting booth when those politicians don’t play fair with the electoral system. You can not conduct investigations using corrupt investigative bodies like the US Congress or the US Judiciary and you can not educate the people when the media is under the control of the enemy. There comes a time that you have to fight dirty. There comes a time that you have to use the same tactics as the enemy. There comes a time where you have to stop fooling yourself into thinking the righteous will emerge victorious. The truth is that you will get kicked in the nuts before the bell rings and there is no ref around to disqualify your opponent; you’re all alone in the ring with Mike Tyson, and his gloves are off, his teeth are sharp and he’s in his prime. He owns the judges, the referees, the photographers and ringside doctor; and you are still trying to play by the rules. Who is the ass?

History will look back at our generation as the generation that should have started some kind of revolution. History will show that all the signs were there yet the weak naive leftists stupidly kept playing by the rules even though they could see that the system was rigged. And history will teach many of those on the right that in most ways they were more liberal than they ever knew and that they were unwittingly supporting their own enemy; yet they never stopped to find out what liberalism was and they never bothered to look close enough at their leaders to see that the the terms “Republican”, “Conservative”, “Democracy” and “freedom” were code speak for “Machiavellian”, “Fascists”, “capitalism” and “tyrannical rule”!

Sure these faux leaders want freedom, freedom from rules and regulations that would prevent them from owning and controlling everything on the planet. They don’t even really try to keep this secret, it is just that people don’t want to open their eyes and accept what is happening. The sooner people realize what is going on the better chance history has of recording and passing along our story. But unless the good people of our nation actually do something more than march down a street carrying signs and wearing tee-shirts and hats, history won’t be telling our story because the people who control history, control everything and visa versa! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

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  1. June Garrison says:

    “Social justice” is a code word for Socialism. “Civil rights” at one time wasn’t, but now is a code word for anti-American culture and a war on moral decency. “Secular government” is a code word for anti-God and unrighteousness and shoving atheism and evolutionary stupidity down the throats of academics and our naive children in order to corrupt our society for the Zionist agenda, (in short, dumbed-down slave-making). Benefiting from our nation’s resources is a code word for communism, which is another form of slave-making. Communism is not bad in and of itself, but for the leftists it’s just a power grab.

    I view the left as the uncontrolled satisfaction of the self. Their incontinence is evident in their disdain and hatred of goodness, morality and the rule of law. The haughty deification of their egos is only matched by their self-willed blindness to the truth of God and his judgement against those who do evil. Homosexuality and abortion are just the scabs on the wound. It’s full of the pus of self-worship. The left are anti-right, (as in righteous and correct).

    Like I’ve said before, I think the Neo-cons are more left than the leftists. They are the ultimate power grab; the ultimate self-worshipping egos; the ultimate hatred of what is right and good; the ultimate gleeful immorality and iniquitous hatred of the rule of law even beyond the pale where they actually start thinking that they are a god themselves. Examples are Nero, Hitler, Clinton and Bush. (and Hitlery)

    The reason that right-wing “christians” fall for this crap, is because they do NOT believe the Bible and have stupidly accepted a school of doctrine that is not in there. In the “religious spectrum”, if you will, the “religious right” a la Falwell, Dobson, etc. are the liberals. At best they are characterized by poor scholarship.

    Faith in what the Bible actually says is the beginning of spiritual sight. Just like doing what the Constitution actually says is the beginning of liberty. A democratic republic will only work if you have a moral population; people that do right to their neighbor and love freedom and hate greed in all its forms.

    For what it’s worth.

  2. DaudMusa says:

    Are you familiar with the works “The Isis Papers,” “The Iceman Inheritance-explaining the origins of classism, sexism and racism,” “The Chalis and the Blade,” or Chris Hedges recent work on right-wing influence on European and American societies?

  3. Jesse says:


    Never heard of it. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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